Amtrak locomotive catches fire in Milwaukee

WISN – by Tom Swigert

MILWAUKEE —An Amtrak locomotive has caught fire near Milwaukee’s Walker’s Point neighborhood.

Fire crews from Milwaukee and West Allis are pouring water on the locomotive near Barclay and Walker.

Milwaukee fire crews were called to the scene around 12:06 p.m. The Hiawatha Line train was arriving in Milwaukee from Chicago.  

Fire crews extinguished the fire and put foam on the the engine compartment.

It appears all 51 passengers were safely evacuated from the train.

4 thoughts on “Amtrak locomotive catches fire in Milwaukee

  1. They need to take those crack pipes away from the crew before letting them board.

    The ‘epidemic’ continues.

  2. I have only a speculation on the previous Amtrak crash in PA

    possible the diesel engine had what they call a runaway (look up diesel runaway on you tube)

    thus the diesel powers a huge electric motor in turn powers the wheels on the locomotive engine

    if the diesel in the Amtrak engine had a “runaway” that might explain the out of control speed .

    also could enplane this fire

    the only way to shut down a diesel runaway is to block its air intake

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