An American Response To The SOTU

John Whitehead has written an article entitled, “The Dire State of Our Nation” The examples which he cites are the reasons we must take action NOW ! The liar and chief put forth his parties views and desires again last night, only which remind the real American of their diabolically laid plans for the destruction of Our Republic.

All these …and more, is exactly why it’s time to water the Liberty Tree. For the socialist / marxists are so entrenched in the system, their cancerous threat is killing OUR Republic. There is no way to reach these creatures. There’s no talking, or explaining the errors of their ways. There’s no appealing to their civil nature for they’ve none, that views with rational thought.  

Pelosi has been documented, describing herself as a “frothing at the mouth activist”. This is what we’re up against. Rabid creatures who’re lusting after the conquest of our society, resources, and governing powers. This is proven by the way these creatures speak, act, and vote. This is proven by where we find ourselves today.

Does one actually believe that we can survive another “beast” like BHO? More or less the nearly two years left of his reign?

We, Our Republic, is being driven OFF the cliff by those who’ve been entrusted with, and who have sworn not to do so. This must not, and cannot be, allowed to come to fruition, all be it, they’ve about succeeded.

To allow these creatures to continue for even the next couple months, mind you, the next couple of years, is the equivalent of rolling over and into the ditch, only to wait for them to pass by and put you out of your misery.

Repair, my fellow Americans….continue to prepare for the inevitable. Make your larders DEEP. Repair, to the ready …….repair, for you know what is coming …..

Repair, to defend not only yourself, but Our Republic, and Our way of life. Repair, check your spiritual relationship with God…..for it is He, who’ll get us through what lays ahead….Only God can undo what man has allowed.

And we must be ready, no matter what.

10 thoughts on “An American Response To The SOTU

  1. I must regretfully agree that the situation in the US is totally out of control and serious action must be taken to try to rectify it, but I ask again, what action and by whom? No leaders or organizations are standing forth to lead the movement and no individual action will do more than cause the immediate destruction of that individual. Any movement must be a mass movement, enough to make TPTB sit up and take notice. I know others, like myself, are willing to do whatever it takes, but no one wants to do it alone. I can only suppose that some totally egregious action by the government will arouse opposition which may be too fractured to do any good.

    1. Sit tight, FrankW, and keep spreading the truth to more Americans.

      We don’t need leaders or organized movements to be successful, and in fact, avoiding those things has given us most of our progress. And nor do we have to rely on any individual’s action.

      Americans will move in large numbers as soon as something important to their comfort disappears. (food, gasoline) As long as they can ignore the situation they will, because after all, most people would rather sit in a comfortable home watching movies than run through the streets exchanging gunfire.

      When the distractions and luxuries vanish, they’ll be out in the streets in large numbers, and they won’t be stopped.

      Another thing to consider is that the entire US population, with the exception of a few brainwashed idiots, is fuming with anger, but what stops them from doing anything is the exact sentiment you expressed; there’s nothing effective that an individual can do. If there’s one precipitous event that gets them rolling at once, it might not require any deprivation at all.

      1. I agree with FrankW and I hope you’re right, JR because I, too, am sick of this sitting around and watching our lives go to shit. I want action just as much as the next guy but an individual can only do so much. Patience is not one of my virtues but unfortunately, that’s how it is until something significant happens that will affect everyone simultaneously.

  2. A response to the SOTU address? I can’t believe that anyone actually watched it.

    I sure as hell don’t give a rat’s anus what that lying sack of dung has to say. I don’t think he even knows the state this union is in.

    1. So are you one of those stupid people who actually believe there’s any difference between Republicrats and Democans?
      Did you vote in this last communist fraud?
      All the State of the Union Address is is a bunch of traitors clapping when the contract for the contractor that put them in office comes up.
      As I have said, every one of them is a low down treasonous piece of shit, as that is the standard that must be met to get into a high office.

  3. With the military now in yet ANOTHER illegal invasion – Syria – and WILLINGLY, I see little hope of any real, dedicated effort to stop this. The military seems completely and totally asleep, and if THEY cannot see who the Real Enemy is……..

    Think they “won’t fire on Americans”?

    They happily go to any country Bush or Obama point out and say “bad guy”, or “these are ‘less’ bad guys, so go train them”, so ALL the prez’ needs to do/say (which is WHY the MSM keeps up the ‘domestic terrorists’ rhetoric) is “See those Americans? They’re ‘terrorists’ “, and I’ll bet 80% of the military will pull the trigger.

    Just took a quick peek at veteranstoday. Absolutely NOTHING on standing up to illegal wars, standing up to Obama’s funding, arming, and training of “endless war” enemies, nothing regarding the prez’s BS speech.

    Listening to a ‘talk radio’ yesterday in the car. Guy was going on and on about “Islamic extremists attacking us on 9/11….” and subsequent callers agreeing 100%.

    My Italian/Mexican tennis buddy came over last night as he couldn’t take it at home, as his grandma and aunt, were “just gushing over that clown” on TV, CLAPPING Obama’s speech.

    I have my chin in my hand as i write this, because I simply have no clue what to do nor where to turn. Just seems hopeless.

  4. Dare I say it? Do we need a Napolean, Hitler or Lenin to motivate the people? Yes, there well may be riots and rebellions when the system crashes, but TPTB have been preparing for this eventuality for a long time. I fear that any resistance may coalesce around someone or something just as objectionable as what we have now. Yes, I am a pessimist, but unfortunately I have found my pessimism more often justified than my optimism.

  5. No, I didn’t watch the villain spew forth his rancid rhetoric.
    Didn’t need to watch, or listen…..
    We all knew what direction he was going towards.
    More of the same marxist propaganda.
    There’s absolutely NOTHING in which he could begin
    to utter that I, or most Americans, would even consider being
    attentive to, from his direction. Other than him confessing
    his crimes against the office which he’s usurped. Other than
    hearing his moans as he’s carried away to prison. Other than,
    by his own words, RESIGN. So there we have it ….
    There’s absolutely NOTHING that could come forth from this
    creature that anyone could even possibly be interested in hearing.
    Most American are sick of hearing him. Most Americans have no
    desire to see him, more or less, listen to his voice……..
    For most Americans are completely fed up, and are sick to death of anything
    that’s associated with him. Even the mere mention
    of his name brings brings nausea…………………..

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