Bay Area Drivers Encounter “Speed Enforced by Drones” Signs

Source: CBS

Several signs “warning” drivers of drone-enforced speed zones were mounted along highways in the San Francisco Bay Area.

10 thoughts on “Bay Area Drivers Encounter “Speed Enforced by Drones” Signs

  1. One of this days those drones will be sending missiles into the speeding cars.

    As a matter of fact, they will be killing Americans.


  2. This makes me sick. Yet one more incremental step to dictatorship and the reality of those futuristic police state movies we have seen for “entertainment” (i.e. Blade Runner). People won’t wake up before it’s too late. We were always taught that implementing and enforcing traffic crimes were about safety but in reality they are not. Now they don’t even need humans, just drones? This same circumstance happened to me in eastern Washington State a few years back. They popped me speeding using an “aircraft equipped with radar” and several miles down the road a traffic “cop” was waiting to pull me over based on my vehicle description. Ticketed me and that was that. It’s not about safety. It is about control and revenue. It wasn’t the ticket that pissed me off and frazzled me a little, it was knowing I was being watched from an unknown entity that I couldn’t see and became a very physical threat with the cop waiting for me. Very creepy indeed. Kinda like feeling like you would say something threatening in your home and then there is a sudden knock at the door and the police are on the doorstep. I know this is a stretch but is the best way I can describe the creepiness of the encounter. America, we are doomed. Our values have been destroyed from the inside out, not terrorists. God bless and good luck.

  3. The cop says they dont have drones and then says the drones they have dont fire missiles? wtf.
    I hope they get some so we can hack them and make them blow up the cop shops and cars.

  4. Maybe part of the reason American technology workers have been largely replaced by Indians and Chinese is because they’re afraid Americans will hack into and use their technology against them. They know Asians are too subservient to do so.

  5. Are you kidding me? They have helicopters and planes monitoring speeds in California? WTF is wrong with Californians? Why the hell do they take that shit? I’ve never heard of such bullshit in my life in any other state I’ve been to. Not even NY has that. At least not when I was there. Hell, I never even seen this shit in Texas. What a complete and utter waste of taxpayers money and resources. (As if wasting taxpayer’s money is nothing new in this messed up country).

  6. Oh, this drone thing is very simple; to many cops were having wrecks in their patrol cars while texting & watching porn movies! Someone is going to figure out the radio frequency that controls the drones & take over control, turn about is fair play!!!!!! Fight on for Freedom & Liberty

  7. OK, boys and girls, it’s the dog days of summer, and you’re bored sh…er, you’re really really really bored. Well, there’s nothing like a DIY project to perk you up.

    You’ve seen the videos of the “SPEED ENFORCED BY DRONES” signs on California highways, and you’ve thought, “Wow! What a neat idea!” Unfortunately, though, in addition to being really really really bored, you’re also really really really broke.

    Never fear – Ms. Ophelia Foote is here, with her budget-friendly alternative.

    The Bill of Materials

    One dozen letter-size writing pads
    One dozen sheets of plain white letter-size paper
    Glue (see below)
    Clear PVC tape IN DISPENSER
    Latex gloves
    Computer with printer
    Image editing software (Photoshop or equivalent)
    Basic computer skills

    The Procedure

    Turn on your computer and watch the above video full screen. When you encounter a good shot of the sign, stop the video and hit the PrtSc (Print Screen) key. Load your image editing program – Photoshop, The GIMP, Paintshop Pro, or whatever – drop the Edit menu, and click on Paste. Mess with the image until you get it to 8 1/2” by 11” with about an inch border.

    (If you have good artist skills, then please feel free to design your own.)

    Put on latex gloves. Wear them whenever you touch either the cardboard backs or the sheets of paper, to avoid leaving fingerprints.

    Load sheets of paper into your printer and print a dozen copies.

    Remove sheets from writing pads. You will use only the cardboard back.

    Glue the sheets of paper to the cardboard backs. I suggest dry adhesive sticks. Make sure that the edges are secure.

    The Follow-through

    Posting signs on a freeway can be physically dangerous, and there’s also a chance that you’ll get caught. A much better choice is the poles on city streets where speed limit signs are posted. Do it at night, of course.

    Put on latex gloves. Do not touch the PVC tape! Using the dispenser, affix a sign, top and bottom, with the PVC tape. Lather, rise, repeat.

    Once you have posted all dozen signs, high five yourself!

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