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Best Cover Points Behind a Car | Tactical Shooting Techniques | Tactical Rifleman

Published on Jan 6, 2017 by Tactical Rifleman

In this video Rob takes us through where to hide behind a car and, more importantly, why. Everyone knows to hide behind the engine block because it provides the most cover. That big chunk of Hemi V8 will stop a lot of bullets. Easy. However, what if there are two of you hiding behind the same vehicle? The second choice should always be behind the rear wheel hub. You noticed I said ”rear wheel hub” and not “rear tire.” The solid rims will stop most bullets. The rubber wheels will not. I want that to sink in for a minute. I don’t care if you are hiding behind a fully up-armored MRAP. The enemy can still skip bullets under the vehicle and take out your legs. With no legs, now you find yourself laying on your side flat behind the vehicle where you will now catch all the bullets they are skipping under. So, front or back, it doesn’t matter. Stay behind the wheel hubs. Some schools even teach to keep your feet one in front of the other (like you’re standing on a balance beam). This keeps both feet hidden very well behind the wheel hub. I don’t care which technique you use, just ensure you are making the most of the cover you have. Strength & Honor, TR.

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2 Responses to Best Cover Points Behind a Car | Tactical Shooting Techniques | Tactical Rifleman

  1. BMF says:

    Good advice. It would be a huge mistake to think that other parts of a car offer protection from bullets, especially from a rifle or a magnum handgun.

  2. Enemy of the State says:

    yup good advice

    I have had the pleasure of shooting at junked cars on a range for target practice

    with my AR and my 300 WM was able to penetrate almost every area of a car with killing ballistics still available to the projectile, once it exited the cars sheet metal

    In some cases , the 300 even went through in areas you wouldn’t think it could

    Pistols can be a little less scary , but I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be the guy to test this in real life

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