99ers HR 589 Supporters – The Big Lie Exposed

Gas is expected to go over $4.00 per gallon by summer and the price of basic necessities will follow suit.  And all our government can talk about is the need to cut spending and corporate taxes.  It has now been seven months since both the phony left and phony right came out and said jobs were the number one issue in this country.  And since then, in spite of the lies, we have continued to lose jobs at an unprecedented rate.

The total federal receipts for individual withholding tax for 2008 were $1.146 trillion.  The total for 2009 was $915 billion, a loss of $231 billion.  In 2010 the federal withholding receipts continued to fall another $16 billion to $899 billion. 

99ers, these are the taxes we were paying before we lost our jobs.  It is not unreasonable to assume that averaged out we have paid $100 billion a year for past thirty years for a total of $3 trillion.  Now how many tiers of unemployment benefits would that be at $30 billion a tier?  Simple, one hundred, not to mention the fact that they like to say we are lazy after paying $3 trillion in illegal taxes.

99ers, do you want to know what it really going on here?  The corporate elite moved our industrial base overseas.  They are now taking our raw resources and manufacturing them in other countries.  As a result of the loss of our industrial base, by 2008 there was a glut of laborers in the United States market. 

The corporate elite had already decided to pay for their Ponzi scheme with bailouts and stimulus monies, but the theft of this money was not enough.  So they began the downsizing of America.  Thus we lost our jobs and as a consequence there are not enough taxpayers to pay for the level of government that now exists. 

Therefore, the government must be cut, and unless we want more of our jobs sent overseas, the corporations are telling us we have to cut our tax rates on corporations.  They are hoping we are too stupid to see the obvious and that is that it is our natural resources that create the wealth.  If we told them to simply get out without our resources they would be out of business.  That is why we do not have to take this crap.  The bottom line is they want our resources in trade for nothing more than letting us exist in abject misery. 

Look at it like this; you have ten acres of property.  It is rich with old growth timber.  The corporation comes up to you and says, “I’ll pay you $10 an hour for cutting down your trees and putting them on my truck.”  Then they want to drive away with your trees with you only being compensated with the $10 an hour for cutting them down.  They then take the trees, put them on a log ship, take them to China where they are manufactured into toilet paper, tables, and dressers.  They then bring these goods back to the United States where you give them the $10 an hour you made to acquire them.  Now what just happened here?  You just gave $10 million worth of trees away for a 12 pack of toilet paper. 

They have been doing this to us since 1913.  The wealth they have stolen from us cannot be calculated.  But if we had it back, every legal citizen of the United States would be living like a Saudi prince.  All the while they have had us chasing our tails and cutting each other’s throats over peanuts.  Their greatest fear is that the American population as a whole will wake up and realize what has been done to them. 

It is simple.  The only true wealth on this planet is the natural resources.  And a handful of elitists have stole and are continuing to steal them hand over fist using nothing more than paper with ink on it.  These people did not work to obtain their mountains of wealth.  They have acquired them through blatant theft by fraud and embezzlement. 

At this point I think the people are so institutionalized into the status quo that to admit what fools we’ve been is beyond our comprehension.    We have got to snap out of it.  We are the many, they are the few.  There is no way they can stop us from taking it all back.  And if we don’t do it soon they are going to find a way to kill us, because even they know that they cannot continue to steal on such a massive scale without the people figuring out how plentiful the earth is and how little we have.

There is at present a great awakening happening in our country and we 99ers are a part of it.  But I say to every American out there, we cannot keep sitting around waiting for someone else to make a move.  Once this thing starts happening it is going to accelerate faster than anyone of us can imagine.  So I say the sooner the better.

It is four more days until Easter.  If the Easter Project protest can make the news it is going to have an effect.  The truth as to what is going on in our country is omnipresent and right in our faces.  All we need is for the rest of the population to be snapped back into reality.  

It is going to take episodes like the Easter Project to cause them to say, “What the hell is going on?”  And once the question is asked, the quest for the answer will be on.  When the answer cannot be derived from the mainstream propaganda machine, they are going to start looking elsewhere.  When they find out that the truth has been there all along and has been purposefully withheld from them, they are going to get as mad as the rest of us. 

