Adolf Trump

So who will the idiots vote for this time? Will it be the new Hitler, or the power-hungry criminal psychopath?

Before anyone votes for anything, it would only make sense to first address the problem of rigged voting machines, which was exposed before Congress, and in a Florida court, but rather than taking any steps to insure an honest vote, Americans continue living the lie, willingly joining the electoral farce, because they’re generally too scared to face the fact that nothing in any corner of our “government” is functioning as it should. They’re so overwhelmed by the prospect of every aspect of our government being completely corrupt, that their only way of coping with the situation is willful ignorance.  

Are you actually planning to lend legitimacy to that circus by standing in front of a rigged voting machine like an idiot, and pushing a button that means absolutely nothing? This forces me to ask “exactly how stupid are you, and how many times will you fall for the same stupid trick?”

The fix is in, and your next president has been selected, probably long before you decided who to vote for. It will be the Hitler clone by a landslide, because that will make his tyranny appear to be the “will of the people”, and every idiot will blame all the other idiots for voting for him, because the TV will tell them that’s what happened, regardless of whether or not anybody actually votes for him at all.

The bad news for Hillary is that she’ll have to be sacrificed to maintain the illusion of justice. The entire population knows she’s a criminal, and they’ll be more difficult to control if she’s let off the hook. The wench was used, and now she’ll be tossed.

While the population seethes with anger over rampant police brutality, the Donald is promising to “restore law and order”, which will undoubtedly entail “empowering the police” a little more, because apparently they’re still not killing enough Americans to drum the notion of “constitutional rights” right out of our heads. The necessary crime wave was imported over our southern border, and the assassination of a few cops will doubtlessly give increased police power popular support, because most Americans still don’t understand the illegal role of police in our society.

The Pentagon burns our money like a furnace, and “loses” enough money to make all of us very rich, despite not having a legitimate enemy anywhere on the planet. But of course, the Donald has plans to “strengthen our military”, because it’s a cookie jar he hasn’t dipped his greedy hands into yet.

Trump is the new Hitler, Americans are the new Nazis, and the whole world has grown tired of our imperial murder and theft long ago. World War Three will probably start over China’s man-made islands in the South China Sea, and will end with our country being invaded by Chinese, Russian, or NATO troops, or all of the above.

The heavily armed U.S. population has to be softened for this invasion, so internal wars will be incited over race, class, illegal aliens, or any other means available for dividing a population. The economic collapse will be blamed on the war, and the idiots will believe it, because the TV will tell them to believe it.

Do you see a pattern here? Just look at the first two world wars, switch the roles of the players, and replay the whole shooting match. Crystal balls and tarot cards are not required; it’s just another example of history repeating itself, like a carbon copy in this case, because the same bankers who orchestrated World War Two, are now instigating World War Three, and they’re using the same play book. There’s no way to vote your way out of this, and we’ve already been shown during Ron Paul’s run for the presidency that what the American people want is of little consequence.

The Donald’s campaign was carefully scripted to quell popular unrest by telling an angry population what they want to hear, and his inspirational speeches will have nothing to do with what he actually does once in office. His campaign to “make America great again” is identical to Hitler’s promise to make Germany great agin, and Trump is exposing the lies and crooked monetary system, just as Hitler did, because too many Americans now know the truth.

Americans waking up on a massive scale makes change inevitable, so a controllable change will be installed via Donald Trump to avoid the violent change caused by violent mobs of angry citizens. He’ll oversee the military destruction of our country, and when our defeat seems secured, he’ll probably disappear, just as Hitler did. They’ll put the charred bones of “Donald and Ivanka” in a museum somewhere, while the real Donald sips martinis in retirement on a private, South American beach.

People vote because doing so helps them cling to the illusion of living in a democratic society. It allows them to believe that they matter, and actually have a voice in how this nation is governed. It allows them to cling to the hope of a peaceful solution to the violent problem of being attacked by our own government, and it helps them preserve the comfortable lie rather than face the disturbing truth. They vote because they’re afraid to accept the truth of how this nation is run, and how they’re despised and targeted by the people who run it. When you show up at a polling place, you’re being used as a stooge to perpetuate the big lie, and you’re a willing accomplice in the national deception.

And since the fact of our elections being a complete sham is widely known, what can you say of the people who turn out to participate in the fraud? Aren’t they committing an act of treason by participating in our enemy’s effort to deceive and destroy our nation?

What would happen if they staged another fraudulent election and nobody showed up to vote? What would happen if Americans said “no. You’re not going to use me as a tool to perpetuate your lies”?  Wouldn’t that undermine their strategy of appeasing our anger by pushing another liar in front of the TV cameras to tell Americans what they want to hear?

