Another attempted DA killing? Intruder gunned down in Colorado prosecutor’s home

Bob Owens

It looks like they are trying to suggest that is was an coincidence or an attempted copycat:

The deputy district attorney made a 911 emergency call and reported that a man was at her door “behaving very erratically,” police said.  

The prosecutor then told dispatchers that the stranger forced his way into her home. An altercation ensued inside and shots were fired, leaving the unidentified man dead, police said.

A spokeswoman for one of the agencies investigating the incident told Reuters that the prosecutor and her husband, himself a sheriff’s deputy, both fired at the intruder, but it is too early in the probe to know who fired the fatal shot.

The Colorado prosecutor and her husband both suffered minor injuries and have been placed on paid leave pending the results of the investigation.

Nutcases are easily influenced, so this very well may be copycat aping what he’s been seeing on the television. It will be interesting to see who this guy is when he is identified.

2 thoughts on “Another attempted DA killing? Intruder gunned down in Colorado prosecutor’s home

  1. An article and a little more info related to this story can be found at
    Under “Most popular stories” (In blue box middle of page) 5th from the top.

    (At bottom of article said it was under copyright and all rights reserved ect., otherwise would have shared direct link.)

  2. I got a nickel that say’s he was bedding the wife and got caught and shot,then they got their story straight and called the cops,why else would a cop at “home” defend his house when the breakin was started instead of calling 911.They already had a made to order copycat killing poor cops story to make it work.

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