6 thoughts on “A Response to Justice Ginsberg’s view of the 2nd Amendment

  1. Justice Ginsberg is a Jew. Why would you expect him to do anything but twist the definitions of common English words to suit the Zionist agenda of disarmament and mass slaughter of the American people?

    1. Hey J.R.– I think that Ginsberg is a woman but I could be wrong. She/he may be hiding a swantz. However, gender really never mattered when it came to f%#king us over.

      I really don’t need a break-down of sentence structure to interpret the Bill of Rights. One only has to read the founding fathers’ opinions regarding what they wrote:


  2. No law firm would hire Gingsberg because of her Stasi views.
    And when one compares her looks with the other yids, this has
    to be the ugliest.

  3. That withered old hag won’t even make a decent meal for the buzzards once we hang her Zionist communist @ss.

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