23 thoughts on “A Picture Worth 1,000 Words

      1. Hi Digger. sorry i missed the pub today. was packing truck to move grandson to his dads.. Will be gone the next 2 days. Might be on the trenches tomorrow night, but not sure.

          1. Hey Angel. Thanks.. Not feeling up to it, but that’s what happens when you get my age, hah. 🙂

        1. He is makin` the big move eh Paul. Well atleast the weather will be a little better tomorrow up here.
          Hey Drive carefully ok bro. !!!!
          Got some important things going on tomorrow but wish we could hook up, I do not even have transportation at this time or I could hook up with ya.
          Give a call when you are up my way tomorrow eh 😉

          1. will do if we have time. gonna be a hectic one for sure. thanks brother. Be well. 🙂

          2. thanks Digger. not feeling up to par, but we’ll muddle through with your thoughts in my heart. Love yall. 🙂

          3. I will give you a call if possible early tomorrow afternoon eh Paul. I`ll keep you awake – I`ll keep ya alert eh 😉

          4. Digger, NO talking on cell phones while Driving. 😉 🙂 (We want him Safe)

          5. Yes Angel, perhaps you are right. just thinkin` again ya know Angel 😉
            I have know too many multi taskers I guess lol

  1. The people of Seattle should have changed this to “Make it happen @ May Day” and plastered it everywhere and it would have been perfect.

    I say we use this as a template for any rally or protest.

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