Big Pharma’s Lies Exposed – Cancer IS Curable

One out of four Americans will develop cancer in their lifetime. More than 350,000 people die every year from cancer in this country. And the sad truth is, it is entirely preventable, due to one simple fact: GREED.

For hundreds of years, British sailors died by the thousands every year from scurvy. Physicians were completely baffled by this dread disease. They believed it was caused by a virus or bacteria of some type. It wasn’t until 1747 that John Lind, a surgeon’s mate in the British Navy found that citrus fruits (lemons, oranges)  could counteract the effects of scurvy, but his recommendations would not be implemented for another forty eight years, thus finally ending the scourge of this disease. It was simply nothing more than the lack of vitamin C.

In 1952 , Dr. Ernst T. Krebs Jr. discovered that cancer, like scurvy, was also caused by a simple vitamin deficiency, namely vitamin B-17, which is found in over 1,200 edible plants in the world. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these plants are no longer in common use these days, hence the high incidence of cancer today. What’s known as nitrilosides are the determining factor for not only preventing the growth of cancer cells, but also the destruction of them.

These nitrilosides  occur naturally in many foods such as various grains, grasses etc., but the highest concentrations are to be found in the seeds of certain fruits, with the apricot being at the top of the list. The kernel found inside the hard shell of the apricot seed is rich in this compound. It looks just like an almond, but doesn’t taste like one, being fairly bitter in nature.

In the Himalayas, there is the kingdom of Hunza, between China, Pakistan and India. Many of the people who live there often live to be 100 years old or more. One of the most amazing and unique things about these people, is that there has never been a single reported case of cancer among them, EVER. This is an incredible statistic, considering the vast amounts of carcinogens polluting our planet these days. You may well say “ But they live in the highest mountains, far from the influences of this modern age.” That is true, but it would not account for such things as radiation ( all the above ground atomic tests from the 50’s ), chemtrails ( for over two decades now ), and all the other various pollutants in our atmosphere today.

The diet of these people contains more than 200 times the amount of nitrilosides as the average American’s does. The man who owns the most apricot trees is considered to be the richest person among them. One very revealing fact is that when anyone who grows up in this area, then leaves to live elsewhere, is then just as susceptible to cancer as everyone else, unless they were to continue consuming large amounts of apricot kernels, or other foods high rich in this compound wherever they go.

Eskimos also have a diet high in nitrilosides, and also never contract cancer, as long as they adhere to their traditional foods. The same is true for the Hopi and Navajo Indian tribes. There are other groups too, and the one thing they all have in common is diets rich in nitrilosides.

There is a certain type of cell present in the early stages of pregnancy known as a trophoblast cell. It is almost identical to the most virulent form of cancer cells. When this cell combines with another type of cell ( I can barely pronounce the name, let alone spell it ) together they are able to form any organ or part of the human body.

Trophoblast cells are protected from the body’s natural defenses ( white cells ) by a protein coating containing a negative electrostatic charge, which white cells also have, thereby repelling each other. Cancer cells also have this same coating, which is why our white cells cannot attack them. Trophoblast cells continue to function up until the eighth week of pregnancy, when the pancreas is formed, and then begin to die off, as they are no longer needed.

This is how vitamin B-17 ( also known as Amygdaline and Laetrile ) works: it’s a combination of three things; two units of sugar, one of benzaldehyde, and one of cyanide, to form a single molecule. The cyanide, when combined with these other two elements, is rendered inert UNTIL they come in contact with the protein coating of cancer cells. In fact the cyanide and benzaldehyde together are 100 times more toxic than either one by itself. An enzyme in the coating of the cancer cell then unlocks and releases these two deadly toxins, which then kills the cancer cell. This enzyme which facilitates this process is found ONLY in cancer cells, nowhere else in our bodies. There is another enzyme which, after the cancer cell is destroyed, then converts the cyanide into a harmless by-product that is actually beneficial for our systems. Nature is simply amazing, is it not?

The reason the ‘government’ removed B-17 and Laetrile ( the purest form of B-17 ) from the market in the mid-eighties is simple: because it works. Ask yourself this question: why would Big Pharma want something natural ( AND cheap ) that cures cancer, to be known by the general public, when they can charge thousands of dollars for their “voodoo witch-doctor” ( my term ) cures like chemo and radiation treatments that actually kill more healthy cells than cancerous ones?

My reasons for writing this article are twofold. #1 is to educate people.

And #2 ? Because I lost my younger sister at age 33, and my mother in ’96 to this dread disease, and both of them went through their “voodoo witch-doctor” so-called cures, and these Satanic lowlife scumbags knew all along their ‘cures’ didn’t work. It was all for GREED. When I discovered this deception early on in my research on the NWO, it was at that point I decided to investigate AND expose every dirty little secret these elitist scum have. know this cure works.

