4 thoughts on “Bill Burr Doesn’t Trust Technology – CONAN on TBS

  1. bill burr baggins is awsome.

    i love how he can throw in “conspiritorial” content in his act. he makes it funny and kinda gets sheeple to think about things just a little different.

    like bill hicks.

    or george carlin.

  2. I feel about technology the same way I feel about guns (guns don’t kill people, people–or the govt. according to Dale on “King of the Hill”–kill people). Meaning, it’s not technology I don’t trust, it’s TECHIES–you know, folks who hate humanity–I don’t trust! There would be no techology without humanity-hating techies, right? (such as the dumba$$ billionaire techie who paid a company $10,000 to send his brain into the cloud, and then wanted himself killed…)

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