9 thoughts on “Are Google Gangsters?

  1. Aaaahhh… covert politics and vindictive retribution.

    This shows what will happen after the 1% complete the genocidal extermination of the 99%: TPTB will begin playing nuclear dodge ball and kill each other off. The last person standing will become depressingly bored and commit suicide — The End. 🙂

  2. Cant really comment on whether google is gangster or not, but they certainly didn’t steal android. Android is open source software, anyone can take the code and use it in any way that they wish. Too bad all software is not open source. Sounds like Steve was just a pissed off bitter old man because people discovered that they could actually own and modify the software on their phone, instead of being force fed apple’s proprietary BS. Remember jailbreaking iphones? Lol, no need to do that with android, it is yours to do with as you please.

    1. Well put, Outlaw. Jobs was a pretentious jerk who only looked out for himself. If people only knew how he really was they wouldnt put him on a pedestal, they’d put him under one.

  3. Well Google did steal the phone idea after Jobs told them about his plan for a phone.

    I think competition is a good thing though.

    Jobs was a huge asshole but I think that might be what it takes to effectively build and run a company like Apple.

    1. How can you steal a phone idea? Did Apple steal the phone idea from Ma Bell? Or was Apple supposed to be the only company allowed to produce a “smart phone”? They had a patent on it or something?

    2. Many, many companies make smart phones. See, with apples ios, you can only use it on iphone. Likewise you can only use an iphone with ios.
      Google makes only a small line of smartphones that run googles version of android. Other phone makers such as samsung, htc, motorolla, just to name a few, consume the larger portion of smartphone sales. Each manufacturer puts their own version of android on their phone stock. The beauty is, that with all versions and manufacturers of android phones, you can load any of 100’s of different versions of android onto your phone. You can modify those versions if you wish. Or you can run firefox os, or linux ubuntu. Or you can even compile your own os. With apple you are stuck with, well apple.

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