You may very well ask me how I personally know this cure works. Fair enough, I would ask the same question myself, of anyone making such a bold claim.

About a year and a half ago, a good friend of mine, John, called me up and asked to see the dvd that I got this information from, G. Edward Griffin’s “ A World Without Cancer” ( also available as a book ). He  knew I had been eating apricot kernels for a while by then. He then told me that he had a patch of skin cancer about the size of a silver dollar on the back of his leg, and asked me where I was buying my kernels from.

After eating the kernels for about two months, his cancer was completely gone. This works.

These  Satanic NWO elitist scum murdered – YES, MURDERED – two of my nearest and dearest family members, just as surely as if they had put a gun to their heads and pulled the trigger themselves. This is why I post under the screen name I do. I feel I have as much right to lay claim to that title as anyone, after what they did to my family.

THEY’RE the ones who made this personal.

So be it.

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  1. WOW! Thank You! My entire life, I’ve been told to Never eat the inside kernels of apricots or peaches “because they’re Poison.” I did try them, out of stubborn curiosity, as a child. They don’t taste good at all. How do you make them palatable? What are some of the other sources? I know apricots aren’t available to some of the cultures that you mentioned. I’ve read eating that high amounts of asparagus also works. Have you read about that or is it one of the other sources?

  2. So where do you buy your apricot seeds???? I ordered B17 through TJ Supply in a pill form. Should I be eating the actual seeds? I also understand that taking a higher dose of Vit C is also helpful. Please answer!!!!!!!

  3. Yes Angel, the reason they are so bitter is due to the cyanide in them. I myself eat 25 kernels every day, because about 3 1/2 years ago, I had to have surgery for a collapsed lung, and they had to remove a small portion of my left lung. I’ve been a smoker most of my life, and although I did quit for a while after the surgery, I started up again. Nasty habit, very hard to kick.
    Anyway, four or five months after resuming smoking, I started experiencing pain in that left lung, and feared the worst, especially after seeing what it did to my mom and sister. So, already having this information, I bought and started eating the kernels, ( which are very inexpensive, by the way ). Within 3 months, the pain disappeared completely. The reason I didn’t mention this in the article was because I had no ‘medical’ verification that I actually had lung cancer, mainly due to the fact that I stay as far away from the so-called ‘medical establishment’ as I possibly can. I’m sure you can understand why, after reading the article. Because they are so bitter, my solution to that was to buy one of those hand type chopping devices, and chop them up. I then dump them to the back of my throat, and drink some fruit juice to wash them down.
    As to the other foods that contain B-17, they are too numerous to list in the article, but I’m sure they’d be simple enough to google, either under B-17, or nitrilosides

    1. Sorry it’s taken me a while to respond. This is an extremely painful, very personal subject for us, as well. I’m so glad you’re in in clear. Thank you so much for sharing your research and personal experience. I’m going to print it for my for future reference. Thanks again, #1NWO Htr.

  4. 100% pure bull. One hundred percent.

    I’m not going to argue the facts, because you would just ignore them. I’m not going to appeal to your knowledge, because you have none. Instead, I’m going to ask one simple question.

    If apricot seeds cure cancer, why aren’t YOU growing apricot trees?

    You have the CURE FOR CANCER. Why aren’t you selling everything you have to buy an orchard? You could save millions of lives. You would be the most famous, most praised hero of medicine since Hippocrates. YOU could save the world.

    If you have the cure, why don’t you?

    1. Who are you to say what works for one person. Just who are ya. Sounds like you – Wuzzahh – listen to too much BS. Just because they say it doesn`t work for you don`t mean it doesn`t work for another person. Maybe you aughta just get sick with the other ama approved a-holes that say this and that doesn`t work. I know for a fact what I say is true becauser I used to be a herbalist till somebody gave me a mickey and had some prob as a result. @ #1 NWO Hater – those apricot pits work and I am sure of It. Hemp and marijuana work also for different forms of cancer – just ask Jessie Ventura about it when his mother had cancer and they refuse to legalize it just like apricot pits, there is a reason the regulations are the way they are and it is not for our benefit as a society. I know things work for me and I know it apparently works for #1 and others so don`t start talking shit just because you do not believe it doesn`t work for you.!!!!!! Herbal medicines take longer to work than pharmaceutical meds do – If you are just looking for the placeebo effect that most of the time is the case with pharma meds – because herbals – for the most part are they are safe and effective – unlike most all pharmaceuticals on the market today. so before you start critizing and spoutin` off to those that do alternative or organic/herbal meds you should do some reserch your self. Herbal meds have been around a lot longer than any one of your phoney pharmaceutical drug have been around! Just remember that most of the pharmaceutical drugs are coming from plant based sorces. In my book – you are a punk Wazzahh

    2. Wuhhzahh, why should he??? ANYBODY can, there’s not much money in it, not like Big Pharma makes, and you have such a low ‘intelligent’ response, it probably goes with the dumb name you chose for yourself.

