11 thoughts on “Beer Without Borders (and communists never sleep)

  1. In EVERY instance, the single point of the star faces South, traditionally seen as the “bottom” of the Earth. Obviously this image is supposed to represent the Baphomet star over the entire globe.
    I’ll never buy another Heineken in my life.

  2. Miller Lite better not pull this crap. I don’t buy green bottle beer anyway. Budweiser is fake American and Jim Beam has a pro-choice shill on the payroll. Absolute vodka can also go to Hades.

    Long Live Cheap beer!

  3. Why buy Heineken when you can buy craft beers from: St. Arnold, Rahr Brothers, Big Bend Brewery, Ranger Creek (all from Texas) and hundreds of others around the US? IMHO, Bud, Miller, Heineken, Coors, and even Shiner are piss water. As for vodka, which originated in Russia, right? Get Hammer and Sickle, even if it has the Commie symbol–it’s the best vodka on Earth.
    When it comes to great beer or ale, nothing is “penny wise and pound foolish”…Thirty years ago, the US couldn’t produce a decent beer or ale if it saved its life…Now? Welcome to the King of Beers–America!

  4. There are some good mini/micro breweries in this state (all mass-produced American beers are GARBAGE). I like a good ale or a porter… Black Butte Porter isn’t half-bad, and there are a few others, but they’re mostly seasonal. Pyramid brews an excellent ale – Unfiltered Wheat Ale.

    Best beer I’ve had anywhere in the world (that I’ve been to, anyway) is Kilkenny’s Irish Cream Ale.

    Good thing I can’t get it here… it’s SO good I’d probably be a useless drunk by now. 🙄

  5. Stop drinking the gmo beers and those are the majority of the big vat brewers hiney, bud, miller and the rest of those cheap beers sorry to say. Better off drinking some of the craft beers available or to brew your own so you can pick and choose its ingredients.
    By the way light beer is major junk be a man and drink real beer. Light beers are more often than not gmo infested. Some of the craft beers are being bought out by the big vat brewers so do your own research because some recent developments are ballast point bought out by hiney.


    1. Wanna hear something REALLY retarded?

      The very first billboard I saw leaving the airport in Ireland was advertising BUDWEISER.

      1. That’s truly sad in fact what they are passing as stouts by guinness state side is full of fish bladders since it’s brewed here and no longer in Ireland.

  6. My favorite beers come from the “Big Texan” in Amarillo Texas. They have their own micro brewery. Not to mention their awesome steaks, now my mouth is starting to water….

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