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  1. It’s wonderful to see military, alphabet agency, and black ops vets muster their courage to inform the people of what they know and the advanced technology and anti-gravity ships that were reverse engineered decades long ago.

    The Citizens Hearings on Disclosure just wrapped up yesterday in D.C. I’ve listened to a few hours worth, and these brave vets continue to verify what has been disclosed in past years, but is now more organized and with better internet publicity.

    Thanks for your post, Cathleen. I hope this is the beginning of the end of the banksters and their 4 horsemen’s (the oil companies) stranglehold on the planet.

    1. I hope so too Enbe. Been following this stuff since the late ’90’s. Glad you enjoyed the video.

      . . .

  2. Concerning Aliens and UFOs, people in Elmwood,WI celebrate UFO days stemming from a widely publized event back in the mid to late Sixties. The UFO’s were sighted by a local cop and the car he was driving had the entire electrical system “fried” as in all the wiring had the insulation burned off. I know this first hand as my parents drove from my hometown to Elmwood which is about a 40 minute trip. I also know the owner of the body shop that attempted to repair the car that was disabled. He saved some of the electrical components of that car and they were all as described, fried to a crisp. More recently, there was plans drawn up for a UFO landing facility but my guess is the government grant didn’t come through. There were crop circles and unexplained cattle mutilations happening in this area back at that time. That was scary at the time because the crop circles left no evidence to explain them away and the cattle mutilations defied any technology short of laser at the time. Yes, I believe there are aliens among us and as proof, I offer up our current president although he is not “otherworldly”. 🙂

  3. Great post there Cathleen. Like Millard said above about UFO days in Elmwood, it is a well known thing around our parts here in west central Wi. to be sure. There are still some strange happenings to this day.

    1. Haven’t seen one myself yet Diggerdan, but I do believe there are benevolent as well as malevolent beings here. I mean … how could they not … with all the hundreds of millions of other planets out there? There has to be other humans in different forms that exist … some far more advanced than us. I also believe we have some hybrids in our population although they may not be aware of the fact that they are hybrids.

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      1. Yep, I bet that you have probobly seen more than you would like to have seen but just didn`t know it. They morph and change all the time apparently I would guess perhaps maybe eh Cathleen. Geeze, it wouldn`t supprise me if most of us see then on a fairly regular basis. Yes Cathleen, I bet that they are very benevolent and malevolent creatures. Kind of scary freaky stuf isn`t it.

  4. Excellent post, Cathleen! I had a short posting with Jolly Roger yesterday regarding terrorist allegedly planting several nuclear bombs in the USA, which are set to be detonated today, May 5, 2013.
    Posted topic: “Should we take Pamela Rae Schuffert’s nuclear attack warning seriously?”

    Jolly Roger posted: “Nuking an area would render it inaccessible, and useless, and it would preclude anyone from extracting any wealth from it.”

    My response: “I used to think the same way as you, JR. I often thought that TPTB elitists would not be stupid enough to poison the environment which they also live in… it would be analogous to shitting in your own swimming pool. However, what if TPTB did not intend to be on the Planet when they pushed the detonator button? Technology today is far more advanced than any of us could imagine – which may include achieving space travel at greater than light speed to reach other habitable planets in our galaxy. Furthermore, if we had the technology to travel at light speed, then we may also have the ability to time travel, or travel inter-dimensionally. You didn’t really think that the 1947 crash in New Mexico was a weather balloon, did you?”

    In conclusion to my statement from yesterday: I really can’t picture elite people like the Bush Family, and Queen Elizabeth living in a rat hole concrete bunker for 5 or more years to escape the nuclear or biological damage they inflicted on our planet’s surface. Their back-up plan would be to leave the Earth, and colonize their brethren on another Planet.

    Arthur C. Clarke made an interview statement regarding the loss of space exploration due to the expense of war: “On the whole, I think we have had remarkable accomplishments during the first 50 years of the Space Age. Some of us might have preferred things to happen in a different style or time frame, but when our dreams and aspirations are adjusted for reality, there is much we can look back on with satisfaction. (For example, in 1959 I took a bet that men would be landing on the Moon by June 1969, and lost only very narrowly.) And in the heady days of Apollo, we seemed to be on the verge of exploring the planets through manned missions. I could be forgiven for failing to anticipate all the distractions of the 1970s that wrecked our optimistic projections—though I did caution that the Solar System could be lost in the paddy fields of Vietnam. (It almost was.)”

    I contend that we have been told about the Moon landings in 1969-forward, and recently, with the proposed colonization of Mars, are greatly understated. Advanced space travel has been suppressed to the common person for decades… but not to the elite who have financed their escape from planet Earth using the black-ops programs of back-engineered alien technology.

    There are at least two possibilities as to why the elite would leave Earth:

    1) If TPTB cannot fulfill their plans of World domination, due to the public awakening, then they will destroy civilization after they have safely left the planet’s surface.

    2) A known (but suppressed) pending celestial ‘extinction level event is near’ that will effect the Earth; similar to the Great Flood.

    This anonymous interview with a man who saw it all at Area 51, indicates that we shall always be distracted from hidden technological advances, at our expense, until the end arrives. I wish I could say that this man is lying… but his eyes tell me that he is undoubtedly speaking the truth.

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