11 thoughts on “Benjamin Franklin – Premier British Spook

  1. Super interesting read, and none of this would surprise me to be the actual true facts. The authors writing is interesting as well.

    Dang, have we been played!

  2. Thanks for posting this, tc. I never considered the American Revolution an honest “win” because of the background of many of the founders and their ties. England’s ability to maintain multiple victorious fronts on greater populations on the other side of the world, yet still unable to corral the Americans across the pond seems like the crown assuaged the ego of the American victors. They had somehow achieved what none of the others could because it was “impossible”. The impossible is just that…impossible. Inserting a proxy government that declares victory for the Revolutionaries but still subversively maintaining allegiance to the crown without further resources being drawn from their other conquests, would be far easier than fighting 1000’s of skirmishes with “insurgents”. This also explains the “bar” being carried over to US, despite US having declared independence from such a historical enforcer and supporter of oppressive British law and government.

    All that having been said, it is NOT, I repeat NOT impossible for US to achieve what is supposed to be and what should be for We the People, and to have our natural human rights given to US by our Creator. I don’t care if it is OUR first or fiftieth revolution, but the Bill of Rights has a place for ALL of US and it is worth fighting for.

    So F’ em.

      1. Thank you, Katie.:-) The set up seems long in the making and we’ve all been played by them, but we only fell for it because it was so right and as good as it could be, with mutual recognition of each other’s rights being recognized by each of us. We just didn’t factor on someone so evil taking something so good and using it for control. Insert joo here.

  3. The first person who told me that the American revolution was betrayed by the “founding fathers” was Henry.
    And I thought, no, that can’t be right. But the more I dug into it the more I realized he was right.
    This paper by Miles Mathis is just another piece of the betrayal puzzle.
    Henry”s right. Our forefathers should have shot those sons of b-tches.

    1. Same here, when I heard Henry say this pretty long ago, I was quite stunned.
      They turned an uprising by the individuals into a “revolution” for their profit.
      Saw what was happening and grabbed hold of it, nothing new apparently, trying to do it today.

      This time, we that comprehend will not be divided into one of their camps, while they remain at the top.

    2. Henry is wiser than he would take credit for and wiser beyond his years. I don’t want to denigrate our history at all but the truth is the truth and if that’s what it adds up to be then so be it. Our forefathers should’ve shot them sob’s and Henry, I love ya for calling a spade a spade. I’ll never see you on the big box because you call a spade a spade, but never change, please.

      1. Amen to your comment! Throughout history there have been individuals that have stood uncompromisingly on the truth regardless of the consequences good or bad, weathered the insults and abuses of others, as well as shed their breath life because of it. Henry is one of these men and I’m honored to be acquainted with his wisdom as well as a student. And all of it is based on the Bill of Rights/common law. So beautifully simple yet so vital.

        1. Damn it, Katie, you know I have to go upstairs to broadcast and my head has to fit through the door to make that possible.
          I love you guys for your kind words, but the fact is I’m just another fella and all of you here fighting the wrong are equally deserving of the comments you have bestowed. I am proud to be among such fine people. ­čÖé

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