American Nationals Tolerance for the Socialist Insurgency Wearing Thin

The mainstream propaganda is currently inundated with the phony presidential debate which amounted to nothing more than the socialist traitor Obama and socialist traitor Romney reiterating the slogans, sound bites, and catch phrases contained in their billion dollar commercial ad campaigns.  Of course both the false left and false right are reporting that Romney won this so called debate.

What a stinking crock of doo doo.  Romney looked like a fool in every debate in the GOP primaries and caucuses with Ron Paul, in fact all of the charlatans did.  It was not that Ron Paul is a master orator, but rather, as all the other candidates were reciting script and Dr. Paul was just speaking earnestly from the heart, the whole production was thrown out of kilter.

This was never more obvious than with Texas Governor Rick Perry, who came out looking absolutely as a retard in this unfamiliar environment.  And again, this is why Romney shined during Wednesday night’s debate with Obama.  Hell the whole debate was just like recording another commercial.  And of course this was fine with Obama as he himself has never been anything more than an adequate teleprompter reader.

There were very few exceptions to the report-on-nothing-but-the-fraudulent-debate, though there are other things going on in this world, believe it or not.  While Obama and Romney were throwing up the smoke screen, Hillary Clinton was busy trying to get us involved in the Syrian Revolution through the back door called Turkey.

Apparently we have another friend in the Middle East we didn’t know about and by God, if Syria is going to dare to fire on Turkey, who has been facilitating the CIA and Mossad mercenary attack on the Syrian government, well I guess, according to our mutual defense treaty with Turkey, we are just going to have to invade Syria in spite of the fact that Obama really doesn’t want to, as he knows this is exactly what those bad old Zionist Jews that he doesn’t like want him to do.

I think the international corporate mafia is just trying to wear us down to the point that we just throw up our hands and say, “Oh what the hell, just go ahead and invade them and shut up all ready.”

We must stand firm and let there be no doubt that if these sleazy bastards involve us in a war in Syria and/or Iran, we the people are going to rise up and crush the socialist insurgents within our own country forthwith.  If we are to fight and die then let it be for our Republic and to rid ourselves of the Zionist misery makers once and for all.

They know we are not buying into any of this election bullshit and looking at the total effort it took from the united false left-right paradigm and their propaganda machine, it is prima facie evident that Ron Paul, in a fair election would have beat Barack Obama or Mitt Romney in a land slide and this is what really counts as it shows our numbers and their fear of us.

I guess the message to the socialist insurgents is you are wasting your time.  If you think you can defy us, step up and let the games begin.  We are getting tired, but the fatigue we feel is not a result of your propaganda pressure campaign.  We are just simply sick of having to look at your pathetic asses day in and day out, day after day.   Your weakness shines and mark my words, your day is coming….….soon.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

11 thoughts on “American Nationals Tolerance for the Socialist Insurgency Wearing Thin

  1. Well said, there is another front apart from whom we will call our dear leader in a few weeks time. Socialism is 100% funded by Capitalism. In fact socialism is the tool of capitalism to break society’s back , steal its wealth and empower the zionist.

    To all who will look there is a Luciferian final plan unfolding right now, it is the demise of all civilized society worldwide. America’s Government has been infiltrated in a gradual coup and is now firmly at the Israeli beck and call. America has been co-opted to do their dirty bidding in executing the final plan of Luciferian destruction on all free societies, to destroy our faith in a gracious loving God capable of providing a wonderful life for all, the destruction of our personal rights and the theft of all our wealth.

    The control of world finance is the front that will destroy us all, it is a deliberate plan of action by the Luciferian power mongers. First encourage the majority of people to rely heavily on socialism ie. the majority rely entirely on the State which is now 100% funded by their capital and then withdraw the funding so that society implodes.

    Look at Iran now collapsing with 68% inflation in less than two weeks due to deliberate monetary warfare by America and it Israeli commanders, this my friends is 100% guaranteed to happen to you in America real soon by means of your secret zionist FED banker’s quantitative easing to infinity. It is the deliberate withdrawal of their finance, it is the purchase of your mortgages by the secretive zionist controlled FED so that when they collapse the dollar your property wealth then becomes their wealth as you will not have the dollars or the employment opportunity to repay their filthy corrupt occult Luciferian debt script. They hold the deeds to your property and also the cash that was in their account, look at the all seeing eye if you doubt this plan.

    Look at the facts, Greece is totally destroyed, Portugal destroyed, Spain destroyed, Ireland suffering badly with 50% youth unemployment, France has taken the same socialist route to its destruction. The Middle East is in ruins. Capital is deliberately being withdrawn to promote a new society, one owned without question by these zionist joo controlled bankers where your life of misery, poverty and desperation will soon be entirely at their service.

    The jew promoted Bolshevik revolution with capital from the Rothschilds and led by the jews Marx, Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin under their socialist propaganda is being repeated this time using the withdrawal of finance. All finance worldwide is nothing but fiat paper script in the exclusive issuing hands of the zionist, there is no money competition to counteract them. The Bolshevik revolution with 66 million deaths is beginning to look like a walk in the park compared to what is presently being executed.

    If you want to personally survive then build an ark or have Ron Paul introduce an alternative money and end the FED and the IRS.

  2. You’re 6th paragraph pretty much is what they are waiting for . Total apathy . What better way to get us involved than have a fellow member of N.A.T.O. come under fire form a supposed ” enemy “. ( ha-ha F.F.)

    Then it will be on to Iran with the Zionists laughing in the background .

  3. @ Anon Patriot they are just guys given a uniform, guns, a badge and some power to intimidate. Underneath they are naked.

  4. “This was never more obvious than with Texas Governor Rick Perry, who came out looking absolutely as a retard in this unfamiliar environment.”

    I have to disagree with this statement.

    Retarded people are Einsteins compared to this moron.

    He couldn’t even win first prize in Benny Hill’s “Twit of the Year” contest.

    1. Oh come on, #1. Rick Perry told us God was with him that night. You can’t deny that. I think that night must have been stand up comedy night in Heaven. LOL

      1. You’re right , of course.
        I should have remembered that, seeing as I have every episode of Monty Python on dvd.

        Most of Benny Hill’s seasons too, but not all. lol

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