Black Lives Matter Teams Up with Oregon Occupier Supporters to Fight for Police Accountability

Free Thought Project – by John Vibes

Portland, OR — On the surface, it would seem that Black Lives Matter and the militia groups that recently occupied a wildlife refuge in Oregon have very little in common. However, they are very much fighting the same struggle, and they have a common enemy.

The media and the political establishment would like to see these groups divided, because if they unify, they could make a strong and worthy opponent for the current control system.  

The media coverage of the two anti-establishment groups has attempted to pit them against each other, using their difference in culture to hide the fact that they are facing the same oppressor. Luckily, it seems that many people within both of these groups are too smart to fall for such divisive tactics.

After police killed Oregon occupier Robert “LaVoy” Finicum earlier this month, there has been a push by his supporters for the department to release the name of the officer who was responsible. In response, legislators have proposed a bill that would shield the officer from having his identity released, which could have implications for other cases in the state.

According to the Washington Times, the bill would allow a judge to withhold for 90 days the identity of an officer involved in the use of deadly force in the event of a “credible threat of danger.”

Despite having some political differences with the Oregan occupiers, Black Lives Matter has made a statement strongly opposing the recent legislation, recognizing that an attack on Finicum’s supporters is an attack on them as well.

Democratic state Rep. Jeff Barker claimed that the bill was not intended to protect the police department or the “wrongdoer,” but that is exactly what the bill will accomplish.

“This bill is deadly serious. This isn’t to protect a wrongdoer. It isn’t to protect a police department that screwed up,” Barker said.

Barker also expressed his concern about “whack jobs” who were “demanding to know the name of the officer that killed LaVoy.”

Black Lives Matter Portland made a post to their Facebook page this week, urging supporters to oppose the recent legislation.

“The passing of this bill would be a major blow to police accountability in the state of Oregon. We CANNOT allow this to go unchallenged,” the post read.

Likewise, militia supporters also voiced strong opposition to the bill.

“So all you ‘WHACK JOBS’ who simply want to know who killed a man without provocation of any kind, you have a very short window to let your state representative know your vote resides with him or her only if they don’t sign off on this nonsense. This is unprecedented and will set a lasting standard of unaccountably if allowed to happen,” Finicum supporters posted on the Facebook page Oregon Wide Open.

There are many different types of people in this world; they come in different races, religions, cultures, and political beliefs. However, deep down, most people just want to live in peace and be free of oppression regardless of their background. Finding this common ground is essential, especially for anti-establishment groups who are fighting for their rights. One side can’t have freedom while the other side is persecuted, and the sooner that everyone realizes this, the sooner we can break the chains of our oppression.+

John Vibes is an author and researcher who organizes a number of large events including the Free Your Mind Conference. He also has a publishing company where he offers a censorship free platform for both fiction and non-fiction writers. You can contact him and stay connected to his work at his Facebook page. You can purchase his books, or get your own book published at his website

13 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter Teams Up with Oregon Occupier Supporters to Fight for Police Accountability

  1. This is exactly what this entire situation needs — more Feds!
    Fedsing around with Backlivesmatter
    Fedsing around with State Reps.
    Fedsing around with some lawyers
    Fedsing around with the pigs
    Fedsing around with the land
    Fedsing around with the uranium
    “There’s a whole lotta Fedsing goin on…” (sung to the tune of Whole Lotta Shakin.)
    I’m surprised federal employee Al Sharpton hasn’t chimed in with something to say…..

  2. It would actually be super if the Black lives matter people joined together with the militias!

    While the Obama folks are trying like hell to divide us racially, and every other way, coming together on this level would give a great deal of strength to the cause.

    There would have to be a bit of common ground gained. While the BLMers can hold that Black lives matter, I feel they must publicly acknowledge that ALL LIVES MATTER to bring us all onto the same page.

  3. I propose
    American National Lives Matter
    and the ANLM militia.

    Why wait for the a$$holes name to be released? We should be taking EVERY single one out, on a deserted route. The law-dogs and just-us’ too.

    Maybe we will get lucky and they will have cash on them so we can afford rent AND food.

    1. Will the real BLM please step forward.
      I’m so confused. ..!
      Oh….such disinformation. ….
      How about…

      Ok I’ll stop…does it matter ?

  4. The real solution is not to cry to politicians to tell us who is murdering us, who cares Once somone is murdered by pigs they stay dead. Can’t help them by releasing names. The real solution is fight fire wig fire. Worked for mafia in the old days works for black neighborhoods now. If a criminal in uniform or suit gets popped….don’t release the killers name. Don’t talk to the pigs, no body saw nothin. Play the game right back. Both the militia and the BLM people can agree and work together on that one. It takes no effort to say nothing.

    1. And most black communities are already doing just this as you point out , they haven’t trusted the pigs way before most white people woke up to this type of action
      I’m all for it , deal with shit in your own hood and keep the murdering scumbag Union thugs out of it

  5. The Liberty Movement needs all the help it can get, so we shouldn’t hesitate to form alliances with BLM or any other movement that has common ground with us. Of course there will be disagreements, but those can be sorted out after we work together to deal with the threats we ALL face.

    1. Black Lives Matter is a communist collective. Ranchers, loggers, miners, farmers are fascist collectives. Isn’t the joinder of these collectives what has caused the infringements upon our liberties?
      How about this? Individual lives and the Bill of Rights matters.
      I’m not falling for this shit.

  6. Now that’s a PSY-OP! Next thing you know, the New Black Panther Party will team up with the Tea Party to oppose attacks on GLBT first amendment rights…

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