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    I am retired as a fire captain and worked at NASA as a fire protection specialists. I have to say I have been talking about Level 4 suits for people with diseases which there is no cure. NO CITY has taken precautions. Here are my Thoughts and opinion. Hope some people listen
    1. Level 6 Hospital the same like in the movie Andromeda Strain labs,patient areas,all recycled systems which is not able to mix with anything outside of the hospital,from sewage to HVAC systems. BUILD LIVING QUARTERS FOR STAFFS SINCE EBOLA HAS A 21 DAY PERIOD NO ONE LEAVES THE FACILITY AND LIVES IN THE HOSPITAL.
    2. All people in the hospital wears a level 4 suit no exceptions.
    3. Too many yes people today which started 15 years ago and common sense was left at the door. No one uses common sense anymore and they can’t think amn make mistakes.
    4. Isolation systems have to be built. Hospitals with level 6 protection should be built to withstand all elements from hurricanes and tornadoes.
    5. Any homes and cars used by patients when the contact the disease need to be totally sterilized and everything worn or touched in homes should be sealed and burned at special burn areas built to flash burn infectious materials.
    6. Ambulances need to be built for level 6 transportation everything inside sealed from exposure of Ebola residue.
    7. UV light systems built to disinfect areas in level 6 hospitals.
    8. If patients are sick and vomit needs to be cleaned and sterilized immediately. Not waiting for days to clean like in Dallas. And level 4 suits need to be worn. We saw the way the sidewalk was cleaned in Dallas and people walking through the contamination.
    9. NO ONE enters a living facility house ,apartment or space with out level 4 protection.
    10. In hospitals special shower systems need to be built to decontaminate level 4 suits and people if need be.
    Stop all exposures from flights from overseas and especially from infected countries. IT SAVES PEOPLE’S lives, who care about the money, they loose over there.

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