Amazing: Swapping Chemo For Cannabis Oil Saved This Man’s Life

True Activist – by Sophie McAdam

In February 2014, David Hibbit was diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer. He was told he had just 6- 12 months to live, maybe extended to three years if he started chemotherapy. He was never told he had the chance to beat the cancer altogether, but that’s exactly what happened after Hibbit began using marijuana.

Initially, he said he started taking CBD oil “just to help with the side effects of chemotherapy”, which was a “damaging” treatment Hibbit found very difficult to deal with. After 3-4 months of simultaneously treating his tumor with cannabis and chemo, the tumor began to shrink.  

Hibbit then decided to stop chemotherapy, despite huge concerns from friends and family. The chemo had made him ill, tired and unable to eat, whereas cannabis oil gave him an appetite, stopped his hair loss, and improved his bowel habits.

“It was just unbelievable to me how better it made me feel, and that’s what made me decide to stop chemotherapy and continue with the oil alone,” Hibbit says.

He also started taking vitamin D and changed his diet, cutting out carbs and eating only organic meat, fruit and vegetables. Hibbit experimented with this non-toxic regime for three months, and felt great.

He says he never believed that the chemo could prolong his life, not even by the three years doctors had predicted. Later, friends and family admitted they’d feared the same thing. Without the terrible and debilitating side effects of chemo, Hibbit says he began to feel energetic and healthy again. Along with watching what he ate, he consumed 1g a day of the CBD oil, putting drops under his tongue to absorb it directly into the bloodstream.

Three months later, Hibbit got the all-clear. It was something nobody expected. He has since reduced his CBD oil use to 1g per month and feels very optimistic about the future.

“I felt I had to come out and tell my story, because I’ve used a substance which is illegal in this country and I just don’t understand how it can be illegal to people who’ve been told they are going to die,” he says. “Everyone has the right to live and like I’ve proven myself, cannabis can help.”

He says his experience has made life seem like a miracle, and he’ll “never be negative again.” Hibbit wants to share his amazing journey in the hope people like him can change British law (currently marijuana is still illegal in the UK, doctors can only prescribe Sativex- a cannabis-based medicine- to MS sufferers). Hibbit thinks this is a disgrace. “Until it’s available [to all who need it], I’m not going to be quiet,” he says.

Please share if you agree the law should be changed and believe David’s inspirational story deserves to be heard.

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3 thoughts on “Amazing: Swapping Chemo For Cannabis Oil Saved This Man’s Life

  1. “… he started taking CBD oil “just to help with the side effects of chemotherapy”, which was a “damaging” treatment.”

    The ‘side effects’ of chemo are the DESIRED effects.

    The worst one being death.

    “Hibbit then decided to stop chemotherapy, despite huge concerns from friends and family.”

    Sheeple are SO gullible. No common sense when it comes to their own health. These so-called ‘medical experts’ are credible because they have a piece of paper (diploma) that SAYS so???

    People are terminally stupid about some things.

      1. Agreed.

        Case in point… Kaiser called me AGAIN last week, even though I’ve told them I no longer work at that company, and no longer have ‘insurance’ with them. They seem to have the notion that I’M one of those STUPID PEOPLE who actually believe the so-called ‘medical’ establishment is beneficial for good health. They either want me to get one of their toxic ‘flu’ shots, or they want me to come in for cancer tests (even though I’ve already TOLD the stupid bast@rds I have the cure, so what the f%&k do I need their useless ‘tests’ for).

        Yup, some folks are just terminally stupid.

        Thankfully, I’m not one of them.

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