Let’s assume for a minute that Donald Trump is a genuine patriot who sincerely wants to “make America great again”. Do you think the bankers, who’ve killed every president that’s defied them, will allow Trump to stop their systemic theft of this nation’s wealth? Or is it more likely that they’d step in to control him once he became popular, by explaining the threat to himself and his family if he doesn’t play their game?

It’s time to grow up, and accept that no U.S. president can really do anything to save this country, even if he wanted to. There’s a power above our visible government that needs to be dealt with, and joining the idiots who line up to vote for puppets is only a way of lying to yourself, and exposing yourself as one of the cowards who’s too afraid to face the disturbing reality that exists, and will continue to exist, regardless of whether you deny it or not.  — Jolly Roger

“If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.” —  Emma Goldman

40 thoughts on “Adolf Trump

  1. Great stuff as usual, JR. You have great insight into the minds of the sheep and how the system manipulates them.

    I’m not too sure about a couple of predictions, such as a Trump victory or a foreign invasion. But regardless of exactly how things eventually play out, we can all agree that a dark, chaotic future awaits. I hope everyone is preparing for it.

    1. Thanks, BMF

      I think the Trump victory is a sure thing. Now that the mainstream media has lost all credibility, and nobody trusts them anymore, they actually support a candidate by pretending to hate him.

      The invasion is necessary, because Americans refuse to be disarmed peaceably (thank God), and we’re standing in the way of their “New World Order”.

      Americans are going to have to fight for this country if they want to keep it.

      1. Yeah. Good Point. Like the Spartans, they will have to fight the vast armies the current globalists will bring to extinguish that last flame of Freedom, and tear up that document that keeps that flame alive.

        Unless they manage to outlaw guns and round them up, there will actually be a gun behind every blade of grass.

        1. yes, and they’re aware of it, and they’re aware of the difficulty in conquering an armed, indigenous population. (i don’t think it’s ever been done)

          That’s why we’ll have to be softened up with internal wars first. Race wars, and then wetback wars… and we’ll be weary of it all, and probably out of ammo when the Chinese arrive.

  2. “Do you think the bankers, who’ve killed every president that’s defied them, will allow Trump to stop their systemic theft of this nation’s wealth?”

    This nations wealth was based on the government borrowing dollars against interest from said bankers and then spend them or giving them away to our only but best friend in the Middle East. This while having foreign nations scavenge for the dollars and hog them for their trade, keeping in essence the demand high, so the presses can keep rolling. That game appears to be over, so now the endgame has started. 911 nothing more then the first strike to keep the response of the population under control with all kind of preparing laws and acts.

    He wants to fight for me…. What about fighting with me?

    And can anyone tell me what our greatest friend in the middle east has EVER, EVER done for the USA? Ever…… Just one thing.. There must be one example that justifies spending billions and billions and billions of dollars in give away technology and the loans they don’t have to pay back…. This while America wasn’t even responsible for the holodeckcaust, but by now has spend more money then the Germans…..

    One example.. Just one……. (Crickets!)

    1. “This nations wealth was based on the government borrowing dollars against interest from said bankers…”

      I have to disagree with that part, TranceAm…. I think the nation’s wealth is based on its resources, and the dollars are only a device to facilitate their theft.

      1. I will go with you in that part.
        “the nation’s wealth is based on its resources”

        The backing for the loans from the bankers?

  3. Yep! Trump is a pressure relief valve. Nothing will change for the better, bigger police state, more regulation and control, and probably war with Iran and/or China-Russia. Seems to me that Trumps primary job will be to get to war with Iran.

    1. And we’ll watch him become just like Hitler. There will be a more defined division between supporters and dissenters, and an attempt will be made to round the dissidents up.

      If Americans don’t step up to defend their freedom at that point, it’s over for this country, and freedom will be forever lost to the human race, because everyone who knows what’s going on, and isn’t afraid to publicly discuss it will no longer be around.

      1. My greatest fear about a Trump presidency is that millions of “conservative” sheep will cheer his every domestic and international crime, just as they did with GW Bush. And these jackasses represent a massive proportion of the gun-owning population! There will be no need to attempt a gun grab if most of the armed citizenry is under the spell of regime propaganda.

        Regrettably, what seems to motivate too many US “conservatives” is the desire to be “tough” and “macho.” Few other principles play any role in their views. Accordingly, I think the main part of Trump’s appeal is his “tough guy” persona.

        By no means is it bad to be manly, but the mainstream GOP-voting yahoos don’t understand what it really means to be a man. They think it’s about callousness and cruelty — about how much punishment one is willing to dish out to those who are weaker — rather than thinking for oneself, going against the crowd if necessary, and courageously standing up for one’s principles. This is why American “conservatives” reflexively support the military, the pigs, Israel, and anyone else who appears to hold unchallenged power. They have nothing but contempt for the “little guy” who accepts enormous risk, pain, and sacrifice to fight against massive odds for what he believes in.

