“ADMIT DEFEAT & Prepare for COLLAPSE” | Jim Willie (Ep. 3)

Published on Jun 5, 2014 by FinanceAndLiberty.com

This is part 3, start with part 1: http://bit.ly/Willie_1
– Federal Reserve laundering money? ►0:50
– America’s real role in the world ►11:00
– “Admit defeat and prepare for collapse” ►20:47
– Get out of the “paper” system – buy gold and silver ►22:25
Link to previous interview: http://bit.ly/interview-link_

2 thoughts on ““ADMIT DEFEAT & Prepare for COLLAPSE” | Jim Willie (Ep. 3)

  1. Store gold and silver in a fireproof gunsafe if possible. I buy silver, almost anyone can afford some silver to put away! Imagine if a loaf of bread could only be acquired for an ounce of silver. Not to hard for me to imagine a scenario like that! Fraud dollars will buy nothing if that should happen.

    1. Good idea. I sure hope there isn’t a gun confiscation where people are forced to open their gun safe.
      . . .

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