Air Force nurses deployed to North Dakota to address hospital staffing crunch

Grand Forks Herald

BISMARCK — With North Dakota leading the nation’s surging COVID-19 outbreak, 60 medical personnel from the U.S. Air Force have been deployed to help relieve the state’s hospital staffing crisis.

The team consists primarily of nurses and will divide into specialty units to assist staffs at medical centers in Minot, Bismarck, Fargo and Grand Forks. The relief effort comes after the Federal Emergency Management Agency fulfilled an aid request submitted by Gov. Doug Burgum, according to a press statement released Thursday, Nov. 19. 

In addition to the military nurses, the Department of Health has contracted with a temporary staffing agency that will provide another 60 civilian nurses for work in hospitals and nursing homes beginning this weekend.

“With hospitals projecting a surge in COVID-19 patients in the coming weeks, we’re deeply grateful to the Department of Defense and FEMA for granting our request for additional resources to help save lives and alleviate the immense pressure on North Dakota’s hospitals and long-term care facilities,” said Burgum in the statement.

In a further sign of the state’s overburden health care system, Sanford announced earlier this week that it is preparing a 20-bed COVID surge unit to be staffed by traveling nurses. The facility is expected to open next week.

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8 thoughts on “Air Force nurses deployed to North Dakota to address hospital staffing crunch

  1. Oh, I can hear ching, ching, lots of money pouring into ND for this little stunt.
    Mary, if you could get near some of these nurses and educate them, that would be awesome. Wonder if anyone would listen to the truth.

    1. I will not waste my time on the willfully ignorant. I went to the county Health Department last Friday and spoke with a nurse regarding questions I had about the ‘test’ which she could not answer. I then tried to explain the problems with the flu shots especially when administered to the elderly. That’s when she would not hear me and told me she had to get back to work even though there were three of them standing around and no patients in sight. These are the newly ‘educated’ that think nothing of administering flu shots (of course with mercury) to the pregnant compared to when I was trained back in the 70s when it was drilled into us never ever administer anything to a pregnant woman either injectables or oral meds.

      When the testing was being done in the area I went to three different towns and handed out materials to the ‘testers’, including DVDs, articles, books.

  2. ‘…has contracted with a temporary staffing agency that will provide another 60 civilian nurses for work in hospitals and nursing homes’
    I can see the elderly in the nursing homes being shot up with those special senior (quadrivalent) killer flu shots 🙁

    ‘Of the 795 virus deaths that North Dakota has reported since the start of the pandemic, 524 have come since the beginning of October.’…………… which ‘virus’ would that be? It has been purported to be the SARS COV2 however from my reading no one has isolated that in human tissue. How many times have we said here the PCR ‘test’ is not to be used for diagnostic purposes and that is from Kary Mullis himself, the inventor of the PCR.

    It’s the flu shots and quite possibly whatever is on the ‘test’ swabs …. imho

    1. One of the comments under the video in the above link:

      THE WIFI KILLSHOT by J.E. Ante

      5G at 60Ghz resonates with the oxygen molecule and gives oxygen a reverse polarity that makes it much less usable to the human body. At high concentrations of 5G usage you get suffocation of humans at street level. And at lower doses you get flu like symptoms which are the exact same symptoms as the flu with this lowered oxygen uptake by the body. But the way 5G kills is much more interesting.

      Our bodies have trillions of parasitic organisms inside which feed on us and some say help us live by doing many useful functions. But when these bacteria, fungi, and parasites are subjected to any WIFI microwave radiations they are harmed and begin reproducing toxins in self defense. These organisms begin reproducing rapidly to ensure their survival. And so we get flu like symptoms from these internal parasite organisms under attack from WIFI microwave radiations reproducing rapidly and excreting toxins. This is the real illness people are getting not a bio-weapon coronavirus.

      2G has ten microwave frequencies assigned to it, 3G has ten also, 4G has five frequencies with some overlaps, but 5G has 3000 microwave frequencies assigned to it by the FCC. Why so many? So 5G should really be called 297G not 5G. So with this 5G rollout in China, Korea, Italy, Iran, and cruise ships we have the greatest concentrations of 5G usage and the greatest concentrations of illness and death in the world. Our internal parasites are like canaries in a mine and are being killed off rapidly from this 5G usage. When this happens too quickly the body can not get rid of the increased toxins and the host (you) die from toxemia. Our human cells are all tied together and form a much stronger union but our many parasitic hosts inside us are much more isolated within us and much more vulnerable to this WIFI microwave radiations. They try to survive by multiplying rapidly and making toxins to protect them from harm but it is no use and they die with 5G. And with their rapid death our bodies (at least of older and less healthy human) are overwhelmed by toxins very quickly and die from the combined effects of lowered oxygen uptake from 5G, and also from the massive overpopulation, and then die off of our internal biomass of germs and parasites, which creates overwhelming toxemia.

      When the Chinese locked down the people in Wuhan they turned to their new 5G phones and internet connections and so the city was flooded with much more 5G WIFI radiations and made many more people fall sick and die. Many people even fell sick instantly at street level from oxygen deficiency which previously had no sickness. A massive cloud of 5G 60Ghz microwave radiations caused oxygen in the air to fall below critical levels for survival.

      Yesterday all of Asia turned off their 5G and left on only their 3G and 4G systems to communicate so they know 5G is the real cause of the illnesses.

      Yesterday all of Asia turned off their 5G and left on only their 3G and 4G systems to communicate so they know 5G is the real cause of the illnesses.

      So turn off your smartphones or put them in an aluminum pouch until you need to use them to lessen radiation exposure to yourself and everyone else.

      That is the real thing you must do instead of washing your hands to protect others.

      And if you would heal your elderly and grand parents put them in a Faraday cage where they will not be irradiated constantly by WIFI signals that are all around us especially in hospitals. Then their sick bodies may heal themselves in time as the toxemia clears from their bodies.

      All of my 150 plus articles can be reprinted and translated anywhere without permission. — J.E. Joe Ante

  3. Sorry to be making so many comments on this post however I must say what I see here is a set up for this state to be one of the first for those mandatory ‘con’vid vaccines

    A lady here in town (early 70s) was hospitalized for three weeks with double pneumonia and blood clots. This is an active woman who is employed as one of the school bus drivers. The blood clot scenario in people who are falling ill is most intriguing to me. If one reads the above link about the scientists who had their lab shut down, one would learn that they discovered nanoparticles in the vaccines which can cause blood clots. These nanoparticles are also breathed in but much of them are expelled upon exhalation.

    Since last Sunday until yesterday I have had chills on and off associated with fatigue and loss of appetite with occasional body aches. I know, it sounds like the flu. Here is the weird thing about this. When I didn’t have the chills I was not tired and I had the energy to do chores around the house and go to the post office and the store here in town. The chills would come and go. Each time I had the chills I would feel very tired then when the chills stopped my energy came back. Whatever this was it seems to have run its course as the last time I had the chills was yesterday afternoon.
    I was speaking with my brother today who lives in Illinois and he relayed a story to me about a friend of our brother-in-law who was in his mid 60s who recently passed away. He complained of chills and extreme tiredness shortly before he died. I do not know anything more about his medical history.

  4. I’m glad you’re making lots of comments. I’d like to stay informed as to what is happening in ND because you’re there #1, and your comment about ND possibly being the first state for the shot.
    Also, glad to hear you’ve had no more chills. It sure seemed like it took ND a long time to get on board with this bull.

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