    3. Very ignorant claim. I have first hand experience in getting rid of invasive breast carcinoma with Laetrile (B17) alone 6 years ago, when every doctor I went to was pushing for surgery, radiation or chemo. I just quit going to the doctors and went for B17 in pills, and later apricot kernels, which I’m doing preventively even now. Cancer disappeared within 6 months. Yes, there are two powerful poisons in them, but only activated by enzyme in cancer cells, which is absent in the rest of the healthy cells. According to toxicologist B17 is four times less toxic than sugar. Another source of nitrilosides are in linseeds, but they need to be crushed to be effective. Apricot kernels are the best, though. One doesn’t need to grow the orchard to get them. The book “Alive & Well” by dr Binzel is available on the net.

    4. I’ll answer why. Because as soon as you start giving anything resembling medical advise, you can count on being attacked by the government for practicing without license. Here’s just one example, you can find plenty on internet.
      Health blogger could face arrest for giving advice on how he cured his diabetes
      An April 23, 2012 article, State Threatens to Shut Down Nutrition Blogger, appearing on the Carolina Journal Online, Sara Burrows explains how the North Carolina Board of Dietetics/Nutrition is threatening blogger Steve Cooksey with jail time for publicly stating his battle with diabetes and promoting others to choose his lifestyle.

      This article by itself is already a risk.

    5. I have the cured and after treating 1000s of breast cancers which are still living, to answer your question, why don’t I cure everyone because the FDA, told me to keep the fda off my backside, just treat specific cancers, ok All Skin Cancers, I consider breast and prostate skin cancers, we treat skin breast and prostate. I use alka metal and metals, to poison the cancer. Hypothesis no living anaerobic cell can make nutrients out of metal. So we feed cancers nano particle metals, Gold, silver, copper, zinc, magnesium manganese etc and alka metal to draw all metals to the desired cancer tumor location, killing it.

  5. Ahh, another sucker for the NWO’s lies and propaganda!
    People like you show just how effective their brainwashing is.

    “Pay no attention to the little man behind the curtain”. Wizard of Oz.


    1. You are damn right #1 talk about a f`n sheeple wahhzahh is! he needs to be slapped or something to be woke up or something. He just seems to be one of those that are always satisfied with what he was told and never questioned who said what and then wonders why things are the way things are the way they are. YOU JUST KEEP DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING!, #1YOU KNOW WHAT WORKS, MAN YOU HANG IN THERE #1 DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In fact Wahhzahh can go kick rocks in my books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. @ Sharon: I order my seeds from, for about 44 dollars and change, shipping included. They also do sell the more concentrated pill form, it’s more expensive than the kernels, but I would definitely recommend those for anyone in advanced stages of cancer, in large amounts. They are most decidedly FAR cheaper than the voodoo witch-doctor cures offered by the so-called ‘medical’ establishment, and they actually work.
    Sorry, I don’t know about the vitamin C aspect, that was not mentioned on the dvd I have.

    1. Thank you for answering my question. And yes it is very expensive ($89.00) for 100 pills but still much less expensive than the alternative. I see chemotherapy and radiation for a cure for cancer as totally barbaric.

  7. That is awesome, I Am No Doc either, but I Am Quite Interested in such things. Some years back, I Was Studying with Poke berries and that of the root. And in small doses, cured several mice that had 1/4″ to 1/2″ tumors. I must state though, poke can be very toxic if too much is digested, and I Found for my size, 225lbs, I Was Only able to swallow one berry every other day, for around 2 weeks, without noticing any side effects. And you never bite into the berry, for the seeds are really potent. For the root, I Mixed with high grade alcohol, letting it soak in a jar for 2 months, and using a dripper. 3 drops to a cup of water, and this formula I used for the mice for 60 days, skipping every other watering. I also helped a 15 year old who had cancer in the mid body, and was very severe, and she had only a short time left, and it stopped the cancer in its tracks, and she swallowed one berry every other day, and after the first week, took a 3 day break and started again, and repeated it for 45 days. After a a few years, the cancer came back, and she was living then with the other parent, as they were seperated(The Parents) and the other decided not to do the berries, as wanted to do chemo, the child only lived 2 weeks after her treatment. Its very said to lose someone so early to something that can be easily cured. And with something that grows in everyones backyard. I Started looking for something, cause I to had witness so many deaths because of it, and I Had a Dream about it, and I Remember in my dream, I Said there has to be a use for this plant, its everywhere and they call it a weed. And when I went to look up info on it, it was said to be highly toxic, where gloves, and very little information on it. But I was talking to my mom about it, and she said, heck, when you were little I always made poke salad during the spring time, she went on to explain just using the baby leaves and washing them very good, and mixing it with lettuce. But the dream really triggered it for me, so I researched it more, and decided to work with mice on it. But that’s about the extent of it, but what’s weird, I find most people rather take their chances with doctors, but the mortality rate I see, is very high with them.

