An army of 10,000 Israeli police prepare for Obama visit

Border Police near the Old City of J'lem [file]Israeli Post – by Ben Hartman

Well over 10,000 police will take part in securing the three-day visit next week by US President Barack Obama, National Police Spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said Monday.

Rosenfeld said the security preparations are the biggest of their kind since then-US President George W. Bush visited in 2008.

Obama will be joined by an entourage of 500 people, including staff, security, and traveling press. His Secret Service security detail will work in cooperation with the Shin Bet General Security Services, in securing the visit, Rosenfeld said, adding that the police deployment will include officers from the full range of the police special and regular patrol units, including the anti-terror and direct action units.

Rosenfeld called the event “tremendously significant and important in terms of security measures that will be implemented,” adding that police from the Jerusalem, Central, and Judea and Samaria Districts will coordinate the security by way of a central command center to be run by National Police Commissioner Yochanan Danino at national police headquarters in Jerusalem.

Commuters can expect massive delays and road closures during the visit from March 20th-22nd, but Rosenfeld said national transportation police will post traffic updates on the police Facebook page and police website around-the-clock during the visit.

On March 20th police and the Shin Bet will secure the event welcoming Obama at Ben-Gurion International Airport, after which his convoy will make their way to Jerusalem. On the second day he will visit Ramallah and the Palestinian territories, at which point the security will be in the hands of Obama’s security detail, the IDF, and the PA authorities. On the final day, Obama will make his way back from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv, and anyone on the roads in central Israel on the 22nd should expect serious gridlock.

During a meeting held Sunday night to discuss the preparations for Obama’s visit, Danino said “this is a national mission that will be led by the Israel Police. The level of coordination between the different bodies – police, Shin Bet, IDF, rescue services, government offices and others must be carried out flawlessly.” Danino added that the lion’s share of the mission will involve securing Jerusalem, saying “daily life in Jerusalem will be disrupted and it is up to us to do all that we can in order to reduce this disruption as much as possible.”

3 thoughts on “An army of 10,000 Israeli police prepare for Obama visit

  1. Ahhh…10,000 Israeli police officers to secure the Antichrist’s/Emperor Obama’s arrival into Israel. I wonder if he is forced to wear a beanie cap as well. I’m sure he is part Jewish, too. I mean, after all, he has Kenyan blood, Russian blood, Irish blood, Muslim blood, supposedly American blood (according to the MSM lies) and now he probably has some Israeli blood in him. This guy truly thinks he is a man for all seasons or a man for all races and nationalities. What a sick son of a bitch.

    It almost feels like Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, where at the beginning, the Emperor (Obama) is getting off his imperial ship in the death star with thousands of stormtroopers (10,000 Israeli police officers) on each side, asking Netanyahu (Darth Vader) if the Death Star will be completed in time and if they are on schedule.

    (Maybe Netanyahu is the emperor and Obama is Darth Vader. I don’t know, but I think you all get the idea.

    1. Hey NC, I would just like to be a fly on the wall in the room when Obama and Netanyahu discuss enslavement plans for us all. Remote veiwing maybe? Millard

  2. Just reading the headline, I’m curious to know what 10,000 Israeli police are preparing to do to Obama when he gets there? That’s the way it sounds to me.

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