        In the near future, each of us might be that “little guy.” We need to be prepared to resist to our final breath when dissidents are targeted. In the meantime, waking up as many people as possible is critical. Forming close alliances with trusted local individuals is difficult but might someday be a matter of life and death.

  4. “Do you think the bankers, who’ve killed every president that’s defied them, will allow Trump to stop their systemic theft of this nation’s wealth?”

    Bad usage alert: “systemic” should be “systematic” (the corruption is systemic, the theft is systematic)

  5. “The fix is in, and your next president has been selected,…”

    Agreed (except she won’t be MY president, regardless).

    “It will be the Hitler clone by a landslide, because that will make his tyranny appear to be the “will of the people”,…”

    This, however, cannot go unchallenged.

    “… very idiot will blame all the other idiots for voting for him, because the TV will tell them that’s what happened, regardless of whether or not anybody actually votes for him at all.”

    Regardless of whether or not anybody actually votes… period, JR.

    That’s EXACTLY why Chump is there… he’s the rah-rah factor. He’s there to convince people there is a reason to even ‘vote’ to begin with, since ‘voting’ has taken a serious nosedive in this country in the last couple decades or so. He’s this (s)election’s ‘Hope & Change’, but it’s only to get people pumped up (plus, do you have any idea how much mammon can be made at those ‘conventions’?) to ‘vote’. U.S.A.! U.S.A.!! U.S.A.!!!

    “What would happen if they staged another fraudulent election and nobody showed up to vote?”

    Exactly my point. That’s why Chump is there.

    “The wench was used, and now she’ll be tossed.”

    Considering the trouble they went to in the first place just to assure her that Senate seat (murdering John Jr. to eliminate any REAL ‘competition’), I seriously doubt she’ll be ‘tossed’ at this point. The mere fact that every single scandal (NUMEROUS scandals!) has failed to oust her is a blatant indication that the evil commie jewb#tch is HIGHLY favored by the NWO.

    “The Donald’s campaign was carefully scripted to quell popular unrest by telling an angry population what they want to hear…”

    He’s being used, then he’ll be tossed.

    Your contention that Chump will be (s)elected is predicated on the assumption that the NWO still cares what we think, JR. I don’t believe that any longer, considering all the third rate false flag productions (‘Plan Nine From Outer Space’ comes to mind) they’ve been hammering us with lately. I believe that they believe they’re unstoppable at this point.

    When all is said & done, WHO makes the selection, ultimately?

    And then there’s this, as well…

    I think you’re dead wrong on this one, JR.


    1. Hi, Hatr….
      I don’t think the trouble they went through to get her into the senate seat makes a difference anymore. The fact is that she did a bad job hiding her crimes, and now that the public knows about them, she’s lost her effectiveness. She can no longer rule over people, and therefore, can no longer serve the Rothschilds.

      She may have been their darling when she could still govern, but she’s lost her effectiveness at that by being exposed as a criminal.

      “Your contention that Chump will be (s)elected is predicated on the assumption that the NWO still cares what we think, JR.”

      They MUST care what the majority thinks, because they cannot rule without our consent. The whole election scam, and the whole media circus is devoted to controlling what we think.

      Until they can forcibly tell 300 million people what to do, controlling what we think is all they have.

      1. “She can no longer rule over people, and therefore, can no longer serve the Rothschilds.”

        If true, then why are the Rothschilds & Koch bros. supporting her.

        1. Because Trump needs an opponent. Who else is there?

          That’s also why she’s not being prosecuted.

          They have to always maintain the illusion of competition. They need it to make elections seem legitimate, and they need it to lend credibility to the news media.

          They need to keep you interested, and if Trump had no competition, then no one would turn out for the election.

          If there were only one TV news station, NO ONE would believe a word they said. The fact that there are 50 of them telling the same lie creates the illusion of competition, and that’s what hides the lies. People expect truth from the news, because that’s exactly what real competition would insure.

          Hillary has to stay in the race to get people out there voting for Trump.

          1. There’s also the distinct possibility neither one will be (s)elected. The coming economic collapse or WWIII before then would leave us with martial law & Obummer.
            Just keeping up appearances.

      2. “Until they can forcibly tell 300 million people what to do, controlling what we think is all they have.”

        Hunger will do that part. They can shut the distribution system down in a New York second.

  6. But the show must go on! As sickening as it sounds, we all will be imploded with Hillary (our savior) over Dr. Evil, “The Donald.” Yes, they’re warming up the violin strings as we speak, getting ready to deliver the Presidency to the highest bidder. Money doesn’t do it anymore, it’s the laws governing the transactions that is the meat of the issue, the point of contention, the bottom line. And they’ll get it all, lock, stock, and barrel.