Then, as a united people, we are going to take our country back and reestablish it as a Republic under our Constitution.  As for the elite misery makers they are going to rue the day they first decided to start taking our kindness for weakness.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. They can all rot in hell as far as I’m concerned. This is ridiculous. I hope this nation wakes up faster as well. There is no way we should even be in this situation to begin with. Thanks again for another great article. Looking in my hometown for protest on Easter. In all truth Im so used to rising above other peoples B.S. that it’s kinda came to a head, cause now I have no choice but to be active…that my friend is a lot of pent up anger.

  2. Hello!
    I found this article on another site I read from time to time. Michael Thorton from The Examiner wrote this and I thought I would share with your readers here in case they did not see it. It has many statistics that I thought were very interesting. Hope everyone enjoys.

    In an earlier post, 99er population rises dramatically by 127,000. The long-term unemployment report, I summarized how the long-term unemployment rate remains at troubling levels even as the unemployment rate continues to improve slightly, due to the participation rate being at a 27-year low. While the statistics show a deteriorating jobs picture for many long-term unemployed and especially 99ers, those particular statistics don’t present the human toll. The human toll of long-term unemployment is varied and severe and it strikes individuals, families and communities with a vengeance that few other economic disasters can match. The points that follow are not specific to the unemployed, but it’s likely that long-term unemployment has contributed to the increases.


    A Center on Budget and Policy Priorities analysis concluded that unemployment insurance temporarily kept 3.3 million people out of poverty. Food stamp assistance kept another 2.3 million people out of poverty. On top of that, an additional 2.3 million people in prison were not counted in the poverty rate. Add up these numbers and we are looking at 60 million Americans living in poverty. Which means the government number glosses over 16.4 million Americans in poverty.

    The number of people unemployed for more than 99 weeks increased 127,000 in March. Since unemployment benefits are not being extended to those out of work for more than their state maximum weeks allowed, more unemployed will fall into poverty. How many of those unemployed will enter poverty? We won’t know until poverty numbers are updated, but it’s quite possible that millions more unemployed will enter poverty. At the same time, the GOP’s 2012 budget is looking to cut taxes for the wealthy and heating assistance and other help for the poor.

    The corporate media and elected officials often ignore the “real” economic numbers. Both entities tout the 8.8% unemployment rate while ignoring a 27-year low participation rate and record levels of long-term unemployment.

    Food Stamps

    In January 2011, SNAP/Food Stamps participation rose to a record 44,187,831 people, an increase of 105,470 individuals from December 2010, and an increase of more than 4.7 million people compared with the prior January.

    The New york Times reported: About six million Americans receiving food stamps report they have no other income, according to an analysis of state data collected by The New York Times. In declarations that states verify and the federal government audits, they described themselves as unemployed and receiving no cash aid — no welfare, no unemployment insurance, and no pensions, child support or disability pay.


    USA TODAY: High unemployment drove up foreclosures in 72% of 206 leading metropolitan areas last year, including many not hit as hard by the initial foreclosure waves that pounded cities in Nevada, California and Florida, market researcher RealtyTrac reports.


    More than 50 million Americans are without health insurance and many of those uninsured are the unemployed:

    The spate of layoffs during the recession catapulted 9 million more Americans — or 57 percent of those who had had health insurance in a job that evaporated over the last two years — into the ranks of the millions already uninsured.

    In addition, 19 million people anxiously seeking private coverage over the last three years were either turned down or could not find a plan that was affordable and met their needs, the report found.

    The Biennial Health Insurance Survey also found a whopping 60 percent increase in skipped care due to cost in the past decade. The survey reported that medical debt problems and out-of-pocket spending costs were on the rise as well, with 29 million Americans using up their entire life savings to pay for medical bills and millions more unable to afford food, heat and rent due to medical payments.

