Black Marine, Acquaintance Of Cliven Bundy, Says Listen To My Experience With Clive Bundy

Charlie Delta with BundyBefore It’s News

This letter via the great Kevin Jackson comes from a black Marine going by the name of Charlie Delta:

The media distorts information to the point of social division. This is a photo of myself and the resilient, often charismatic, and maybe not so tactful Cliven Bundy. He’s a cowboy and a helluva family man, not an orator.

One thing he definitely isn’t – a racist. I found his comments to not only be NOT racist, but his own view of his experiences. Who the heck are we to determine another man’s perspective on the world around him?! Just because Picasso’s view of the world was abstract, does it negate the fact that his art was genuine?  

Furthermore, if you take the time to do your own research, you’ll find that his statements about some black Americans actually hold weight. He posed a hypothetical question. He said, “I wonder IF” … Hell, I’m black and I often wonder about the same about the decline of the black family.

Bottom line is that we are all slaves in this waning republic, no matter our skin color. Mr. Bundy could have used any racial demographic as an example: Native Americans on reservations, whites in trailer parks, etc. He noticed the crippling effects of receiving government “assistance” and the long term result of accepting handouts.

It’s not progress at all. I challenge Sean Hannity, Rand Paul, and others to read my comment and reconsider their position in this matter. Individual liberties are at stake here, yours and mine. THAT is the issue.

Don’t let the liberal media and ignoramuses like Glenn Beck and that weasel Harry Reid make you lose sight of the real issue here: The federal government is a burgeoning behemoth and a bully on a once constitutional playground. I sincerely hope you real patriots out there who can see through the smoke.

Semper Fidelis

6 thoughts on “Black Marine, Acquaintance Of Cliven Bundy, Says Listen To My Experience With Clive Bundy

  1. I do think Bundy was taken out of context – and this article might help with another perspective – if I could suggest, I would highly recomend: scan through yesterdays (and the day before) and read Will Grigg’s class A piece on this – especially the “Dann” case – This guy Grigg is as good as Walter Williams with his political insights.

    1. This puts the person that is opposing tyranny in a favorable light, written by someone that respects and holds Bundy in high regard.

      No chance this letter, nor any accurate variants, will be seen anywhere close to the MSM.

      Unlikely any of the aforementioned names (in the letter) will reflect upon their recent castigations against Bundy that were wholly based on fallacies.

  2. I always felt that Bundy was just asking if the Government is a help or hindrance?, when he used the words “Negro and Cotton” it opened the door for MSM Race Brigade to take him down, guys like Hannity, Beck and Rand Paul ran for the exits because they are too chickenshit to push back, their scared of the MSM, their ratings, their sponsors, campaign donors, they can’t be seen as defending a “RACIST”

  3. Wow…Bundy’s got some real good patriots fighting for him. May God be with them all.

    I just have to say that if this keeps up, I know that the MSM will start playing the brainwashing propaganda game and say that Bundy has brainwashed the Americans protecting him and they are as dangerous as he is and must be taken out.

    Remember how they said the same thing about the Davidians in Waco. Since they were unable to get the people to go against David Koresh, they said that he brainwashed the people, practiced polygamy, had illegal guns and that the people were as dangerous as he was and needed to be taken out.

    I know this is bigger than Waco and if it happens that the people will definitely be on Bundy’s side no matter what, but I’m just saying that this is probably one of the next things they will try and attempt in order to discredit Bundy and the militia in order to get the land and We the people as well as the people and militia at Bundy’s ranch must be prepared for it.

    We must always look back and learn from history or be doomed to repeat it.

    Be vigilant patriots!

  4. As per schedule, the government and media are doing all they can to distract the people from the perpetrators; The Government, and foment racial division.

    Too bad America is so easily duped…..

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