99ers HR 589 Unemployment Extension – Obama Cares…….Not!

Our illustrious leader, Barack Hussein Obama AKA Barry Soetoro AKA Barry the Rat AKA Slick Tongue Slingin’ Dung, put on an exclusive performance before a group of select propaganda agents yesterday.  Or as they put it, he held a press conference.  The questions were notably scripted to elicit campaign slogans.  I think the other candidates should get equal time, don’t you?

Barry said that he knows there are a lot of us out here hurting and that he would help us if only those bad old Republicrats would let him.  Kind of funny, those Republicrats are saying they are desperate to help us too, but those bad old Democans won’t let them.

How does Barry want to help us?  He says he wants to tax the rich, which wouldn’t be a bad idea if they were taking the money and giving it back to us, as it was our wealth before it was stolen.  But no, Barry wants to take the money to further finance his illegal alien social invasion and his many illegal wars.

The Republicrats, on the other hand, want to help us by getting rid of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, and welfare.

Do you remember all those years we were paying for that safety net, and then when we fell from the wire and came hurling down towards the Earth?  And Bam!  No net!  It seems that if you actually paid for the net, you are not eligible to use it.  Illegals can use it, but we cannot.

Now, the neo-cons want to take all that money we paid in, and that the middle class continues to pay in, and give it to the same corporate elitists that have stolen our wealth and left us to starve to death in the streets.  And we are supposed to believe that if we go ahead and give them the rest of what they haven’t stolen already, they are going to start feeling secure and give us a job in one of the many industry positions that no longer exist here, because these very same elite corporations have moved our industry out of our country and made us pay them to do so.

And as they are based in our country, they are given our resources which they ship to their plants in other countries to be produced, taking the profits and putting them in offshore accounts, hence their profits are not taxed.  They then take all their corporate losses from around the world and put them in their United States’ set of books, declaring them as losses here.  They not only do not pay taxes here, but actually get billion dollar refunds.

No wonder they are insecure.  If the general population ever finds out exactly what they are doing they are going to kill them.  I’d be insecure too.

And now they are cramming Michele Bachmann in our faces.  This woman is a genuine mental midget if ever one existed.  If nothing else, just remember this.  Those who tell her what to do and what to say are the same bastards still stealing us blind.  If Michele Bachmann ever had an original thought I have to believe it was a lonely son of a bitch.

I tell the people of Iowa, if nothing else, I would vote for Ron Paul as a punishment to the neo-cons for thinking you are dimwitted enough to be swayed by the babblings of simpleton like Michele Bachmann.  My God they are desperate.

At the last GOP debate do you realize these pathetic propagandists actually added booing to the clip announcing Ron Paul as the winner of the straw poll?  And now they are trying to tell us that that dimwitted neo-con meat puppet, Herman Cain is third place in the polls.  The only thing more ridiculous is the assertion that Mitt Romney is even a serious candidate.

Then they try to throw John Huntsman at us.  Oh yeah, we are going to run right out and vote in a billionaire.  I’m sure he can relate to our plight.  Not to mention the fact that he has swapped spit with and served Ronald Iran Contra Reagan, George H.W. read my lips Bush, and George W. genocide in Iraq Bush, and did indeed spend two years living inside Obama’s ass as U.S. Ambassador to China.  Oh yes, we can trust him.  When pigs fly.

Nope, call me crazy, but I think I’m going to vote for Ron Paul and a reinstitution of our Republic under our Constitution.  I know it sounds way out there and radical, but I heard a rumor that it has actually worked once before in the past.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “99ers HR 589 Unemployment Extension – Obama Cares…….Not!

  1. And to think . Barney Frank , was re elected,
    every single one of you , are getting exactly what you deserve
    who would have thought , we would still be paying for “Billys” Blow job….
    Hope you all had a real good time ………!

    1. Von Braun,
      Yeah, and George Bush completely destroyed our economy, while stuffing the pockets of his rich buddies and got us into two wars to the tune of $2 trillion, besides the $2 trillion in cash Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld misplaced.
      If any neo-cons think they are going to come on this site and slip in the slightest bit of propaganda designed to perpetuate the false left-right paradigm, think again. The next one will be your last.

  2. LOL
    just like a PROGRESSIVE , say what i want , or you’ll be silenced.
    which wars are you referring to ?
    Libya ? or the first attack on the twin towers in 1993 ?
    USS Cole ?
    Ring a bell ?
    glass stegall ?
    Fannie mae ?
    Like i said before , hope you had a real good time !
    Billy , and monica , certainly did !
    Now , we exect the same pervs (Weiner, Rangle, and hidden yacht Kerry with “private jet” Al borg”) that got us into this nightmare , to get us out ….. LMAO ……RIGGGHHTT !

  3. Let’s be damn serious! NONE of them gives a damn about the middle class! The Republicans want to help their rich friends, the Democrats are too damn scared to do their jobs, and Obama bends over, put his head between his knees, pull down his pants and drawers and tell the 99ers, the homeless, the jobless and the unions to kiss his ass! I don’t kiss ass! That is why I will not vote for none of these jokes in 2012! We need better candidates come forward!

    1. hey toni i totally agree what we need to do is get rid of both of these parties because that’s all it’s been is a party on us the taxpayers and start over the sad thing is obama is going to win the next election because he has let all the illegals come in here and they slowly have takin over like the plague those are the only f–ckers that are going to vote for him there most of the population now

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