6 thoughts on “Army Convoy in Seattle, Washington 4-26-13

  1. Hmmmm…….. Maybe when they are done with their drill in CA. they are going to have one in WA? Either that or they are heading in the wrong direction, dang GPS lol!

  2. It might help to have a story and more pictures.
    Army Convoy?
    How many?
    Where seen?
    Direction heading?
    Type of Vehicles in Convoy?
    Army? Homeland Security?

    1. Sean in Seattle sent this to us as soon as the picture was taken. He was driving, so writing anything would have been a little difficult. I’m sure he will be on the site to expand and probably on The Word From the Trenches when he gets home.
      We mock what we don’t understand. 🙂

      1. Thanks Henry. Being in the Pacific NW and relatively close to “I-5”, where I am assuming the picture was taken, others, like myself, can also keep track, if we know they are coming in our direction.

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