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Agenda 21 Full Speed Ahead As Monsanto Buys Organic Seeds And Tar Sands Pipeline Proceeds Across America’s Breadbasket, Prepare To Starve. Snowden Saga Takes Spotlight From David Chase Taylor

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Monsanto enjoying the usual role of holding hands with corporate planners and peanut butter sandwich eaters at the U.N. is now buying up organic seed companies with the new push on by Americans to buy organic seed. (Yeah some are beginning to notice). There are a few seed companies they have not engulfed and it might be wise to look into buying your seeds from them. There are a few things that can be done other than speculating on which country will be invaded next or where the next drone strike will be. They are (dead set) on reducing the population.  

Waking times has listed some seed companies worth taking a look at. Monsanto has bought up Semminis so they no longer exist for me. Back in 2005 Monsanto grabbed 40% of the organic seed market. wakingtimes

It is possible to eat grass or the leaves on trees but it might pay to try and keep a few seeds handy.

Many are now aware of the open air uranium mines left about on native American indian reservations and even Yellowstone national park. The banks own them now you know, America is considered in a status of bankruptcy. It was heartening to see a small protest concerning the Keystone tar sands pipeline which will transit highly polluting oil directly through the American bread basket and food growing areas. I couldn’t think of a better way to kill off millions if I were a highly paid satanist. Of course the pipeline will probably go through, Americans are pretty dumbed down and poisoned at this point. One hundred fifty protesters did show up in California to protest this. Of course strange characters in sun glasses were trying to get their names. environmental protest

Speaking of genocide and starvation, I have noticed a trend which seems to blame the uprisings in Turkey and Brazil on intelligence outfits as part of some sort of color revolution. I think this is severely erroneous information. Turkey and Brazil are at least able to vote presently it should be obvious that many citizens are not up for an invasion of Syria led by Israeli, Erdogan.

In Brazil we have seen millions of acres of rain forest cut down and indians genocided. This is also a great way of population reduction. With methane hydrate threatening to poison the very air we breathe, what better way to finish off the planet with some type of St. Vitus death dance than killing the oxygen to make way for corporate fertilizers companies who want to farm the Amazon and cut down the timber. They hire goons to kill off the indians.

No Lula and Dilma Rousseff presided over this and Dilma is not socialist she is communist who is now siding with corporate raiders. It doesn’t matter if it is left or right,  the idea is control. That is something her father Peter Russev knew all about as a former communist from Bulgaria who had to take Dilma and flee after his boys burned down a church, killing 150 and wounding 400. The family apparently gave up on Judaism and converted to catholicism. You can always tell when big business gets there man or woman in the saddle like Lula or Dilma. She had not even gotten the seat warm and was compared to Joan of Arc. Apparently 1.5 Brazilians in the streets don’t see it that way.

Brazil has a bus system some compare to Dante’s fourth hell. Teachers paid 300 dollars a month can spend 4 hours a day on a bus. Dilma’s friends own the bus system which can cost one 25 percent of their salary just to get to the job. Manufacturing is falling, crime is raising but billionaires are on the increase and they will make more money building the new olympic stadium. Not everything is a color revolution or has haarp behind it. Brazil

Agenda 21 is not compatible with democracy, freedom or human rights. It uses the ongoing environmental destruction to advance it’s own interests of population reduction. It equates overpopulation of the planet to environmental destruction while at the same time backing the very corporate policies that lead to the destruction of humans and the environment. It is a very deceptive dark agenda.


The 9:54 A.M. hearing will be a historic step in Taylor’s quest for political asylum. After 2 years of being denied access to a good-faith asylum hearing of any kind, Taylor will finally be able to declare under oath and on the record why he desperately needs and deserves political asylum in Switzerland.

Although it has not yet been confirmed, it does appear that the case of alleged NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden is yet another elaborate scheme designed by the CIA to divert attention away from Taylor’s case in Switzerland. On June 24, 2013, exactly one day before Taylor’s appearance in a Swiss court where he will outline the evidence in his case for political asylum, Snowden has officially “gone missing” in Russia.

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