Are children being zombified?

childrenNatural News – by Michael A. Bedar, MA

A conscious parent may be described as one who would like to raise a child who is fully alive to their choices to live free, intelligent, healthy lives, in tune with themselves and connected to nature.

Compare that conscious parental aspiration to these proven facts about behavior in youth in relation to using and viewing media:  

  • Heavy media use causes worsening grades and less contentment
  • Viewing violence can lead to antisocial behavior
  • Watching certain rap videos can cause higher incidence of drinking and drugs
  • Watching certain videos leads kids to drink earlier

This powerful infographic, “The Repercussions of Growing Up on Screens,” from Healing the World, Healing Ourselves tells more in a colorful way.

Vigilance against the zombie-war on children

Children of any age can succumb to the forces of “zombification.” Zombifying factors on the loose include glorification of addiction, vaccines, propaganda-filled education, pesticides, overmedication, and of course, the mind-hooking programming of the media, which children and youth view and use for 7 to 10 hours per day!

Just recently, for example, professional basketball announcers across the country promoted how “cool” it is to be a “zombie.” Nationwide, broadcasters described the Boston Celtics, who had just won an elimination game, as “zombies” who the New York Knicks “just couldn’t bury.” The seeds were planted for how “cool” it is to be in a state of the living-dead, in a semi-waking sleep. In a “cool minute,” the media had produced more zombie-slaves in the next generation.

Alternately, what type of media could lift up our children’s consciousness, strengthen their life-force which is eternally under attack, and support their sovereignty, inspiring self-knowledge, health, and connection to nature?

Discover a revolutionary new dance video

Aaron Ableman is an acclaimed entertainer and visionary behind Heal the World, Heal Ourselves, a platform seeking an increase of positive entertainment alternatives for children and families. With the backing of hundreds of major orgs and celebs (including one of the campaign supporters being the company that brought us “Food Fight”, reviewed by Mike Adams here), Ableman has led the creation of a showcase video called“I Heart Nature.“See this amazing new video on YOUTUBE.

Ableman says, “Unprecedented child and youth media consumption influences mass behavior is causing a myriad of health, social, and environmental crises. Children’s behavior isdisproportionatelyinfluenced by popular media like music and television. We’ve launched the “Heal Our World, Heal Ourselves” campaign (alongside with a film for children)to increase the entertainment options for parents and children. The campaign has launched with over 100 organizations, celebrities and kids inviting mainstream media to support uplifting children’s entertainment.”

Further, Ableman says he feels “a huge responsibility to help inspire and uplift the next generations through media, which is the message carriers of our lives… As a producer reaching thousands upon thousands of children, I must engage in the process of creating a fresh aesthetic that feels like what’s popular while still delivering a positive and educational message…”

“Forage City” App empowers people to share and eat food that grows in urban yards and trees

Forage City is another example by which youth are empowered through media. In fact, teen youth developed Forage City, a smartphone app that allows people in a city or town to share and find surplus yard produce in their community. The brilliance and innovation of youth is empowering people to eat local, non-chemically treated food, no matter what is stocked at their supermarkets and inconvenience stores. Youth Radio supported the teens’ development of Forage City.

Consciously re-thinking the media

What would be possible for the future of natural living if the role of youth media was completely rethought and reconstituted? And perhaps more relevant to our conversation here, what is the real-life impact of popular culture and media on your children?

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About the author:
Michael Bedar MA, BS, is a researcher, writer, and holistic wellness counselor. After ghostwriting in natural health publications and writing-directing documentary films, he will be publishing a book in his name in 2013. He is the associate producer with a founding role in the documentary, “Simply Raw: Revering Diabetes in 30 Days” and is the writer-director of “EcoParque.” He now distributes approximately 50 film, ebook, and audio titles through He facilitates local and online natural wellness and spiritual growth programs that help people to live in healthy homes, support their natural fertility, encourage their optimal nutrition, and come into their full presence. He is the Co-Director of Tree of Life – Bay Area, and he has an MA in Live-Food and Spiritual Nutrition from the Cousens School of Holistic Wellness. Bedar”s BS from UCSD is an interdisciplinary concentration of Environmental Chemistry, Law and Society, and Design Anthropology.

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7 thoughts on “Are children being zombified?

  1. Of course they’re being zombified. Isn’t it obvious? Just look at them, or worse yet, hire one of the useless little idiots to do some work. They can’t even think for themselves.

    And everyone knows the solution, but no one wants to pry themselves away from their precious “reality TV” shows long enough for their kid to develop proper brain functions.

    “yes…. my kid’s an idiot, but we have a 99 inch flat screen, 3D, hi-def TV, and we get 200 channels filled with crap, so we think our child’s idiocy is a small price to pay for it. We don’t need freedom and we don’t need civil rights. We only need more channels and as long as the TV lights up everyday, all is fine in the world” — Typical U.S. Dad.

  2. It is obvious to me that the Kids are not the only ones that have been zombified in this nation,its the adults too! Look how many still support this corrupt regime that is currently leading this nation over a cliff. The economy is in shambles and these fools are giving money and arms to people that want to kill all of us WTF!They tell us how good the economy is doing while they continue to rob us blind.The traitors at the top need to be brought to justice for what they have done and this goes for all of them at every level,Federal ,State,and Local.We have all been sold out to special interest and what we think means not one thing . The only thing that matters to TPTB is that we need to remain peaceful sheep in this soon to be giant prison camp!Any one ever hear of Agenda 21,and those that have heard of it do they even know what it is?

  3. remember where bruce willis lived in the fifth element? that is where all families will be living in the not too distant future. I dont know about flying cars, but the living conditions are already being prepared. No country living, just 8 x 8 rooms with cameras and swat teams everywhere. As cracker mentioned…Agenda “friggin evil frick from hell” 21.

    1. Yep Jennifer good comment. I do agree. They say we live free but in reality – well some people and hopefully not many here on The Trenches – are for the most part just being conditioned and are accepting it. Yep Jennifer, I hope us guys here are not accepting this brain washing tactict

  4. TV is the pulpit of the NWO communist religion, most spend on average 6 hours a day viewing and being indoctrinated into their one world religion.
    The brainwashing results in apathy to Evil. This we realists understand all too well.

    A cartoon I read yesterday ‘You can bring a sheeple to knowledge, BUT you cannot make him think’.

    This is why the Jew the ultimate communist power and wealth idolator is the only religion that cannot be criticized and Christians who openly profess their faith are considered by your communist Government as potential domestic terrorists.

    “The only real difference in Russian Communism compared with most of the older religions was the lack of concept of a god in it.

    The believers of this newest world-religion did rightfully see the other religions as their important competitors. They did attack these other faiths with similar fury as the Christian did act against the older established faiths in the Roman Empire in the first centuries of the Christian era.
    Their atheism was not the only and not even the main reason for their actions against the followers of other religions. The main reason for their acts was the will to destroy the other religions to such an extent that they could not act as possible bases power in the society that was ruled by followers of the communist faith”.

  5. Great video, uL.

    When I first saw the title of this article, I naturally assumed it was a rhetorical question. Unfortunately, the zombiefication applies not only to children, but to ANYONE who watches t.v. for any purpose other than keeping abreast of the lies and propaganda being disseminated by the MSM.

    I wish to thank those here on FTT who have the fortitude do do so (especially Henry) as I am unwilling (and unable) to go to such lengths myself.

    Such is my absolute hatred for that medium.

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