Minority Rule: The Rise of Political Correctness

Uploaded on Jan 24, 2011 by CommieSkullSmasher

A documentary on the rise of political correctness in America and its Jewish influences:

Boasian anthropology, Sigmond Freud and psychoanalysis, The Frankfurt School, Tearing down the ‘Nuclear Family’, Political correctness takes over Harvard University through the G.I. Bill, and other topics.

Featuring Kevin MacDonald, author of, “The Culture of Critique.”

2 thoughts on “Minority Rule: The Rise of Political Correctness

  1. Sickman fraud entrenched the communist philosophy into our highest schools of learning. Every predominant Christian country has been molested by the most vile intellectual vermon.

  2. Enjoyed the informative video. Margaret Mead, another plant. Who woulda thunk? Thanks, GrayRider. It’s a good non-revised history lesson.

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