BERLIN: Migrant Gang kicks German Girl down Subway Stairs in Random Assault,

Published on Dec 8, 2016 by Face of a dying Nation

This CCTV footage shows a German girl getting ambushed by a gang of migrants in a Berlin Neukölln Subway station. One of the men viciously kicks the young woman in the back – she tumbles down the stairs, hits her head on the floor and is later treated in the hospital. Another man picks up what appears to be one of her belonging. They then proceed to calmly walk away from the scene while by-passers rush to help her.

The footage of the random attack that happened on the 27th of October around midnight only just surfaced and made it into local German newspapers.

Police are investigating for dangerous assault. It should be noted that the CCTV footage has the faces blurred in most German media, only the attacker’s face is visible.

A follow-up on the story will be posted once more details arise.


German article:…

2 thoughts on “BERLIN: Migrant Gang kicks German Girl down Subway Stairs in Random Assault,

  1. How much ingrained hatred of white people must one harbor that allows them to kick an innocent girl down a flight of stairs?

    Don’t start screaming about “genocide” and “racism” when people finally give this Muslim trash what they’re asking for.

    What choice do the German people have when they’re under such an obvious, and publicly stated racial attack?

    We have a lot of good people on our side from all races, but don’t forget that a “white genocide” movement also exists, that’s being funded by Soros and his ilk. (Zionists, all)

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