ADL Head: Anti-Semitic Group GDL ‘More Than Tripled’ Propaganda Dehumanizing Jews ‘This Year Alone’

Aug 22, 2022 Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt joins Andrea Mitchell to break down startling new numbers from the ADL showing 2021 experienced the largest number of antisemitic incidents ever recorded in the organization’s 43-year history. Greenblatt discusses the rise in propaganda distribution by the “white supremacist organization” Goyim Defense League, “founded purely on the idea of trying to dehumanize and delegitimize Jewish people.” He says, “This year alone this group the GDL has more than tripled the number of propaganda acts targeting Jews, making them feel incredibly vulnerable all over the United States.”

6 thoughts on “ADL Head: Anti-Semitic Group GDL ‘More Than Tripled’ Propaganda Dehumanizing Jews ‘This Year Alone’

  1. Judaism is Communism
    Judaism is Satanism
    Judaism is Anti white and anti black, actually anything not Jew.
    Judaism is Racism
    Judaism is Marxism
    Judaism is a parasite
    Judaism is Bolshevism
    Judaism has been kicked out of 109 countries’s more like 300 but who’s counting
    Judaism are the sickest-health related hereditary illnesses due to enbreading. Hence blood testing before marriage.
    I read somewhere that ” those who say they’re jews , worship in the synagogue of SATAN.
    Judaism prays to Muloch.
    Ouch EH ? Truth hurts… Jews despise the TRUTH.
    Have a Great day and seek the truth.

  2. what does goyim mean? it means non jew…. what’s the word for non Russian? what’s the word for non Christian?? what’s the word for non White?? what’s the word for non fish?? what’s the word for non tree??… seems to me the JOO is the only one who has a word… for EVERYBODY else!! and of course there’s no conflict of interest with Andrea Mitchell being married to 21 years her senior.. Alan Greenspan!!! OYOYOYOYOY!!

  3. Considering Satan is not human–when you belong to the Synagogue of Satan (Chabad Lubavitch, Hasidim, and overall orthodox/ultra-orthodox Talmudic Jewry), you yourself are “dehumanized,” so you don’t need “goyim” to dehumanize you! You are ALREADY dehumanized! And unless you repent, get ready for that “outer darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth” (Matthew 8:12)…and you know Who made that claim!

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