Alex Jones is a Big Fish

The propagandists are putting forth some of the most unbelievable assertions to date.  Our economy has stabilized.  2% growth in GDP.  7.8% unemployment rate.  Existing home sales up.  Millions of jobs created.  Some are saying these assertions are just election rhetoric designed to help President Soretoro be reelected.  I do not believe this to be the case.  If it were, you would see opposition to the assertions from those who would counter the push.  The truth is out there and is overwhelming to the lie.

The fact is the status quo is putting this information out as a part of a stalling tactic as this is the extent of what all opposition to the American nationals has come down to.  We are being inundated with the propaganda of hope, which is only serving to fuel our frustration and anger towards those pretending to advocate for us.

This war for the restitution of the Republic is happening right now and is all too real to us fighting in the trenches.  We are on the apex of the war going hot and are becoming frustrated with the delay.  We have begun to question those who have proclaimed themselves as our leaders.  Is it their intent to lead us up to the battle field and then retreat to faraway places as we endure the carnage of death and destruction?

We cannot be thrown off point.  It is our essential duty to arm ourselves and prepare for the upcoming conflict.  Tell me, do you see these self proclaimed leaders forming up into any fighting force?  And do you believe they will step up to lay their own life on the line when the time comes?  I would say they do not practice what they preach, but the fact is they are not preaching the forming up of patriotic armed militia groups.

Alex Jones will shout into the mic, “I will protect my family”.  What does that mean?  Tell me Alex, have you formed your five man fire team or is it your intent to protect your family by fleeing to an unknown destination where you will hide as we patriots sacrifice our lives to take back the Republic?

I call on you to use your pulpit for the purpose of promoting armed leaderless militia resistance groups, to push for them to train in the art of guerilla warfare as the time of peril grows near.

In short, it is time to defecate or get off the pot.  Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way.  Identify the enemy.  Identify the Zionists for what they are.  You are running out of chances, buddy.  Once this war goes hot, those who offer nothing but words are going to become worthless.

I do not believe in tearing others down to build myself up, but history will judge us both, big fish.  We may be little fish but there are 40 million of us and we are piranha, the only question is what are you, the shark you portray yourself as or a big fat bottom feeding carp?

It is not too late, Alex, you can still do the right thing.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail

14 thoughts on “Alex Jones is a Big Fish

  1. Carp??? Don’t you mean Bugle Mouth Bass? Always sounding Taps… But, never (Bugle Call) da da da da – dada….. CHARGE!!!

    1. Yea Angel, my bet is bottom feeder too. I just said said red fin tuna because that is what a lot of fishermen call suckers around here, ya know. I haven`t listened to Alex Jones for a long time – does he still use that damned bull horn yet?

  2. A. and his message have sure changed over the years from what it was when he first started out. So sad indeed …..

      1. Yeah Digger , she also has dual citizenship . And remember this , children take the mother’s religion . So a.j. has jew children and you know he’s not “going to rip them a new one ” .

  3. “Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way.”

    Luke Wilson said that in the movie, “Idiocracy”. Good line. lol

    Alex Jones is just another Eric Cartman from “South Park”. A big fat tub of lard who is all talk.

  4. ” is it your intent to protect your family by fleeing to an unknown destination where you will hide as we patriots sacrifice our lives to take back the Republic?”

    What gives him the idea we are going to let him & his Zionist ilk back in?

  5. Yeah..I’d have to say that if I had the ways and means of a (once)decent news outlet, with the following it has had the potential to have a time or two…..and I had knowledge of everything that he has, along with he supposedly has knowledge of… and I KNEW that things were going to get bad and I had a way of doing something as big as could have been done for the betterment of that which is inevitably going down here and abroad….(not now of course..too late for A.J. I think).. and I knew all the people that he knew….
    I’d have to officially call the masses together somehow..strategically. I’d have the means to do so.
    I still visit PP…but it as become weird as a media outlet in recent months for some strange reason I do not trust. I only go there to see if maybe there is a decent article on a side of a story I’m interested in anymore. I draw my OWN with any site. I do comment there sometimes.*shrug*
    He’s not the bible of alternative media…although, he was getting a decent following there for a bit.
    I understand the mentality of protecting my family though..because thats where I have to’s my only alternative, besides suicide, of getting started. If, however, I see a meaningful infiltration of the places/people/entities that need to be infiltrated, then I am there in a heartbeat, fighting for everyone else’s family too…and will be happy doing so until my last breath.
    If I had the tools and data and means that Alex has(had?), that way of thinking would be significantly different. Because I had the means to do so.

    I am so glad there are sites that are less ‘commercialized’ and….’fake-ish’ comes to mind…less commercialized and fake-ish.
    Sites that are decently trustworthy…glad there are a couple left.
    I fear that tptb are getting ready to take the communications over(more than they already have) in the very near future. All the gold being sought, money being sought…tptb are agitated.

    ~Blessed Be to all~

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