Biden administration eying evacuation options for US citizens in Ukraine if Russia invades: report

The Hill

The Biden administration is considering how to potentially evacuate U.S. citizens from Ukraine should an invasion from Russia prompt security concerns in the country.

Senior State Department official Victoria Nuland conducted a “gloomy” briefing for senators about the situation on Monday night, according to CNN

A person familiar with the briefing said that Nuland noted that the U.S. had limited options for how to deter Russia from attacking Ukraine entirely; however, she also discussed the harsh sanctions that the Biden administration could impose on Moscow in the event of an invasion. At this time, the administration did not see a need to evacuate Americans, CNN reported.


Russia’s buildup of approximately 90,000 troops along its border with Ukraine has prompted concerns from Ukraine and its Western allies.

On Tuesday, the White House said that, during a two-hour call with Russian President Vladimir PutinPresident Biden “voiced the deep concerns” about Russia’s forces near Ukraine and “made clear that the U.S. and our Allies would respond with strong economic and other measures in the event of military escalation.”

On Monday, CIA Director William Burns acknowledged that Russia’s significant military presence along Ukraine’s border “could act in a very sweeping way.” Burns, however, also said that U.S. intelligence agencies have yet to obtain decisive evidence regarding if Moscow had made a decision about potentially invading Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Putin has also sought “reliable and long-term security guarantees” that NATO would not expand its presence near Russia’s borders as the country claims it has concerns about Ukraine’s own presence of troops in the eastern part of the country.

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