9 thoughts on “Bikers Enroute to Free U.S. Marine In Mexico Prison

  1. Is a shame that the govt. hasn’t ended this situation,hell,kerry was just in mexico.Only one news corp. has been hardcore on this story,perhaps this is what it takes.I wish em the best of luck and hope it works out for the best.I say we start shipping mexico back all the illegals entering our country,we can trade millions of illegals for one US citizen/Marine,seems a better deal then other ones govt. has recently pulled!

  2. pretty bad when we need to show the government how to do their dam job

    i guess thats nothing new, as they will find out when the S hits

  3. We’ve been showing the regime how to do
    their job, correctly, for many a year.
    These boys had better be ready for a fight.
    Once they cross that border it’s no longer
    rah, rah time and let’s talk this over type of
    protests like we see so many do.
    These guys will probably get cut down before
    they even get off their bikes….
    But at least they’re willing to do SOMETHING !

  4. Kudos to you all! I pray for your safety — and your safe return WITH our U.S. Marine. BO does not care about Americans left behind (Benghazi comes to mind), unless they’re Muslim. I give you accolades for having the courage to do what “not-my” president should have done.

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