    Of industrialized countries, only in America can you lose everything you own to medical costs. Elected representatives, concerned about campaign funds from Wall Street, bailed-out a crooked and corrupt banking sector with trillions of dollars of taxpayer money, but that same Congress allows millions of American families to go without health insurance. With underemployment remaining near 16%, millions of additional American families will lose access to affordable healthcare or lose all they own to pay for medical needs.


    More than 57 percent of those surveyed who were receiving unemployment benefits responded that they were either “not very” or “not at all” satisfied with their life as a whole.

    Those feelings of depression are leading more unemployed Americans to look for professional help; the American Psychological Association (APA) reports that psychologists are being called on more than ever to counsel out-of-work Americans. San Francisco psychologist and APA member Robert Chope has counseled the unemployed for more than 30 years. The longer unemployment lasts, he said, the more emotionally drained the jobless tend to become.

    “The primary issue [the unemployed] are dealing is the loss of identity,” Chope told LiveScience. “There is this sense of hopelessness.”

    Life Expectancy

    The unemployed — especially men — have a drastically increased risk of dying early, according to new research. But jobless people can fight the statistics by avoiding bad habits.

    “Our big finding is that unemployment does increase the risk of premature mortality by 63 percent,” said Eran Shor, a member of the study’s research team and a sociology professor at McGill University.

    Suicide Hotline Calls

    From July 2010: As joblessness rates rise, people are getting desperate. One of the saddest signs of the continuing recession to date, calls to suicide hotlines have risen nearly 20 percent.

    From Huffington Post: As layoffs surged late in 2008, the Suicide Prevention Resource Center, a group based in D.C. and Massachusetts that helps organizations develop suicide prevention programs, reviewed two decades’ worth of research on the question. It found that a “strong relationship exists between unemployment, the economy, and suicide.”

    All facets of life are adversely affected by unemployment, especially long-term unemployment. These tragic consequences are worsening and there’s little demand for improving the situation. Media treads lightly on bad economic news, since poor economic news is bad for advertising. Elected representatives are conveniently ignoring the issue as well in the face of 2012 elections. Is the Republican majority in the House proposing any jobs programs? No. Is the Democratic controlled Senate proposing any assistance for the long-term jobless? No. Both political parties are ignoring the country’s most dire issue; joblessness.

    Elected are the same politicos – from both parties – that promise change, but end up simply changing the rules to make it easier for the wealthy to reap more while the poor and middle class absorb the bulk of economic suffering. How, in good conscience, can Congress and the president seriously discuss cutting social safety net programs while at the same time cutting tax rates for the wealthy?

    Politicos must believe that Americans are fools to accept a system that coddles the wealthy and connected while punishing the poor and middle class. Hopefully they are not proven right. It’s time the middle class and poor raised again their voices to be heard over the din of the moneyed special interests that currently infest the halls of Capitol Hill, or be silenced into submission. The choice is of course yours.

    1. Mr. Thorton hit the nail on the head with that article. I wonder what , if any, impact his article will anywhere ?

  3. i think its time we look at the middle east and we wake up its time to overthrow this goverment democrates and republicans alike the time has come face its time americans stop getting screwed and take back whats ours.obama is right we want the keys for our car back.we dont need a congress let the people vote on laws and bills we dont need rich congress people running our country anymore all they have done is give my hard earned money to 3rd world countries and open our borders to non tax paying imergrents and yes they are arabes! i am done with it we need to forclose on the whit house and capitol hill.We have our soilders and the commander and cheif aint nothing but a fucken joke its our country and lets take it back

  4. I still say that Donald trump is a better choice for leading our nation
    1) He is willing to build a spectacular ball room in the White house using his own money
    can you imagine how much fun it would be to dance away the last years of your life in a beutifull ball room?
    2) he apoligizes for allowing some of his businesses to go into bank ruptcy and he regrets marrying his last two wifes because he doesnt like the fact that they were illegal to the USA
    3) I think it would be a lot of fun to have Trump run our country dont you?

