Another Poll Shows Gun Control Support Falling

Michael MooreUnited Liberty – by Jason Pye

While anti-gun filmmaker Michael Moore insists that the gun control crowd is the “majority,” the latest poll from CBS News shows that he’s actually out of touch with how Americans feel about the issue.

With the Senate expected to take up new gun control measures next month, there is a heavy push from both sides that are driving the discussion. Moore, whose anti-gun film Bowling for Columbine was filled with distortions and falsehoods, went on a rant against the NRA and other gun rights advocates during a recent event.  

“Every single piece of proposed gun legislation has the majority support of the American people, Moore claimed, according to “There’s no excuse for Congress not to pass these laws.”

Despite Moore’s ranting, the CBS News poll shows that 47% of Americans believe that gun laws should be made “more strict.” However, 50% feel that they should be “kept as they are” or “made less strict.” Those numbers are down from February, when 53% expressed support for stricter gun laws.

This CBS News poll comes on the heels of another poll showing that those backing increased gun control measures are in the minority. CNN reported last week that support for gun control measures had dropped since December. The poll showed that only 43% of Americans back “major restrictions” or a complete ban on guns — down from 52% in December. However, 55% support only “minor restrictions” or no restrictions at all on gun ownership.

The gun control crowd may be able to fire up some of its most hardcore supporters during the debate in the Senate on the legislation, but the polls show that they don’t have the support that they think they have. Not to mention that, when it comes down to it, many of the vulnerable Democratic members of the Senate aren’t going to put their careers on the line for a bill that could cause them a headache back home.

22 thoughts on “Another Poll Shows Gun Control Support Falling

  1. Hopefully people are waking up to what’s in the Constitution. The second amendment is the hinge pin. Once we lose it, the other amendments will follow. Don’t believe that any registration scheme will prevent the Government; Federal or local, from taking them. Once we register, they’ll just come around and collect them.

  2. Holy Crap!!!

    Michael Moore’s impersonation of Jabba The Hut!!!

    Christ!,… this guy is now eligible for Endangered Species Protection,.. he is the only Land-Whale thats known to exist!

    We could feed a quarter of India on what this guy eats in a single day!

    JD – US Marines – Somewhere in an attic,.. there is a picture of Michael Moore getting very, very skinny! (apologies to Oscar Wilde – Author of “Picture Of Dorian Gray”)

    1. JD, you got me laughing pretty good, and you beat me to the ugly punch! Man this guy is butt ugly. Must be manifesting on the outside the crappy ideas he is full of.

    2. Somebody quick, make Moore look at that portrait! LIVE on all channels so we can all witness his “Incredible Shrinking Woman” act!
      Someone might want to restrain me though! I’m not sure I could resist squashing that cockroach under my shoe!

  3. “Boy’s so fat, when he goes outside with a red shirt on, all the kids in the neighbourhood shout Kool Aid!”

    Dave Chappelle as the character, Reggie Warrington from the movie, “The Nutty Professor”.

  4. He reminds me of the X-Men guy in “Wolverine”.

    The one in the boxing ring that thought that Wolverine called him blob, when he had actually called him bub, and subsequently got served.

  5. Moore wants guns banned??? How about NO BODYGUARDS are allowed to carry guns. If everybody is so safe ….. NO BODYGUARDS at all. BAN BODYGUARDS.

  6. This is what I don’t get. First they say “gun crime is so bad we need to ban assault weapons”, then I respond with “if crime is so bad, I need my ar to protect myself from break ins, home invasions etc.” Then they say “that’s stupid, when have you ever had to defend yourself from that?” So, then crime isn’t that bad? WTF?

  7. I’ve never had to put a fire out in my house eather but i keep a charged fire extinguisher just in case.

  8. Uh guys, you might want to check out this new movie coming out in June called, “White House Down”, directed by Roland Emmerich who did “2012”, “Independence Day”, “The Day After Tomorrow” and so on.

    It looks like another elitist false flag type movie, depicting a military takeover of the White House and Capitol building and Jamie Foxx (who has no brains and cannot act for shit and who also views Obama as our “Lord and Savior”) as the president who they are trying to kidnap.

    Basically it is getting the sheeple to believe that the military veterans are the bad guys and the President and our government and Congress are the good guys.

    Remember that article a few weeks ago by a supposed high-level DHS person who gave a rumor of a scenario to the news about a military coup being in the works in the next couple of months? Well, this might be their next “Batman”/false flag scenario that they had in mind. Be on the lookout.

    See the trailer here:

    Another movie called “Olympus Has Fallen” depicts an almost similar scenario as well.

    Don’t forget the new “G.I. Joe: Retaliation” movie that comes out Friday of Cobra taking over the White House and destroying military veterans.

    All of these movies aren’t just coming out around the exact same time by chance. It’s for a reason.

    They are trying to use Hollywood to spur hatred towards the Military Veterans rather than towards the government. They must really be getting desperate.

  9. Quote:While anti-gun filmmaker Michael Moore insists that the gun control crowd is the “majority,” the latest poll from CBS News shows that he’s actually out of touch with how Americans feel about the issue.

    What other comment could you expect from this fat ugly chosenite pig!

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