Black Lives Matter

Yes, black lives certainly do matter, but the gang of idiots presently running rampant under that name don’t matter to anyone, and never will, because they’re little more than a gang of dupes being used by the communists to cause social unrest, and divide the population along racial lines.

Black lives matter, Asian lives matter, and although I haven’t seen it personally, I’m sure there are intelligent, and hard working Mexicans who contribute to our society, are in full support of American values, and the Bill of Rights. The Mexicans, Blacks, and Asians you see on TV, and in much of the “alternative media” only serve the purpose of causing division, and undermining popular unity, which unity can and does cross all racial and ethnic lines.  

Please remember that most of the “alternative media” is just another arm of the mainstream media, which appeals to a market that isn’t falling for the old lies anymore, but can still be manipulated. They’re presently showing a lot of footage from Milwaukee that inspires racial hatred rather than being an example of accurate reporting.

“Kill the white people”, and “burn the suburbs” were real quotes made by real people, by why the rantings of a few morons are chosen to be broadcast to everyone has only an evil purpose behind it, which should be obvious to all who have become familiar with the endless attempts of the media to manipulate the population.

It’s real easy to gain a following of morons. There are plenty of angry, dissatisfied, and frustrated individuals who’ll join any group that gives them an avenue for venting their anger. You can walk down the street dressed as Adolf Hitler, in full Nazi uniform, complete with the swastika armband, and while most of the population will brand you a lunatic, a few people will march along side of you, and a new Nazi movement will be born. It will only be a small collection of idiots, but it will gain the attention of every media outlet searching for their own public attention.

Please remember that there are a lot of good black people on our side, and in fact, I’d estimate that the majority of black people are on our side, and probably see the “#blacklivesmatter” crew as a shame on their race.

If a black person attacks you, you should blow their head off, but you shouldn’t let his blackness allow you to squeeze the trigger any sooner than if you were attacked by a white person, a Mexican, or anyone else. I shouldn’t have to remind people to judge others by their actions (when you’re forced to judge people at all) rather than by their race or ethnicity, but since we are being deluged with endless race baiting messages, it’s good to put things in perspective from time to time.

We’ve already discovered that George Soros was behind the Ferguson riots, which had idiots bussed in to create the chaos that the local residents wanted no part of. We’ve also seen that the funding for “black lives matter” comes from the same, communist direction, and only seeks to destroy this country. “Divide and conquer” is the method of choice, and probably the only method that will work, because Americans united for the restoration of the Bill of Rights are unstoppable, and the billionaires know it.

Please don’t fall for it. Don’t allow yourself to be manipulated by racially charged reporting, from either the mainstream, or alternative media, because both parties are mostly controlled by the same band of international communists that need to destroy our great nation to accomplish their goals of global domination, and the extermination of billions of people around the world.

We’re better than that, we’re smarter than that, and we need to be stronger than that in our morality, and character.

And yes, I too make racist comments in anger from time to time, but that’s far different from racial hatred, or racist actions. I do believe that American blacks and whites are of a slightly different culture, because we’ve had very different histories in this country, but absolutely nothing from our differing histories should prevent us from being united against our common enemy, or from working toward our common goals, which is the restoration of the Bill of Rights, and the ONLY path to everyone living in equality, and harmony.    — Jolly Roger

“Let every man love and honor the land of his birth, and the race from which he springs, and keep that memory green. It is a pious and honorable duty. But let us have done with British-Americans and Irish Americans and German Americans and so on, and all be Americans. If a man is going to be an American at all, let him do so without any qualifying adjectives; and if he is going to be something else, let him drop the word American from his personal description.”   — Henry Cabot Lodge

6 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter

  1. Thanks, Jolly, as well. As someone who has distant Scots-Irish ancestors who were in fact INDENTURED SERVANTS–white slaves, that is–I fully agree that racial divides over issues like “black slavery” which virtually no one alive now had any part in and are engineered by psychos like Soros for this purpose have no business being issues for true American Patriots, regardless of color or ethnicity. No one with any brains would take part in such a divide and conquer strategy. Unfortunately, there are a lot of millennials out there lacking in brains–and critical thinking, and I thank God my two kids actually do use their brains! (Homeschooling helped)

  2. Thanks for a concise article on this point.
    It’s uplifting to know others see the same things I do.

  3. Agree completely Americans of any type have Ben duped into this thinking pattern. Butttt. Zionist Jew/many Israeli are really disgusting sinister subhuman rats. I have history on my side for that one.

  4. Thanks for adding your opinions, guys, and I’m glad you agree. The Zionists will search for any possible crack in our unity and drive a wedge into it any way they can.

    Liberal – conservative, black-white, yuppie-redneck, etc. etc.

    The Bill of Rights (which Henry wisely pointed out is something they never mention) is what can unite us all, and appeal to us all. We definitely have to stick to that objective to hold the moral high-ground, and to unite Americans against our common enemy. We really have to make that point with everyone we talk to; remind them of the importance of what the TV programming has been attacking. (“rights are only for criminals” nonsense)

  5. I too am glad there are those that can see when they can be used against themselves or each other. It’s counterproductive.

    I admit that am racist because I despise niggers of all colors and make no apologies. I am white as F and have swp history. I have it boldly tattooed on me. But I am still not so blind to simply hate someone else for their skin in many of these situations. That would only make me a dumb nigger, hating a possible nigger because a F’g kike told me to and is going to gain power over me and trample my Bill of Rights in the mf’g process!!!
    Great synopsis, JR. You really did break it down very well!

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