  8. Calm down, digger, I expected a few brainwashed naysayers to reply when I posted this information.

    He obviously prefered the blue pill, as opposed to the red one.
    It honestly doesn’t bother me, as I am 100% confident in my research and conclusions, or I would not have posted this article.

    The truth is unalterable.

    1. I get peed off on things like that. You see I lost my business about 13 yr.s ago – A medicinal herbal/ culinary business that I studied and saved for many years for – my ex did it to me, if you know what I mean #1. Yea I get irate about that #1NWOHater. sorry man.

  9. Understandable, digger.

    The reason I didn’t go ballistic on him was because I offered abundant evidence in favor of the claim I made.
    He, on the other hand, merely offered (what we all know everyone has something else of as well), an opinion, with no concrete evidence whatsoever to back up that opinion.

    Evidence trumps opinions in my book, any day of the week.

    1. You are knowlegabe and intelligent on most everything I have seen you post #1. And you are right – knowledge speaks for its self and needs no explation. By the way – my freind I was going to introduce was having other issues and we just watched Foghorn and Leghorn cartoons for a stress breaker for a while this afternoon. it will be a happening soon I am sure. And I say I say – it wasn`t a good day for discussing nwo or chem trail info with him. Another day maybe on them issues with him.

    2. Hey #1NWO Hatr, did you check out the new “Red Dawn” trailer for the movie? It comes out on Thanksgiving. Instead of Russia, they were going to have China. But since China already invaded and bought out our country, they changed it to North Korea invading. How hypocritical. In another user created trailer of it on youtube, they overwrite and say, “CHINA WINS” while showing Hu Jintao in his car driving down the street with Chinese soldiers lined up. lol It’s sad, but it’s beginning to be true in a way.

      Anyways, the effects look good despite the ridiculous storyline. lol As if North Korea could ever invade America. They can’t even support themselves let alone another country. What a joke. China is more plausible.

  10. In regards to your article, #1NWOHatr, my mother died of skin cancer back in ’93. She went through radiation and chemo and all that crap. One day, in the summer, her cancer cells just disappeared. It was a miracle. Then that Fall, suddenly they all came back and doubled. The doctors couldn’t explain it, of course. By the beginning of the next year in ’94 she passed away.

    Anyways, after she passed away, people were saying bark off a birch tree and broccoli helped to cure skin cancer. Is this still true according to your research or are you still sticking with the apricot thing?

    Also, how the hell do you know so much about the science of it all? Some of the terminology you were using in that article is like another language to me. lol

  11. I remember a similar discussion to this over maple syrup and baking soda.

    “Though there are many people–scientists and doctors among them–who believe that B17 and its derivative Laetrile are a cure for cancer, there is no hard evidence to prove it. A study conducted by the National Cancer Institute in 1980 with 178 cancer patients showed that none of them improved or recovered after being treated with Laetrile. But while taking small amounts of B17 may not prevent cancer, it won’t do any harm.”

  12. NC, all of the information in this article came from the dvd I G. Edward Griffin. I don’t take any one single source as gospel for my research, but I have seen this same info from other sources, this is just the most thorough and well documented one that I have. Besides that, I know that the author is one of the best researchers out there, I’ve seen other things he’s done, and he has extremely high credibility with me.

    I always do my best to be as thorough and accurate in my assertions, as the truth is my top priority.

    1. Yea I’ve heard of G. Edward Griffin, too. He does a lot of NWO documentaries and was in AJ’s film, “Fall of the Republic”. He seems like an ok guy like Gerald Celente and is no fan of the NWO, that’s for sure. I will check it out and watch later. Thanks.

      1. By the way, what is the name of the DVD? I don’t see it anywhere in your article, unless I’m blind or something. lol

  13. There is apricot kernel oil available. I would think that would have the same benefit and much easier to ingest and assimilated. Would you agree?

  14. @ Steve: I just HAVE to ask. WHY would you find ANYTHING put out by the National Cancer Institute CREDIBLE?
    What could they possibly have to gain from people curing themselves with homeopathic remedies?


  15. @ Life Long Learner: That’s a valid question. Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer for it, as I’ve not done any research on that particular aspect, and cannot give you an informed answer.

  16. @Steve.