    1. Actually, the 2nd wife was/is a born American Citizen. The 1st and 3rd were not born here. Nice to see that by “TRUMP FAN”, you’re being sarcastic. 🙂

  5. ok it is time that everyone here accepts what is going on you talk about it but do nothing when you are serious then we can bring about justice let me know

    1. “Oh”, I have done my part the past year and many here have done the same.

      I email my Senators/Congressman daily, protested in Wisconsin, sign petitions, vote,
      called the Presidents office along with Boehner, Mitchell, Cantor, Biden etc., go to town hall meetings etc.. To date no response to any of my requests from anyone including the Media outlets. If you have a better way let me know.

  6. MR.OBAMA has turn his back on the unemployed FACEBOOK meet was a sham not one word on unemployment. OBAMA is working on just the YOUTH for the FUTURE.
    People unemployed dont matter. future job needed are for the future Youth worker’s.
    OBAMA MUST hear from the people 2012.stand your vote 2012.

  7. We all know all of this. As 99ers we live it daily. But look around you…do you think the majority of employed Americans have a clue about any of this or even care? No. Our own President ignores us, our elected representatives ignore us-we have no voice except on the Internet and that gets us no where. We can rant until the end of time on-line yet we still will not find a job, have money to pay bills, or eat or have gas for the car to find work or just survive. Meanwhile the employed continue to go on vacations, buy the latest IPod, and live in a numbed aura of consumeristic spending and self-absorption.

    If we ever do take to the streets in protest we will be rounded up like cattle and shipped off to anywhere where we will no longer be seen or heard. As homeless we will be shunned and denigrated. Just like we are now. I feel no hope, expect the worst, and am just waiting to see how long it takes for the revolution or annihilation or whatever. God help us all.

    1. Tootsie,
      You are wrong. Those who are still working and do not care about their fellow Americans or their Constitution are the exception, not the rule. We have to face it, some people are just born stupid, live their lives stupid, and die stupid. These are the people that propagandists latch on to and put before us to spew their stupidity. But the propagandists are at present failing. They have brought their credibility down to the point that only the stupidest of the stupid will believe anything they say.
      All the people still working that I know are to one degree or another suffering from the out of control gas and food prices. The arrogance of the thieves has gotten so bad that it can no longer be denied.
      I’m sorry, but the people of this country are coming together and the international corporate mafia is going down.

      1. I hope you are right, Henry, but sometimes it becomes hard to expect even hope to survive in all of this. However….

        With some of the Governor’s (Ohio, for one, where I live) trying to take away the voice of the labor unions more people seem to be waking up to the reality that if they (GOP) have their way the middle class will become non-existent. In our state a re-count of the election results for governor is taking place with the goal of removing this SOB from office. He has presented as arrogant and dictatorial, saying he will “throw anyone under the bus who does not agree with him.” I, for one, want to see the man removed from office if at all possible. Just one example, I guess, of people waking up to the reality of what our government has become and it’s not “for the people”, that’s for sure!

  8. Tootsie, I know it’s pretty easy to become depressed in this God awful situation we find ourselves in these days. I’ve basically lost everything. But we have got to fight these bastards and get our country back, because if we don’t……..you think things are bad now ? You ain’t seen nothing yet. The only thing to do is to keep fighting and keep the faith ! God Bless.

  9. This is my first response. I bumbled onto this website when I googled emergency unemployment compensation. I am going to receive my last unemployment check. I am one of those over educated ones. I have been unemployed for 52 weeks. I have submitted so many resumes I lost count. To make matters worse is I am one of those “towel heads”. To read hate while I search for work to put food on the table for my children just makes it worse. I will not give up.
    My faith did not steal this country. Nor did the immigrants. Those we elected to represent us helped the thieves.
    This is not a race or religious issue. This is simply an issue of those who oppress and those who are oppressed. We have to unify. More and more will be like us. And God willing everyone will wake up.
    In the meanwhile I will pray that we are all blessed with jobs. What does not kill us makes us stronger.

      1. I couldn’t agree more, you are an American through and through. We are with you and stand beside you. I pray for you and for us all that a way for us to support ourselves opens up.

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