    They’ll call it the “We don’t give a rat’s arse” fiscal responsibility bill. They’ll throw paper at us and pretend they did something. SSDD.

    Just press the button and get this party started!

    Hillary, “The Donald”, it makes no difference. When you’re on the Titanic, it makes no difference who’s the Captain. And the band played on!!!

    1. You’re right, Millard. It’s all just a show, but it must go on to maintain control of the masses.

      They don’t care how much they spend, because unlike the average American, they’re aware that the money is worthless. Illegal money can’t be traded for real wealth because it generates questions regarding how the money was obtained.

      The drug and extortion money funds the elections.

  7. Nice talking to you guys, but I have to get dinner on the stove or someone’s going to bite me on the leg.

  8. Okay… the chicken’s on the stove. Now consider this:

    Our efforts to expose the truth have been on-going for 15 years, and they’ve been a lot more effective than you realize. You can see this in how quickly false-flags are exposed these days, as opposed to the many years it took to convince people that 9-11 was an inside job. (and you see it in gun sales, and you see it in loss of readership & viewership in all mainstream media news outlets).

    We now have a population that’s very “anti-establishment” (on the brink of a revolution), so in order to rule these people, you must give them an anti-establishment candidate, and that’s what makes the Trump campaign necessary. (Most noteworthy is that it’s identical to the Hitler campaign, which was unleashed under identical political and economic conditions, with the same bankers working from behind the scenes).

    If he were simply delivered to us, he’d have no credibility as an “anti-establishment candidate”, so Hillary must have supporters, and the mainstream media must spout endless hatred of Trump, because they’ve also become part of “the establishment” in the eyes of the American people. By pretending to hate Trump, the mainstream media gets him votes, because everyone hates, or distrusts the mainstream media.

    Their eventual goal is their “New World Order”, but too many people are aware of that, and opposed to that, so the people are given a candidate that appears to be opposed to it as well, but all he’ll really preside over is the destruction of this country, because it’s the only way they have of conquering it.

    He’ll foster division, create internal strife, and round up as many dissidents as he can, but his presidency will eventually result in invasion by foreign forces, because that’s what’s required to bring us down.

    1. Agreed JR. Just get the dumplings goin’ and let it simmer a bit. Hillary and “The Donald” are hotter than anything on TV. It’s unbelievable the amount of money washing over the dam in this retarded, so-called election.

      The two clowns remaining will spend billions before all is said and done. They should market this campaign as “The Biggest Loser”, because we all lose in the end.

      1. yes… that have to be the hottest things on TV (dinner was excellent, by the way) because they need to keep people interested in this voting process, and convinced of its legitimacy.

    2. “foster division”

      By making handout time over, and telling lazy ass bums that rather dope up and make baby mama’s while having have a government handout to find a job instead of selling crack? That division was there when they decided that their socialist tended government should rob others to provide for their lives.

      “create internal strife”

      Question is, does he?

      Relabeling illegals to undocumented immigrants, who IS creating strife? It is a legacy of Obama. Not deporting illegals by not executing the law so help him god.

      Black Lives Matter? Who is creating Strife? I guess they finally have some kind of justification for the riots the’ve threatened society twice with.

      Point is, that he can be of good intend, and STILL they can make him a Hitler.. As long as they win the war he can and will be anything they create and claim. If needed with secret gas chambers in little holocaust camps.

      And rounding up dissidents? Any more then Obama has prosecuted as whistle blowers?

      If we are lucky we will live the short term future, and see what happens.
      I think the plan is for the US , Russia and China to wipe each other of the map, and Israel to remain as only Superpower.

      Bets are open.

  9. Nice dog and pony show ain’t it guys and gals ?

    All to do one thing

    F:ck us up the a$$, out goes the old boss , same as the new boss .. As the agenda rolls on


  10. Still think it’ll be Hilary, but you might be right JR. The elites (who are going bonkers with their “precariot” crap and articles about how the masses have to be killed because they think stupid thoughts and all) just might have come to the conclusion that putting relief valve Trump in their is the only thing that will save them. And it could be that Hilary really has outlived her usefulness.

    It’ll be interesting to see how the likes of Dave Hodges, AJ and others covering for the Donald react if he does become prez, then find out he’s the same old same old that we here know he is. Hodges, of course, thinks Trump, being against the elites (yeah right!) will be assassinated after he becomes prez. Only those who piss off the elites get assassinated, so Trump will likely not be.

    1. Good luck with that, Andrew.

      As Thomas Paine would say, “To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.”

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