3 thoughts on “Who is paying for this?

  1. Talk about avoidance!! This is insanity pretending to make sense. And with her, this happens over and over again. Do they think we’re blind that they parade such incompetence in front of us. Incompetence mixed with obedience, obedience to the script-writers. Can the circus get any more bizarre?


    1. you didn’t ask the republicans who’s paying so you can’t ask me.. even though the answer is the same.. ALWAYS the same. remember some years back Marie Harff was standing in for Jen Psaki.. a reporter ask her a question.. saying.. “it’s a yes or no question”.. Marie responded.. “We don’t do yes or no here”.. then proceeded to say “it’s more nuanced…” .. right.. because yes or no is not complicated or convoluted.. the truth is ALWAYS simple. like Ned Beatty character in Shooter.. “the truth is what we say it is!”

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