6 thoughts on “Admiral James Lyons USN Retired Feb 2015

  1. Sounds like typical neocon propaganda to me. Muslims don’t threaten our national security, and they haven’t taken over our government; Zionst Jews and their shabbos goyim have.

    The “War on Terror” is essentially a war on any Muslims who resist Israeli-American domination of their lands. We never had any business getting involved in the Middle East. The CIA had no business orchestrating a coup to topple Iran’s democratically elected leader and replacing him with a dictator, just as has been done in other Muslim countries. The US has no business enabling Israel’s monstrous cruelty against the Palestinian refugees, who are labeled “terrorists” whenever they retaliate for the thousands of civilian deaths and maimings they endure.

    US government actions like these are what provoke retaliatory violence by Muslims. In turn, that gives the government the excuse it wants to rob us of our freedom. We need to get the f_ck out of Muslim countries, cut off support to the Zionazi regime, and restore the Bill of Rights here at home.

    1. Hi BMF,

      Couldn’t have said it better myself!!!


      JD – US Marines – Admiral Lyons,… another useful idiot, or propaganda shill for the ZIONIST SCUM that have ruined this country,… and the world.


  2. I posted it for scrutiny and the mentality of how war hawks see the world. They see the world through the joo looking glass only and they don’t understand that their joo masters have the same contempt for them.

    1. Yup, pentagon tools. And the foolish bleating sheep think their lives will be better with a military coup and rule by the joo tools. Sheesh.

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