Bilderberg Meeting Now In Washington, DC For The 1st Time Since The Pandemic

Gateway Pundit – by Alicia Powe

One of the world’s most powerful meetings is now underway in Washington, DC.

More than 120 of Europe and North America’s elite from the world of politics, business, big tech, media and academia are convening at the notoriously secretive 68th Bilderberg Meeting from June 2 to 5 to discuss key global issues.

The secretive summit of the global elite is taking place for the first time in three years due to the plandemic.

The key topics for discussion this year include:

  •  Geopolitical Realignment
  • NATO Challenges
  •  China
  • Indo-Pacific Realignment
  • Sino-US Tech Competition
  • Russia
  •  Continuity of Government and the Economy
  •  Disruption of the Global Financial System
  •  Disinformation
  • Energy Security and Sustainability
  •  Post Pandemic Health
  •  Fragmentation of Democratic Societies
  •  Trade and Deglobalisation
  •  Ukraine

Among this year guests are Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, Henry Kissinger, former CIA head David Petraeus, former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, venture capitalist and GOP megadonor Peter Theil.

Influential political and business leaders who have previously attended the Bilderberg Conference include former U.S. President Bill Clinton, businessman and former Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and International Monetary Fund director Christine Lagarde.

The conference, initially started by the Dutch royal family in 1954, is seen as the genesis for ideas ranging from free trade agreements like NAFTA to the creation of the European Union.

But the also the subject of controversy given its powerful list of attendees and its private nature. The secretive meetings are held under Chatham House Rules, which allow participants to use and report information exchanged there, but prohibit participants from not disclosing the source.

Many believe those in attendance of the meeting are selected to impose a “new world order.”

The documentary “Shade The Motion Picture” begins its journey at the Bilderberg Conference in 2012 in Chantilly, Virginia and showcases the group’s covert history.


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6 thoughts on “Bilderberg Meeting Now In Washington, DC For The 1st Time Since The Pandemic

  1. Boy, this sure sneaked in. Slithered in, you might say. And on their agenda: “Geopolitical Realignment.” Hmmm… sounds like code for GLOBAL COMMUNISM. And “Continuity of Government.” Sounds like business as usual, with business always doing more and more horrific things to free people. And “Nato Challenges.” Why? It ain’t big enough yet? Or threatening enough to every country that wants to live on its own terms?

    There will be caviar and cognac, and dancing afterwards. Maybe Kissinger will take a spin with Klaus, as the kings of countries and kings of corporations mingle together to execute their assumed Divine Rights. What royal as*holes. Anyone can see what a mess they’ve made of things. Who with a sound mind would let them continue?


  2. Good time for Putin to nuke DC….he missed the boat on Davos… of course he is one of their actors cuz he’s a WEF Grad and buds with Kissassinger

  3. Wow…….Washington DC.

    I mean you talk about putting all the eggs in one basket.

    Where are them terrorists that they speak of? They all went on vacation during this time? I mean they literally have all the world players all in one single place. They’d have to be a fool not to see it. If they want to make a statement of a lifetime, here it is.

  4. I just can’t believe no one is disrupting it or bombarding these assholes with everything they got, especially since people know way more now than they did years ago about it.

    Where’s antifa? Where’s the bus load of paid provocateurs? I guess they only come out when Soros tells them to.

    Maybe they’ll come out and play if someone tells them that the Bilderberg meeting is not WOKE enough.

    Oh we’ll, seeing as how it’s in DC, I guess I should not be surprised. It’s actually kinda fitting that the International criminals would all meet up in the District of Criminals.

  5. Well I guess now we know all this gun control crap and shootings are a nice media distraction for the Bilderberg meeting.

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