99ers, It’s Time to Fish or Cut Bait

Apparently there is a new jobs plan out there which would extend unemployment benefits through a low interest loan.  This is one of the more logical and constitutional remedies I have heard.  The only problem is if the loan was distributed in weekly checks I doubt it would help the average 99er become employed.

In third world countries banks are giving micro loans to entrepreneurs to start small businesses.  And the program is working.  Of the course the people of third world countries do not have the barrier of a credit score to make them ineligible for any kind of loan.

If the loans were made using a yearly figure that the individual could use to start a business I believe we would see such businesses by the tens of thousands pop up overnight.  That is why if the loans do become a reality the monies will more than likely be paid out week to week, which will assure that they go directly back into the pockets of the wealthy who own the home mortgages, grocery stores, and utility companies.  But at this point in the ball game any option that just allows us to survive through to summer would be welcome.

I have devised a strategy that I believe can cause an effect in getting recognition for the desperate situation we 99ers find ourselves in.  We will see whether the 99ers are scared or lazy.  This plan involves no risk but does require work.

Back before the elections we had a drive for 99ers to change their voter affiliation to Independent in order to confuse our numbers with those in the Tea Party and vote the incumbents who had betrayed us out.

I propose that on January 3rd and running for two weeks all 99ers and their supporters again change their voter affiliation, this time to Non-Partisan.  This will have a threefold effect.

Number one:  We are going to make those in government whose job it is to re-register citizens work their butts off for a couple of weeks.  Hence, they are going to know beyond a doubt that we exist.

Number two:  If we can accomplish the re-registration in sufficient numbers the politicians are going to have to realize that a large group has separated itself from the Independents in the Tea Party.

Number three:  If enough 99ers and their supporters participate the mainstream media should be forced to report on it, which will allow us to go after the new congress identifying ourselves with the mass re-registration.

This strategy will only work if tens of thousands of us take the action simultaneously.   Those who are doing nothing and using the excuse that they are afraid to associate themselves with radical elements in the movement can participate without putting themselves at any risk.  And if they are too afraid to do something as innocent as change their voter affiliation, well then they are useless and we are better off without them.

We have three weeks to get as many people on board as we can.  So go to every website, Face Book page, and Twitter account and spread the word.  Also go to every supporter, friend, and family member and ask them to participate.  I personally intend to enlist a minimum of fifty others besides myself and each one of those will be asked to enlist another fifty.

This is going to be a lot of work but the time has come to attack or surrender.  So I guess we will see who among us is a 99er who wants to work and who is a lazy unemployed person who just wants to sit in their easy chair and collect a check.

Be assured that if this drive is a success there is a viable follow up strategy which will be revealed.  I’m not trying to play cloak and dagger; I just want our enemies who read the articles on this site to remain uncertain as to what we are going to do next.


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