    These tests were conducted at four major U.S. medical centers, including the Mayo Clinic and Sloan Kettering. Public Scrutiny, a medical freedom of choice publication, maintained that these biased trials were designed to fail when it was discovered that 66% of participants were already ravaged from chemotherapy treatments and that the laetrile used was of poor quality, with little or no amygdaline found

    Learn more:

  17. #1 NWOHater – I have known about laetril and apricot pit for some time now but I never realy tried to obtain any of them because I was told about 10 or so yr.s that it was a felony to posses a quantity of the apricot pits – I think it was something like a Lb. or so.Is that still true that it is a felony? Just curious about that `however though because I could not obtain them for that very reason #1. I have heard only good about the pits but you know how big pharma is. Also – have you ever heard of the Essiac cure for cancer? This is a mixture of 4 herbals proven to be effective. It`s been used since 1922 with no bad side effect and with only good results as far as I have read aboutit. If you are interested in this then check out a short interview with Dr. Gary L Glum. He was a chiropractor with offices in Los Angeles, Ca. – imagine that will ya. He also published a book called “Calling of an Angel, the story of Rene Caisse and essiac. Dr. Glum closed his practice and is now a investigative writer. Don`t mean to get off the subject of B17 and such but I was wondering about the legalities and all as it was illegal back then and I never followed up to see if it still was or not. By the way Essiac almost was approuved for medical use for cancer in Canada but was not passed becaused of af few votes, and as you could imagine , it failed because of the ones who voted against it were with the pharma Companies. I just thought you might be interested in this little tidbit of info. Also – a lot of herbals are avalible over seas by prescription only. If they do not work , then why is a script needed for the use of them? You know what I mean.

  18. Cancer and embryo genesis share many similarities..

    When the first sperm enters the egg, the outer membrane forms a cyst to prevent other sperm cells from entering. Formation of the cyst triggered by the same process that triggers all cancers, the Wahlberg Effect.

    Cancer is Wahlberg, period.

    Walhlberg is a state of mitochonrdrial fatigue. In a normal cell, the mitochondria react glucose and oxygen (respiration) to form ATP that powers cellular functions. That process as respiration,

    In a cancer cell, the cell’s mitochondria produce mostly glucose, about 28 units, and only 2 units of ATP. The cell enters a state of glycosis.

    When a cell, other than muscle tissues, enters a state of glycosis, the cell derives it’s energy from glucose, rather than ATP.Sustained glycosis causes the cell to form a cyst, preventing immune responses by the body from entering the cell and correcting aberrant mitochondrial processes..

    Mitochondria are almost like cells. They have genes. That can divide. They can fuse. Very interesting critters. We are human because we inherited a mutantant mitochondrial DNA from our matriarchal “Eve”. All humans share “Eve’s” mitochondraial DNA.

    Wahlberg, or glycosis, is also the reason the egg membrane (zona pellcula?) hardens, after the first sperm cell enters and the trophoblast forms. After the sperm enters, the sperm’s membrane dissolves. The sperm’s DNA contribution enters the egg’s nucleus while it’s other organelles (structures in it’s cytoplasm) are left to the whims of the eggs cytoplasm, including the mitochondria.

    When the dissolved sperm cell’s mitochondria are exposed to the egg’s cytoplasm, the sperm’s mitochondria (a sperm cell has a lot of them – it’s a long competitive swim to the egg) enter a state of glycosis (Wahlberg Effect), That causes the trophoblast to form a cysyt. Tumors are protected by the same plaque that prevents other sperm from entering the egg. That plaque is why body immune responses cannot rid the body of the tumor.

    God forbid anyone, or a loved one is diagnosed with cancer. Early symptoms include fatigue. Wahlberg is also known as mitochondrial fatigue.

    You may be overworked. Have symptoms of workplace fatigue. Then a diagnosis of cancer. Corporations have spent a lot of money arguing that lifestyle causes workplace fatigue to avoid damages.

    Then you end up in a big box cancer center. A surgeon talks to you. On his desk he has a purchase order with clinical codes checked and his hands sweat in anticipation of sending it to your insurance company. You play it smart. You get a second opinion down at the big box medical school cancer store from an Onocologyst. He’s a scientist. A tenured professor. Chock full of ethics and knowledge. Right? . When you get home you look up his name on and learn he has been shopping research for big pharma grants.

    Want to see the expression on an Onocologist;s face like he just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, Ask what causes cancer and you’ll get the same laundry list of cliches big box clinicians. Ask him what all cancers have in common, When he pauses and stops babbling his gibberish, ask him about Walberg,

    Ask, isn’t Wahlberg what all cancers have in common. Doctors are just people. Some are zero ethic purchase order writers. Just like every non doctors. The only difference between you and your doctor, is that his job has a different jargon than yours.

    Trust yourself. Some cultures have a high incidence of cance. Some have a low incident of cancer. Why? The big box white robed priest ain’t gonna tell – ya – his job is selling chemo therapies. Lots-o-bucks in ICU care.

