Ashley Biden diary ‘thief’ sentenced to 1 month in prison, 3 months home detention, 3 years probation

By The Post Millennial

Ashley Biden diary 'thief' sentenced to 1 month in prison, 3 months home detention, 3 years probation

On Tuesday, the 41-year-old Florida woman who stole a diary belonging to Ashley Biden ahead of the 2020 election before selling it to Project Veritas was sentenced to one month in jail and three months of home detention as well as three years probation.

Aimee Harris and her accomplice, Johnathan Kurlander, pleaded guilty to to one charge of conspiracy each in August 2022. He is expected to hear his fate on April 12.

According to CNBC, in addition to the aforementioned punishments, Chief United States District Judge for the Southern District of the New York Laura Taylor Swain also ordered that Harris serve three years probation and pay $20,000, her cut of the amount she and Kurlander received from Project Veritas.

“We had never met or heard of the tipsters,” ousted Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe said at the time. “The tipsters indicated the diary had been abandoned in a room in which Ms. Biden stayed at the time, and in which the tipsters stayed in temporarily, after Miss Biden departed the room. The tipsters indicated that the diary included explosive allegations against then candidate Joe Biden.”

None of the contents was ever verified or published by O’Keefe or his team of investigative journalists.

In a letter to Swain last week, the Department of Justice pushed for a sentence of four to 10 months in prison followed by three years of supervised, arguing that Harris “repeatedly and consistently engaged in tactics to improperly delay this proceeding, including by misleading the Court with false information to justify belated and unmerited requests for adjournments, refusing to appear when directed, and failing to comply with court orders to disclose or produce certain information.”

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