Barcode Scanning App Used To Boycott Israel

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More than 400,000 people are boycotting goods produced by Israeli-linked companies using a barcode scanning app.

Buycott allows users to identify the source of products instantly so that purchases do not conflict with their beliefs.

People can set up banned product lists to support their own particular interests or causes, but it is the anti-Israeli lists which have boosted the app’s popularity.  

iPhoneFounder Ivan Pardo told Forbes: “I noticed three weeks ago that we were seeing an unusual spike in traffic.

“Next thing I knew Buycott was a top 10 app in the UK and Netherlands, and number one in a number of Middle Eastern countries. Word was spreading through social media.”

The group Long Live Palestine Boycott Israel lists 49 brands to avoid and has 275,000 members.

The firms on the list include hummus maker Sabra, SodaStream due to its operation in the West Bank, and Volvo, whose machinery was used to dismantle some Palestinian settlements.

Another anti-Israel group has more than 100,000 members.

Those who have signed up to the list can then scan barcodes on products using their smartphone, and the app shows whether it is Israeli-made or not.

But Mr Pardo pointed out that the app was not designed specifically to target Israel, and says he has no strong views on the conflict.

“It bothers me that a lot of people are downloading Buycott and thinking that it was written specifically to boycott Israel.

“It was not, and to counter that notion I have been actively encouraging pro-Israel groups to start campaigns supporting Israel.”

3 thoughts on “Barcode Scanning App Used To Boycott Israel

  1. You don’t have to scan anything, and you don’t need any yuppie’s “app” to do this.

    Under the bar code is a series of numbers, and if the last three are 712, that means it’s MADE IN ISRAEL

    But you have to check those numbers, because this info is OLD, and that number could have been changed by now. But the point is that you don’t need anybody’s app. Just find out what the number is, and any search engine (besides the king of censorship that we know as “Google”) should lead you to it.

  2. there are lots of isrealie companies operating in usa, so there needs to be a database to identify those companies so they can be boycotted too.
    also the listing for philippines is correct as a brand of cornchips manufactured here have a barcode of 4800016643095 and are manufactured “for sale in the philippine market only” printed on the package.

    people claim that the numbers 666 are part of every barcode. on this pparticular package in my hand that i just listed the numbers for there are 2 lines in 3places that hang lower that the others. all 3 are identicle to one another. the first is after the first number (4) the second is between the( 2) 6’s and the 3rd is the last behind the 5. they all are same width and spacing as the (2) 6’s and also this one places the hidden 6 between 2 of the overt 6’s thus placing all 3 sixes together (666). the mark of the beast the 666 that is placed on the hand to buy or sell is most likely miss interpeted and probbly should be “placed in the hand” because you hand the clerk the item, thus the barcode itself is the number 666

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