    A private clinic where we live has a therapy that has a brain cancer remission rate 250% higher than big box purchase order writers. Took the guy that runs it 10 years to convince the FDA to order a study. His patients were even bitching at a congressional panel because the FDA did not regard his success in the same light as big box chemo poison shops.

    Don’t use guugle – find search engines, like, Ask a question the guugle about an allergic reaction, and you get a zillion pages of 50% off whatever you think you’re having an allergic reaction too.

    Trust yourself – doctors are not priest’s, they’re someone you are employing for a project.

    Take your vitamins. Tumeric is one. Stay away from all carbonated foods – exercise – look for a non-GMO store. They;’re poisoning us. Quit taking their poison.

    1. cancer cells can not live or multiply in the proper ph in our bodies…that is a normal ph!
      So if one gets cancer, do the things necessary to return the body to a ph of a bit above 7.2…somewhere in there and keep it there…one can monitor the various body fluids for that its not expensive…urine, blood, saliva….also, ionized water is not expensive and aids the ph to return to normal…there is lots of info to aid one in recovering the ph…..then our bodies throw off the bad cells….and one’s body becomes clean of it!
      our bodies become too acidic with all the poison we have for our life style………and for too long of a time….thats the problem also with other chronic degenerative diseases which western medicine does a terrible job of treating……well think about it! Acid will tear down just ab out anything one can consider…and our bodies are fragile…a small bit of acidic foods are alright, necessary….thats it! Though….small amounts…not enough to turn our selves into a melting blob,,,,degenerated with acid…
      we go quickly to the grave…that way!

  19. NC: time to buy some glasses dude. I gave the title & author of the dvd in my article. You have to read it ALL. LOL

    “About a year and a half ago, a good friend of mine, John, called me up and asked to see the dvd that I got this information from, G. Edward Griffin’s “ A World Without Cancer” ( also available as a book ).”

    1. WHOOPS!! I found it in the article now. I knew I should have eaten more carrots, despite what the doctor said. Remind me to beat up my optometrist, later. LOL

  20. Digger, I’ve never heard of apricot kernels being illegal in any amount, at least not in this state, and since you can buy them on the internet, I doubt that they are illegal in any state. I think you got some bad information.

    1. Yes #1 NWO Hater, Back in the early 2000`s I could not get apricot pits from my wholesalers because they were banned in any sizable amount back then and this is why I questioned the legal issues of it. That is why I got into the essiac blend. A freind of mines wife had died of cancer and we wanted to order up a bunch of them but I could not because of that reason back then. I guess that there have been – in the past – health food stores that got raided only because they had information and other references on apricot pits/kernels ect. too close to the pit,kernels and the considered that as labeling and I guess that they cannot have any labeling to reccomend the use or dosses for the treatment of cancer. I am with ya on this subject #1 all the way – using the apricot pits B-17, Laetril and Amygdalyn. Everything I have read supports your info. also. I was just wondering on these issues now days as I had prob. back then with obtaining them for people. I think the medical proffesion suck and this is a good example why. Thanks, #1 NWO Hater for posting this article. It was refreshing.

  21. #1 NWO Hatr is a good friend of mine. I can say this because, he says the same thing about me. I know for a fact that what he is saying is true!, that his facts are correct and that B-17 IS IN FACT, A CURE FOR CANCER!. I can say all of this with conviction, because I am the John that he was talking about in his article. The 1st time I had cancer it took surgery to get rid of it, the 2nd time B-17 did the job!. I took Apricot seeds Approx. 15 in the am and 15 in the pm, I ground them up with a coffee grinder and then stirred them into what ever juice I had available and would drink it, this being more pleasant than trying to chew that many seeds. I now take B-17 in pill form.
    I take the 100mg, 1 every morning to prevent the return of cancer!. Also available is the 500mg recommended for any one with cancer and needing to get rid of it. I only wish that I had known about B-17 back on August 4th of 1996 when my Wife of 12 years was diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer, after a battery of treatments ( CHEMO & RADIATION ) She wasted away to almost nothing. Joyce lost Her hair, they removed Her teeth for fear of infection, She looked like She was 80 years old, She died in my arms July 29th 1997 at 10:00 pm 16 days after Her 37th birthday weighing 69 lbs. I held Her until morning ( we were childhood sweethearts ). What they did to Her IS A CRIME. I am determined to do what I can to get this information out there, to help as many as possible and to help prevent unneeded suffering.
    To #1 NWO Hatr, Thank you my Brother, may God continue to Bless all that you put your hand and heart to!
    To Wazzah, MY heart is breaking for you. OPEN YOUR EYES! can you not see that the profit is not in cureing the cancer?, but that the profit is only in treating the cancer?. PAIN FOR PROFIT – BLOOD MONEY is all that it is. I pray that you do not get it, or anyone else that you love, because you will pay good money to watch them suffer and die. Yes, my heart is breaking for you and yours!.

