Armed Agents in Texas School District Arrest Concerned Parents in Their Own Homes

Breitbart – by Breccan F Thies

The Round Rock Independent School District (RRISD) in Texas is using its own armed agents to arrest parents who speak out against the school board’s policies, according to Christopher Rufo in the City Journal.

Rufo, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, said:

The battle lines are clear: on one side, the Biden administration, public school bureaucrats, and their armed agents; on the other, parents and families who oppose school closures, mask mandates, critical race theory and corruption. Public school officials have demonstrated a willingness to use police power to silence and intimidate their opponents.

Two fathers, Jeremy Story and Dustin Clark, had spoken out against the school board’s “alleged corruption and school officials’ hostility toward parents.” In August, while “produc[ing] evidence that the board had covered up an alleged assault by the superintendent, Hafedh Azaiez, against a mistress,” Story, a minister, was cut off midsentence as Azaiez ordered armed officers to remove him from the premises, according to Chronicles Magazine.

At issue in the next meeting was the district’s mask mandate. For this, Clark, a retired Army captain, and other parents sought to speak, but instead, the school board “locked the majority of parents out of the room, preventing them from speaking.” According to Rufo, while the parents were asking the school board to open the room for public comment on a major policy item, “school board president Amy Weir directed officers to remove Clark from school property.”

“As he was dragged out by two officers, Clark shouted to the audience: ‘It’s an open meeting! Shame on you. Communist! Communist! Let the public in!’” Rufo explained.

RRISD has it’s own police force, Rufo said, explaining: “with a three-layer chain of command, patrol units, school resource officers, a detective, and a K-9 unit.” And only a few days after Clark’s removal from school board premises, the school district “sent police officers to the homes of both men [Story and Clark], arrested them, and put them in jail on charges of ‘disorderly conduct with intent to disrupt a meeting.’” They were released the next morning.

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13 thoughts on “Armed Agents in Texas School District Arrest Concerned Parents in Their Own Homes

    1. …battle lines are clear…

      I think that says it all. Why is only one side fighting when the other side has an OVERWHELMING number?

      1. … Why is only one side fighting when the other side has an OVERWHELMING number?

        Because the overwhelming numbers are still not concerned, yet. Can you hear the sheep(le) trying to reason this out in their tiny walnut-sized brains?
        Let’s listen in:

        “It only happened to two people, and they probably deserved it.”
        ” Why get involved in this? It’s none of my concern.”
        “They’re protecting our children.
        And so much more.

        It take more than this to get others engaged. It usually requires a personal event (such as the school Stasi/Nazi coming to do something nasty or unheard of).

  1. Round Rock police department!

    The most corrupt police department I have ever known. The same police department that sends out 6 squad cars for a simple domestic dispute (excessive show of force much?) and who tased the shit out of me for no reason after I handed over the criminal to them all wrapped up in a bow. This comes as no surprise to me.

    I’m still waiting for the day their building burns down with all of them inside.

    Burn in Hell Round Rock Police!

  2. “and put them in jail on charges of ‘disorderly conduct with intent to disrupt a meeting.’” They were released the next morning.“

    Wow. That’s like when they put me in jail for a night for a ridiculous charge. I can’t remember what it was. Something along the lines of not respecting a police officer. They make up their own charges just to arrest someone and make them feel superior. Sick bastards.

    Everyone knows their abusiveness, yet they do nothing about it. That’s why I call them the Round Rock mafia.

    1. I got arrested for… Failure to OBEY Police/Firemen … yeah.. that’s a real thing. I have been carrying ever since. I have no idea how one goes about getting a “permit”. when they run my license next time.. it won’t say that I have a gun. I WILL
      NEVER FUKIN EVER be handcuffed again. I WILL NEVER FUKIN EVER be arrested again. until more adopt that attitude.. it’ll only get worse. I was the judge’s plumber for 8 fukin years and he still allowed the case to be a case. as Henry says.. they all shit through the same hole. they all get paid at the same window. they are a walking conflict of interest. there is No Justice.. because there is no law. only fraud and deceit backed by force.

  3. What I found remiss about this article… Aside from the teaching of Critical Race Theory, one of the main reasons parents have been upset/enraged with the schools for the past few years is the teaching of overt and varied forms of sexuality to young children, children just coming of age in elementary school. The article didn’t touch on it. So the schools rave on, pushin’ aside parents and sexualizing the little ones before they’re ready or fully understand. I’d call it a rape of innocence.


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