99ers HR 589 Unemployment Extension – Super Kommittee Being Formed

Well the situation in our country seems to be completely out of control, sparking lawmakers to start naming the members of the new Supreme Soviet and calling for Congress to return as the situation has become an emergency.  Historically emergencies are ideal times for insurgencies and coups, and this time it is no different.

Everything we are seeing in the mainstream propaganda is staged.  This whole situation is no more an emergency today than it was last year this time.  I believe the new Supreme Soviet is being convened as fast as possible because the people throughout this land see it for exactly what it is.  And there is a growing defiance to its creation and proposed institution.

It is unquestionably unconstitutional as it concentrates the power of the Congress into the hands of a few who cannot be said to represent the entire population.  Furthermore this new Super Kommittee will have powers not provided for in our Constitution as they will be able to reward and punish the other Congresspersons and Senators.

To put this in terms that even the dumbest of Americans can understand – How much easier and cheaper is it going to be to buy off the select twelve?  Hell, they will probably go on the international corporate mafia’s auction block and be sold as a lot to the highest bidder.

And now that we have the proper soviet structure in place, get ready for the austerity measures.  They are going to take Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid – and if the people do not like it, tough.   Throw them all out of office and put another batch in and they will put another twelve in place of the twelve you got rid of, who will be paid so handsomely for their treason that they will not care if they are elected for another term.

It is coming down to the wire and is going to get ugly.  And those who fail to prepare are going to wish they had.  There comes a time when you have to stop watching the boat sink and begin bailing, and complaining about the hole in the boat and who put it there become irrelevant.

Look for Ron Paul to become a force that our enemies must reckon with and prepare to reckon with them when they wad the Constitution up and throw it in our faces telling us, “No you can’t.”

It is one hundred thirty-six days until Christmas.  99ers, are you ready to face another winter with nothing?  American people of the American race, are you ready to watch your children and grandchildren go hungry?  There is no place left to run.  It is time to turn and fight.  It is time to reinstate our Republic under our Constitution.  It is time to take our wealth back and punish the criminals who stole it.  It is time to put an end to the international corporate mafia’s reign of terror.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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