Ammo supplier blamed in ‘Rust’ shooting incident


As the investigation into the fatal ‘Rust’ shooting incident continues, the armorer, Hannah Gutierrez Reed, has filed a lawsuit against the company that provided ammunition for the set, accusing them of supplying live rounds.

The lawsuit was filed in New Mexico by Reed along with two colleagues, accusing ammo supplier Seth Kenney and his company PDQ Arm & Prop of introducing live rounds to a set where only blanks and dummy rounds were permitted. 

“The introduction of live rounds onto the set, which no one anticipated, combined with the rushed and chaotic atmosphere, created a perfect storm for a safety incident,” the lawsuit states.

Kenney has not commented on the lawsuit as of yet, but has previously stated he was sure that no live rounds had been sent to the set of ‘Rust’ by his company.

The lawsuit provides new details in relation to the ongoing investigation of the fatal shooting on the set of ‘Rust’, where producer and star Alec Baldwin accidentally killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins during a rehearsal with a gun that was meant to be loaded with blanks.

As investigators seek to determine how live rounds appeared on the set, the lawsuit alleges that a new box of ammunition appeared on set shortly before the revolver was loaded and handed to Baldwin. The box was presumed to contain dummy rounds with no explosive charge.

After recovering hundreds of rounds from the set of the film, authorities reportedly found a suspected seven live rounds on the set, which were distributed among the ammo box, the ammo cart and in the bandoliers.

Hannah Gutierrez Reed is now seeking damages in a jury trial, accusing Seth Kenney of unfair trade practices, introducing dangerous products, false labels, and misrepresentation. The lawsuit also accuses Kenney of inserting himself into the investigation and attempting to implicate Gutierrez Reed.

While the investigation continues, authorities have also issued a warrant for the retrieval of Alec Baldwin’s phone, seeking to examine text messages, videos, images, calls, and any other information that could provide more details on the incident. So far, Baldwin has not surrendered his phone.

2 thoughts on “Ammo supplier blamed in ‘Rust’ shooting incident

  1. Can anyone else smell the setup of such a high profile “accident”? (If it’s remotely legit in the first place)

  2. Yes, because I also blame a pen manufacturer for someone using one of their pens to kill someone.

    WTF??!!! This makes absolutely no f$&king sense!

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