Big Brother to socially profile every shopper at checkout lines


Big brother style self-service check-outs which socially profile customers to stop shoplifters are in development. 

Symbol Technologies, a part of Motorola helped develop self-scan checkouts for Tesco and Asda, has lodged a patent for a program which monitors a lot more than your shopping.

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What a surprise, another American company profiting from spying on everyone with no regard for their rights!

Welcome to the ‘Surveillance State’ where private companies and security treat every customer like a criminal!

The technology takes into account whether the store is located in a bad area; the time of day; shopping history and queue length before determining if it is likely a shopper has stolen items. 

It claims to maximize the potential for catching shoplifters.

Mondelez International one of the worlds largest snack companies developed a new program called Smart Shelf. The program uses a Kinect, Microsoft’s motion-tracking and facial-recognition device, to track shoppers as they look at items.

“Our goal is to understand how shoppers see, scan, spot, show interest and select products from the shelf in the store,” said a spokeswoman for Mondelez. “We can also engage and influence the purchase decision by delivering a targeted shopper experience. For example, we can deliver audio or play a video based on demographics, distance and even the time of the day.”

Mondelez isn’t the first company to experiment with targeted advertising. The EyeSee Mannequin, released by Almax last year, used both cameras and microphones to track how people behaved in department stores. They were also capable of sending data to department stores and retail brands, similar to how Smart Shelf is capable of sending data back to Mondelez.


Big Brother is creeping into stores & shopping malls as some have begun installing equipment that allows them to track customers using their mobile phone signals.

Motorola is spying on customers Wi-Fi phone signals in stores with its new ‘MPact Platform for Mobile Marketing’ its the first of its kind to offer both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® Smart technology to engage (spy) with shoppers in the aisle when buying decisions are being made.

The solution enables shoppers to opt-in and receive customized offers and personal assistance via a Bluetooth Smart-triggered loyalty app and access Wi-Fi to locate products in store, read reviews, compare prices and look up information. That’s the kicker become a loyal customer and kiss your privacy goodbye!

‘Locationing technology translates into relevant discounts and special offers for shoppers as well as attentive service that can enhance the overall in-store experience. MPact offers three levels of location services: Presence, Zone and Position using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Smart to pinpoint the exact location of customer devices in relation to the merchandise they are looking at. The combination of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Smart technology gives insight and visibility to a shopper’s journey in the store while eliminating the need for retailers to deploy, integrate and manage two separate technologies.”

More retail stores are spying on your cellphones Wi-Fi signal click here & here to read more.

Recent research  in the UK showed that shoppers are stealing more than £1.6 billion worth of items from supermarkets every year.

Fruit and vegetables are the most likely items to be taken.

One in five people admit stealing items at the checkout, but the results suggest people steal regularly once they realize they can get away with it – the majority admitting they first took goods because they couldn’t work the machines.

Supermarkets have become increasingly vigilant, installing CCTV, weighted bagging areas and attendants at self-service tills.

The new program claims to use ‘a statistical basis’ to determine how likely a shopper is to steal food, although it could only work if the shopper was identified through a store card.

It recommends making more spot checks in stores located in areas with a high risk of theft and on new customers.

“Customers who shop frequently at the store are likely to be more honest and should be audited less,” it suggests.



5 thoughts on “Big Brother to socially profile every shopper at checkout lines

  1. Well if you’re using the “self-check out” line you’re only helping the tight-wad store owner to fire another cashier, and when everyone gets used to “self-check-out”, all the cashiers will be gone, and only credit cards will be accepted.

    Do you see how you’re inviting the NWO control into your own life by using this “convenience”?

    Walk in walk in with only cash, buy what you need, and Big Brother knows nothing. Stop insisting on their intrusions, and it’ll be a lot harder for them to spy on you.

  2. “Mondelez International one of the worlds largest snack companies developed a new program called Smart Shelf.”

    You know, if I hear the word, “SMART” again, to describe every new piece of technology that comes out, I’m going to shoot someone!

    Enough with the “SMART” SHIT!!!

    Is their new Communist dictionary running out of words that they can’t think of another word or better ways to promote new, innovative technologies without the intrusion on people’s rights?

    Maybe they ought to go back to using a REAL dictionary and re-read the Constitution and Bill of Rights while they’re at it.

    1. Hey NC, it’s part of the “dumbing down of America” where inanimate objects are defined as smart to help us “dumb” Americans.

  3. “One in five people admit stealing items at the checkout, but the results suggest people steal regularly once they realize they can get away with it – the majority admitting they first took goods because they couldn’t work the machines.”

    Ok, this is all bullshit. Why the hell would any thief admit to this if asked? Do they go around and look for thieves to survey or something? Do they advertise: “Thieves wanted for Survey!” in the newspapers and no cops show up to arrest them?

    And people wonder why the world is so F**ked up. 🙄

  4. I always “REFUSE” to use anything automotive, which takes a job from the people and provides even further Wealth to the bottom line of a Corporation.
    We, “The People,” never realize any form of savings in products and or services when the Corporate World takes such actions…
    Instead, the Corporate World “Gifts” themselves higher wages, while The Workers only get fired due to a Self Service machine taking over their prior position..

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