99ers Unemployed Still in the Fight

Yesterday morning it seemed the 99ers had been swept under the rug.  The propagandists on Fox Business looked like a group of seven year olds on Christmas morning.  One reporter expounded that she had woke up in the middle of the night, laughing hysterically, with satisfaction for the victory of the top 2% over the rest of America.

Meanwhile, 99ers and opponents of the top 2% tax cuts extensions were inundating the computers and phones of their so called representatives asserting their opposition.  I, myself had a hard time getting through to Capitol Hill as the phone lines were flooded.  When I did get through I unleashed.  I cannot reiterate my full statements as they contain profanity.  But I did ask the question, “Do you want a war?”

Then, right as the million dollar propagandists were about to pop the cork on the champagne, the bomb hit.  Apparently those that make up Obama’s Democratic base decided they did not want to move to the center with him and make enemies of the majority of the American people.  The faces of the Fox reporters immediately went from glee to concern as they snapped back into their “Please, oh please, let the top 2% have their tax cut extension mode”.  At that point I was laughing hysterically.

I had been wondering since the weekend as to exactly who is running our Congress.  After the two pieces of legislation were voted down on Saturday, one of which would have extended the tax cuts to all those making $250,000 or less and the other for those making $1 million or less, it was announced that Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner was busy brokering a behind the scenes deal with House and Senate Republicans.

I remember noting at the time that not only is Timothy Geithner not a member of our Congress, but in fact he is not even an elected official.  I did know that as a part of the banking bailout legislation our Congress had turned control of our finances over to the unelected Treasurer.  I guess Geithner just assumed that he had become a de facto chief negotiator for a dictator.

Apparently someone forgot to send a memo to that affect to Senator Bernie Sanders, Independent from Vermont, as he didn’t seem real happy when he appeared on MSNBC.  He stated that the Obama Compromise is an outrage.  He further stated that he had received over 800 calls from his constituents since the announcement of the compromise, 99% in opposition.   Senator Sanders finished his interview by saying that he would filibuster if necessary to stop the rich from getting the tax cut extensions.

There was a brief moment in the firestorm when, on a couple of channels out of nowhere, the reporters started talking about the 99ers and the fact that they wouldn’t be getting an unemployment extension.  And then like flipping a switch the talks stopped.  I have to believe there were a lot of 99ers out there screaming obscenities into their phones at their so called representatives like I was.

The bottom line is the mainstream media was completely taken by surprise by this whole situation.  I think yesterday those who thought they were safe and secure and did not have to concern themselves in reference to the wants and needs of the people, were awakened to the real possibility of millions of Americans coming at them with blood in their eyes and nothing to lose.

We must not let up.  We must call this Independent Senator from Vermont and let him know that not only do his constituents back him, but also all 99ers across the country whose backs are against the wall and are ready to come out swinging.

We also must redouble our efforts in contacting our own so called representatives.  We must demand that they put our so called President on a plane and fly him over to China to undergo an operation to have the spine of a Chinese dissident inserted in that cavity full of yellow goo running down his back.

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  1. more needs o be done on behalf of the 99ers, as one myself, I know how hard it is to find a job these days, and still looking for one and losing everything little by little, and still not having any money for anything. No money, no insurance, no car, no house, no money to pay bills, no christmas again, this is my third year without a chrismas, and they call us lazy, that we dont want to work. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM, If I could I would, Im dieing to work and give my family a christmas, but It has’nt happend, and everyone seems to forget those who dont qualify for another extention, us the 99ers, what are we supposed to continue doing????????

  2. maybe the government would like us to just crawl out on the side walk and die. outta sight outta mind!! they dont care if you or your family have christmas, thats to celebrate the birth of christ, and no god fearing man or women would let children go hungry or be homeless, or old people suffer, while they have more than enough and continue to steal from these poverty stricken people, the same people who have worked all their life to make their government work!! now that we have built this country are we going to allow greedy satanic people like this to take it all while you and your family suffer, we need to take our country back and punish these criminals!!!
    dont let your little kids wake up on christmas wondering why they cant live their childhood dreams of santa.. take it from the a$$es if need be.

  3. I am not understanding why the federal government established 4 tiers of unemployment, and then ran out of money? They should have found the money period, without Congressional approval, the President put a freeze on federal employee salaries, where is that money going? The top issue at this point and that should be at the forefront, is the addition of tier 5, while the unemployment rate remains high. Desperate times call for desperate measures. On the basis of history alone, the number and length of the unemployed is unprecidented, and in the past, based on current rates of unemployment, the federal government supported and paid unemployment for those in need. Pay for it, yes, it could be paid for, by NOT extending the Bush tax rates for those incomes over $250,000 or even for just those who have incomes of $1 mill and over, and by cutting the earmarks (pork spending). Breaking the backs of the middle class, referring to us as lazy, etc. is plain disgusting. We pay the salaries of Congress for representing and fighting for our needs; clueless and mindless, but above all disdainfully arrogant. All should stop playing games using the unemployed as pawns. And, those who are unemployed, many do not have health insurance, what happen to that public option?

    1. Valory,
      The whole healthcare overhaul is a fraud. Everybody I know has seen the treatments they are eligible for decrease with premiums and copays rising. One person I know has a child on the way, makes around $50,000 per year, was already paying $15,000 per year for insurance on his wife and child. He was just notified that he is going to have to pay $5000 more per year. If his employer cannot make up the difference he says he will go to work for the union.
      They are deliberately pushing the people towards socialism while trying to lower our standard of living. It is ridiculous to think that people are paying more for health care than housing and food. If you think about what it takes to just exist these days the plight of the 99ers shines like a new penny. The fact that the problem is so huge and the powers that be just seem to ignore it is truly frightening.

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