After Wearing Confederate Flag Shirts, 23 Christiansburg High School Students Suspended


Christiansburg, VA – 23 Christiansburg High School students have been suspended after wearing confederate flag shirts to school, the school has confirmed.

The principal of the high school said that the students were initially asked to change clothes, as they were not following dress code.

After the students refused, they were put into detention.  

Courtesy: Danielle Broce

The students then became disruptive and uncooperative, according to the school. They were then suspended for one day.

ABC 13 will bring you more details as they become available.

4 thoughts on “After Wearing Confederate Flag Shirts, 23 Christiansburg High School Students Suspended

  1. I’m glad they took a stand against the nonsense.

    When I was in school, dress codes anywhere were illegal, and how you chose to clothe yourself was protected under freedom of expression. As long as your privates were covered, you could wear it in any public place. (dress codes were legal in private establishments only)

    Now they have saggy pant laws, and the ability to ban this or that type of clothing, and it’s not going to end until everyone has conformed to the new commie dress code, and we all look the same.

    INDIVIDUALITY is what’s being attacked here. Political correctness, group think, team players, and anything else they can think of to teach you to avoid doing or saying anything different than the rest of the herd animals.

    You know, the kind of stuff we used to make fun of the Soviet Union for.

  2. Good! They did the students a favor. Now the parents of the kids should stand up and do what’s right. Home school them and make a big noise about why they no longer will allow their kids to take part in the leftist indoctrination centers,

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