Beijing Backs Iran, “Firmly Opposes” Unilateral US Sanctions

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

In the latest sign of Beijing’s frustration with the US, the Chinese leadership have reiterated their opposition to American sanctions against Iran. After a meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, Chinese Foregin Minister Wang Yi reiterated Beijing’s ‘firm opposition’ to unilateral US sanctions against Iran.


With the US moving more firepower into the Persian Gulf, an attempt to send Tehran an unmistakable message, Zarif asked Beijing to try and save the 2015 nuclear deal, WSJ reports.

Zarif’s meeting with his Chinese counterpart is the first step on a tour of Asia, as Iran canvasses its key economic partners now that US sanctions have been reimposed.

Mr. Zarif’s visit to China, where he will meet his Chinese counterpart, is part of a longer trip that includes other key economic partners Russia, Japan and India. It comes amid growing tensions between Washington and Tehran, which spiked over the past week when the U.S., citing unspecified intelligence, deployed an aircraft carrier, a bomber task force and other personnel to the Middle East.

The Iranian embassy in China said on Twitter that Mr. Zarif had “arrived in Beijing to maintain consultations between all-weather friends in the wake of new efforts to manufacture unnecessary tensions.”

China’s Foreign Ministry confirmed Mr. Zarif’s visit but declined to release further information.

The Iranian situation is difficult for Beijing, said Yin Gang, a Middle East politics expert with the government-backed Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. He said the conflict isn’t simply between the U.S. and Iran but between Arab states and Iran. China, Mr. Yin said, “wants a balanced diplomacy in the Middle East, and hopes to make friends and do business with everyone.”

China imports crude from Iran and has expressed reservations about US sanctions in the past. However, given the state of the relationship between Washington and Beijing, the Chinese appear to be signaling that a proxy war over Iran could be just around the corner if Washington doesn’t seriously reevaluate its approach.

4 thoughts on “Beijing Backs Iran, “Firmly Opposes” Unilateral US Sanctions

  1. The world has concluded that there is no negotiating with Trump so they will try to go their own ways without openly appearing aggressive. This continues the shift away from a unipolar world and will either be accepted by the USA as its empire declines or will lead to a massive WW3 scenario where the USA and its people will suffer a great defeat and subsequent impoverishment and exclusion.

    1. The U.S. military may suffer defeat (in fact, by all appearances that’s the game plan), but the u.S. nationals are THE MOST HEAVILY ARMED POPULATION ON THE PLANET.

      We’re ready to face ANY & ALL who think they can take this country from us.

      They’ll regret trying.

      1. There may not be much left to fight over and certainly it will be civil strife and not from invasion…

        1. They’ve already failed with the ‘civil strife’ agenda. That’s what the whole ‘white pigs shooting black people’ was designed to accomplish – major fail. The sheeple didn’t fall for it, hence the flurry of anti-gun laws being enacted across the country. They’re getting more desperate by the week, the sheeple just aren’t handing over their weapons & lining up at the ditches for them to exterminate.
          As for what’s left to fight over… this is a HUGE country – it would take a helluva lot to do any REAL destruction (nukes could, but they don’t want to destroy the precious resources here, so that would only be a ‘Final Solution’ for the stinking jews, if we get close to annihilating them).
          As for invasion – being that it IS such a HUGE country, it would take an ENORMOUS ARMY to invade. If that were to happen, however, true patriots will burn this motherf%&ker TO THE GROUND (with them in it) before we’ll hand it over to the Satanic, scumbag jews & their b#tches!!!


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