    1. Hi ya Johnny G: I am very sorry to hear about what happened to your wife. Natural/organic treatments are the way to go if possible. Herbal meds work – I know b`cause I `d been dead by now if they did not work, I am sure of it and so are most others that know me. Your good freind #1 NWO Hater seems like a very good guy and I have always liked the info he has posted. Again – it is good to know that you guys are doing the B-17`s Keep the faith buddy. I know they work too – the B-17`s that is.

  22. As a practitioner of Oriental Medicine ( Acupuncture/Herbology) the implications/claims of this article are not outrageous. Essentially, this is the Chinese herb Tao Ren. These are peach kernels taken from the peach and dried in the sun. Typically they are crushed and powdered or boiled in a decoction with other herbs. They are used for “blood stagnation” patterns. Although they contain hydrogen cyanide, the amount present is generally too small to produce such effects as headache etc although contraindicated for pregnant women as may cause contraction of the utereus. This herb is used alongside other blood invigorators such as Hong Hua and Chi Shao Yao. I purchase Tao Ren from my teacher in China town. It should be easy to obtain a pound for as little as 5-8 dollars. If you are interesed, a good site is ITM Good luck. Disclaimer: the aforementioned is not meant as medical advice and should not preclude consulting your medical doctor yadda, yadda yadda.

        1. P.S. 9t9s I may have been wrong with that comment but with all this white supremeacy that is going on in this country I just think they could have had a different back ground,- ya know what I mean. Would have youi said the same if they had a dead cancer patient in the back ground and I made the same comment 9t9s? I bet not! I just think with the subject that they could have had a better back ground. so there. you got it 9t9s

          1. @9t9s I understand what you`re saying ,but the the natzis, and Charlie Mansions Were far from being hindu`s and that is exactly what I am saying . By the way it would be nice if the AMA and others in the medical proffesion would “measure twice and cut once” I have been into alternatives for many years – my grand mother got me started back in the 60`s. I just take a long time to say – usualy – something when it comes to alternative meds! this is why I am still alive. I stil do not think every one sees a swatsica as a hindu symbal. Just research some NWO liturature. 9t9s. No offence to you but mesure twice and cut once bud. I have read up on a lot of cancer treatments – and not just one reference or two – but I do not profess myself to be a expert by any means on the subject – I didn`t grow up yesterday if ya know what I mean 9t9s. I do not talk out of the side of my neck though ether buddy. like I said no offence just tellin` ya.

          2. @ #1 NWO and 9t9s: I stand corrected. I showed that to another person and they say a swastica and if you just looked at it it looked like a swastica at first glance. My appoligies. It sure did look like one to me though as did the other one at first. They were wondering the same as I did as I`m sure others also do. Like I said my appoligies – I am sure you can understand in this symdol thing.

          3. The swastika is a Native American symbol. It represents the wheel and the circle of life. Here where I live you are liable to see one anywhere and I promise you, these people are not Nazis.

          4. Damn guys I`m getting a education on this. I never knew or even thought of that – much less of the Hindu thing with 9t9s. That`s why I like this site. Thank you guys ! I realy was realy wrong. geez, somebody slap sorry for the disrespect I showed. I didn`t know! I should have known of the Indian swastica as a lot of my freinds are American Indians as well as all of my ex`s.

          5. diggerdan,
            No apology necessary, it was not but an inquiry. As you said, that is what it is all about.

  23. You’re welcome, Angel. Sorry it took me so long to respond also, but I more or less took the day off yesterday, and spent the day at the beach with a girl, (it’s been very hot here lately), which is why you saw no comments posted by me.
    I would like thank everyone for their kind responses, especially those who shared their personal experiences, and most especially my good friend and Christian brother Johnny G, whose comment was in no way solicited by myself, I merely asked him to read this article, but I thank him for his corroboration.
    But most of all I would like to thank Mr. Henry Shively for his courage In providing and maintaining this website, where the truth is still to be found, in spite of everything the ‘government’ does to suppress it. He is an outstanding patriot, bar none, and we need many more just like him.

    Truth is a rare commodity these days.

  24. Just recieved some very sad news. A friend of mine who used to work here’s youngest son died at 1:00 this morning in Texas of colon cancer.

    HE WAS ONLY 14.

