Am I a traitor?

Northeast Intelligence Network – by Doug Hagmann

The question hit me like a lightning bolt as I looked in the mirror upon awaking this morning. Am I a traitor to my country, to my fellow citizens of the United States of America? Have I abandoned all sound reason and logic and lost my moral compass? Have I somehow sold out my ideals and thereby my family, friends and fellow reporters?  Apparently someone in this administration must believe I am a traitor and lost my way, for I am the target of active telephone monitoring by the National Security Agency (NSA), a branch of the Department of Defense and an agency tasked with monitoring foreign intelligence and communications.  

As I stared in the mirror, I asked myself, “what am I missing here?” What have I done during the course of seeking out the truth to provide to the American people about what’s really going on within and outside of our government with regard to the numerous “scandals” we are learning about? Could it be that the truth is that toxic to those in power that they will go to such lengths to silence an investigative reporter?

The only other way, I have been told by known and trusted sources, is that some rogue government agent or group has circumvented the judicial part of the process and took it upon themselves to assign some very expensive assets and personnel to listen to every phone call I make and to read every text and e-mail I send in “real time.” Sort of like the 1994 movieTrue Lies, where character actors Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tom Arnold diverted a whole bunch of government resources, by virtue of their positions as spies for the U.S. government, simply because the former suspected his wife of infidelity.  Has someone portrayed me as a traitor? So, which scenario is it? And to what or whose benefit?For your perspective and understanding, I need to tell you what I’ve learned. Based on my lengthy investigation, there are only two ways for me to become the target of NSA surveillance. The legitimate way is for someone within the government to amass enough substantive information about my actions that it would be sufficient enough for a FISA Court judge to authorize “live” monitoring of all of my communications, from telephone to e-mail to text messages. That judge would have to agree with the government official that I am a definite threat to our national security and to you, my fellow Americans.

What have I done to warrant the active and costly surveillance using your tax dollars – my tax dollars – that has made me the target of real-time, real-life, and no non-sense, surveillance? What is it that caused an “information file” to be created that would classify me as a traitor to my country? In either scenario, the decision for surveillance would have had to be made by someone very high up on the food chain, as it is not a routine matter. Far from it, in fact, and one that could have a very unpleasant ending for me, my family, and even the international publication to which I contribute, Canada Free Press. By extension, does this now classify Canada Free Press as potentially treasonous? What have I done to place the esteemed and highly respected online news publication in the crosshairs of a very serious government investigation as well?

It is important to understand that the NSA was actively monitoring a telephone call between me and a very well known journalist also located inside the U.S. It was not a foreign call, but an interstate call. We never spoke of anything that could be considered treasonous to our government, rather, we spoke of the information we each gleaned from our protected sources about several “scandals” plaguing the Obama power structure as we have done many times in the past.

As I stood alone in the solitude of an early morning, I began mulling over the many contacts and conversations with media personalities and reporters, and the information of conspiracies and cover-ups we believe to have identified within the government. What is it, I stressed, as the gravity of my plight began to sink in.

In the stillness of the morning, I knew that the proverbial “poking of the bear” would not be without consequences. After all, this is not my first rodeo, and I knew I was poking at quite a few bears simultaneously. But what was the trigger, or was it everything?

Was it my sources providing me information kept from the public about the murderous attacks in Benghazi on September 11, 2012? Was it my investigation of the video blamed on that attack, a video that appears to have at least peripheral connections to the current CIA Director John Brennan and his privately owned company performing work for the CIA? Was it the apparent lies of Susan Rice to the American people, or the lies of Hillary Rodham Clinton about that very issue?  Could it be the extensive reporting on the CIA weapons running operation out of Benghazi to assist the anti-Assad terrorists in their planning of World War III?

I continued to take mental inventory, wondering whether my reporting of Islamic infiltration into the U.S. government might also be a reason. Perhaps it was related to the disclosure of Barack Hussein Obama’s (Barry Soetoro’s) lack of bona fides, his chunks of missing time no one seems to want to address that could have triggered the weight of such a powerful agency being thrust into my life. Perhaps it was my contacts with an elusive DHS insider, who claims that the American people are being targeted with decisive force when the time comes to quell behavior upsetting to this administration. Could it be that they are attempting to identify my sources?

Was it my reporting on this administration’s plans to kill the U.S. dollar, and thus our national sovereignty, ceding our interests to globalist bankers while plundering and pillaging each and every one of us? Perhaps it was my identification of Timothy Geithner as the alleged high-level administration source as the person admitting that this is the Obama economic end-game plan. After all, killing the U.S. dollar is no small or inconsequential act, for it will change the life of every American and many people throughout the world. Could it be that my reporting on such seditious and treasonous activities, something the elected officials of all stripes don’t want the American people to know, has become treasonous itself?

The more topics I inventoried, the more that came to mind. The attack on Judeo-Christian principles within our military, our government, and our intelligence services. Perhaps its hosting a radio broadcast that is unbridled by politically correct constraints, and my writings that attempt to provide factual information to the American people – and the world – that the compromised media refuses to do. Telling readers and listeners that the United States has itself become a captured operation, publicly sharing information from sources within the government that also require more answers… answers they are unwilling to provide.

It is absolutely clear to me that Barack Hussein Obama lied to the American people and the world as he carefully parsed his words that the NSA is not actively listening to our phone calls, instead simply merely keeping track of certain phone calls made, the originating and destination telephone numbers, and the call duration. I suppose telling the American people that calls between reporters and investigative journalists would have a rather chilling effect on those who still believe they are living in Norman Rockwell America.

It is equally chilling to see that we’ve gone from freedom to the potential for abuse,  from the potential for abuse to actual abuse, and from actual abuse to unlawful conduct… all in record time.

How did we get here? We are here because of many men and women of good and decent moral character who failed to act despite their convictions, and simply looked the other way rather than trying to expose and thus stop the lawlessness they knew exists or were, and are, aiding and abetting. By men and women in similar positions who did speak out, but received absolutely no back up from those proclaiming to have ethics and integrity.

I think an ominous question exists that every person capable of rational thought must ask themselves. What kind of country are we leaving to our children and grandchildren? What will you say when they ask what YOU did to stop the tyranny and destruction of our Constitutional Republic?

As for me, I will keep researching, writing and broadcasting, while asking exactly who the real traitors to our Constitutional Republic are. Is it me? Am I a traitor?

4 thoughts on “Am I a traitor?

  1. It depends where your allegiances and loyalties truly lie, do they lie with the corporations, the elite and the powerful or do they lie with the people, for the good of the people and betterment of mankind?

    Treason is subjective and oft abused used tool of oppressors…

  2. “We the People’ are all considered to be ‘terrorists’ to the PTB.

    The same gang of blood-thirsty murderers that pulled off 9/11, then went on a looting spree, stealing trillions of dollars of our money, covered up by ‘al CIA Du’ threats, is the same gang that is spying on us 24/7.

    We have become the enemy, in their deluded minds.

  3. I’m not a regular follower of the Hagmanns’. Their Judeo-Christianity beliefs are in direct conflict with the problem of political Zionism we face here. But, if he is for real, then this could be something to pay attention to. I recently heard that his main source ‘inside’ was cutting off contact with him, as of now. Maybe it’s getting dangerous, or maybe it’s just theatre meant to scare fence sitters. It’s hard to tell with this stuff.

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