  25. Amygdalin (vitamin B17) is found in very different quantities from apricot kernel to apricot kernel. The choice of apricot kernel used by an individual is critical in the success one experiences. There are so many apricot kernels available on the market now, many of which are sweeter varieties that contain very little amygdalin. They may be mildly bitter, which classes them as a “bitter” apricot kernel, but the concentrations of amygdalin don’t begin to approach therapeutic values. One would have to consume very large quantities in order to experience benefit, which is simply not practical, nor healthy. Apricot kernels contain a high level of fat, which becomes detrimental in itself at high doses. Therefore, amygdalin concentrations in the chosen kernel must be exceptional and potent. These are the kernels referenced in the available literature of note. Sadly, most sellers of apricot kernels are taking advantage of the ignorance that prevails, or they’re simply not educated about the product themselves. Poor quality apricot kernels are being imported from poor countries, such as Pakistan and India for little more than $1.00 per kilo. These kernels are then being packaged and marketed with fanciful tales and sold at great profit to the benefit of the vendor – not to the user.

    My advice is that people purchase from, at least, two different sources. Try to buy from a reputable source where others have already confirmed that the kernels being offered are fresh, healthy and amygdalin-rich. Don’t be lured by “Hunza” apricot kernels, as these are nothing more than Indian and Pakistani kernels of greatly inferior quality. Most of the varieties of apricot grown in these regions are sweeter varieties. You’ll find this to be true if you do some research. Try to purchase local kernels if possible, or import personal quantities from a country offering very bitter kernels. Apricot kernels imported enmasse are treated, either chemically or with radiation, but personal quantities won’t receive such treatment.

    Read this blog post for further information –

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Alex.
      I purchase my kernels from They are CA grown, and guaranteed to not be processed in any way. They are also quite bitter.

    1. You’re more than welcome, RT Hawk. I’m just glad that I was finally able to get this information out to a lot more people (internet) than I possibly could have done in person. I was without internet for over two years, but that gave me way more spare time to do my research on the NWO, so that was probably a good thing.

      btw, I think this was the best article of the few I’ve written.

  26. #1 NWO Hatr … after having read this entire thread, and visiting the website where apricot kernels can be ordered, I have just one question. I think I know the answer, but just want to confirm.

    Can one grind the kernels up into a powder and include them in a protein drink or breakfast smoothie? I didn’t see where the website sells a bag or canister of apricot kernel powder for such use.

    Thanks for sharing your personal story and the information about apricot kernels.
    . . .

    1. Cathleen, as long as they stay in their raw state, they can be added to anything. I do not, however, know the consequences of using them to cook with. I can’t say whether that would affect their effectiveness or not.

      I simply chop them up (with a hand nut/vegetable chopper), dump them to the back of my throat, and wash them down with something wet.

      1. Thanks #1 … yes, ground in the raw state for use in both protein drinks and breakfast smoothies is my intent since those drinks are generally not cooked.

        I appreciate you following up with my question … thanks a bunch!

        And I’m so sorry for the loss of your loved ones to that nasty disease! I too have lost a few members of my family from cancer.
        . . .

        1. Thanks, Cathleen.

          But I believe their voodoo witch doctor so-called ‘cures’ had as much, or more to do with killing my family than the cancer itself, which is precisely why I wrote this article.

          1. I agree … Chemo kills everything in the body … both good and bad cells. My mother had only one chemo session during her bout with pancreatic cancer and after she was sent home, within 3 months, her urine turned black and all her organs died. Bless her heart … she put up a good fight. :'(
            . . .

  27. God Bless ya #1NWO Hater

    With you all the way. Been chewing the kernals and the MSM. Looking forward to many more years. Thanks….

    1. You’re more than welcome, Mark.

      You have no idea how tough it’s been the last few years, having all this information, and only being able to share it with the few people that I came into contact with (ZERO internet for two years), most of whom weren’t interested.

      It’s such a blessing to be able to share the truth with people who are actually interested in knowing it.

  28. Hey #1 thanks for posting this again. I have it on file now. It’s good to put it up every once in a while, as there are new people coming here every day. God bless you brother.

    1. My brother knows of a clandestine deliverer. GMO free! Yes, the results have been amazing. I’ve known about B-17 for 15 years and have turned on a lot of people.

    2. That’s the very reason I posted it again, Paul. It will be 2 yrs. next month since it was first posted, and as you pointed out, we have a whole lot of new readers.

  29. Great post hatr! Talk about hypocrisy, the Government tells women that they have a “Right” to their bodies so go ahead and abort away. But then if that person were to buy Laetrile for their “own body” the Gov says it is a no no!!

    There is no money in health.

  30. Thank you #1 for this insightful article. I also have lost several family members and friends to cancer (aka pharma-con) and I’m very sorry for your losses. I have a friend who is currently battling three forms of it right now and your post has opened my eyes to a possible means of helping him. I think you should renew this well written article often, so more readers might have a chance to utilize this information to their advantage. I did find several sources of the pits online. Amazon offers some great deals, but I’m sure there are several others as well. I would also add, that if anyone reading your article challenges this information, they need only look on line and see the countless testimonies of people who have succeeded in defeating cancer of all types with this method. Cheers mate.

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