jh 15 ft lauderdaleThe Common Sense Show – by Dave Hodges

Is this roundup taking place in China, Iran or Russia? As many already know, this recently took place in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in which “pretend” dissidents are rounded up as part of the Jade Helm 15 drill. Please note the straight line and the hands on the shoulders of those in front of them, as they were swept away to waiting white vans. We are witnessing the implementation of the Fourth Reich.   Continue reading “Your Pastor Knows When Martial Law Will Be Rolled Out”

Before It’s News – by Alton Parish

The residents of the city of Donetsk have witnessed an explosion of tremendous magnitude that has come to form a mushroom cloud.AUC assume that this is an explosion at a factory or a ballistic missile.

The explosion occurred west of Donetsk around 22:50 local time (20:50 GMT) and caused a shock wave that swept the city. In many parts of Donetsk felt a shock and detonation destroyed windows. According to the data of social networks, the explosion was felt even in the neighboring cities of Makeyevka and Gorlovka.   Continue reading “Spectacular Explosion Leaves A Mushroom Cloud In Eastern Ukraine”

Before It’s News

There has been much controversy surrounding Barack Obama’s social security number since he has became president without so much as providing his birth certificate. Now, as you are about to see, there is new evidence that Obama, his family and his life are a fraud.

American’s have been lied to through out his two terms in office. Now it seems people are starting to wake up to the fact that Obama has been put in power to take America down. He has been destroying American values, American tradition, America’s way of life.   Continue reading “Sandy Hook and Obama’s Connecticut Social Security Number Connection”

https://i0.wp.com/i.ytimg.com/vi/3eThBKpkSco/maxresdefault.jpg?resize=210%2C118Before It’s News

AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes dumped 944,800 shares in Tune Insurance Holdings Bhd, the organization that provides travel insurance for AirAsia passengers, just days before the disappearance of Flight QZ8501.

The day the airline disappeared, the stock fell by 7%, do you believe in coincidences?   Continue reading “Busted: AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes dumped 944,800 shares 1 Day Before Flight Disappeared”

Before It’s News

So how does Obama plan on side stepping Congress and implementing his new love affair with the Cuban Communist regime? The pen and phone of course. The latest issue to divide us.

President Barack Obama will ease sanctions imposed against Cuba under the U.S. embargo after Cuba agreed to release American aid worker Alan Gross.

The agreement will deliver the most sweeping changes in the U.S. policy toward Cuba since the U.S. embargo on Cuba started in the early 1960s.   Continue reading “Russian Nuclear Weapons In Cuba: Why Is The Public Not Outraged?”

Right – by Elijah Townsend

Strange how every “terrorist” event in the past ten or fifteen years benefited the various imperial governments of Britain, Israel, Australia and the USA.

These false flag terror operations help cement power, by spreading terror throughout the victim nation.

By spreading the effects of terror–pictures of damage and film interviews of mass hysteria and confusion–the mainstream media of the traumatized country served as an unquestioning, ultra-effective propaganda vehicle.   Continue reading “X22Report: False Flag In Australia, Boots On The Ground In Syria, Port Arthur Massacre”

Right – by Elijah Townsend

Mainstream Media run by the same corporations that control our government are turning the people into livestock.

If you have ever been on a farm and watched livestock you may already know where this is going. Let’s just take cows for instant. They walk around each other, cows lick cows, and mount each other. Steers mount each other and carry on. But bulls have to be separated, they do not tolerate other males around.

Now let’s compare this to what we see the media promoting in today’s society.   Continue reading “Human Farming We Are All Victim Too, Illuminati Psychology”

Before It’s News

We the people have the ability to take charge of our government through the use of Quo warranto , this was given to us by our founding fathers for the purpose of removing a power holding office who we deem harmful to our country.

The Line in the Sand – Breaking News November 10, 2014 Unified Common Law Grand Jury in every State files writ_quo_warranto.pdf in every Federal District Court, United States Supreme Court and served upon every Federal Judge and all 9 US Supreme Court Justices. Information in the nature of a quo warranto. A proceeding against the usurper of a franchise or office. Jarman v. Mason, 102 Okl. 278, 229 P. 459, 460.; An extraordinary proceeding, prerogative in nature, addressed to preventing a continued exercise of authority unlawfully asserted. Johnson v. Manhattan Ry. Co., N.Y., 53 S.Ct. 721, 289 U.S. 479, 77 L.Ed. 1331.   Continue reading “Quo Warranto.PDF: Big Trouble For Every Federal Judge & All 9 US Supreme Court Justices”

Before It’s News

This is the most recent X22Report, it walks you through the latest economic reports and the facts you need to know that are being hidden from you.

The coming war that is taking shape but not being talked about. Funding for ISIS to over throw Syria and much more.

Consumer price index prints at the smallest possible increase. Really hourly wages are dropping and are not keeping up with inflation.   Continue reading “X22Report: Government’s Secret Black Book On How Individuals Are Placed On The Terrorist List”

Crashcade – by Liberty Balance

This is a unprecedented report on one of the most powerful and secretive institutions in America. The New York Federal Reserve is supposed to monitor big banks and their activity.

But what is happening was the the regulators who were supposed to be regulating the big banks, like Goldman Sachs for example, actually got captured by these institutions. Regulatory capture is when a regulator gets too cozy with the company that he’s supposed to be monitoring.   Continue reading “Busted: Federal Reserve Investigation: 46 Hours Of Secret Recordings Exposes Federal Reserve”

Things to do prior to dollar collapsingCrashcade – by Liberty Balance

It seems like everyone is aware that a financial collapse is coming. The only real question is why is it taking so long to get here. The Fed is working overtime trying to shore up the dollar, but that can only go on for so long; eventually, what they’re doing is going to catch up with us all and when it does, the fall will be even greater.

The following information should help you prepare for the inevitable. Preparing now, will make you much more comfortable during the actual collapse that is sure to come.   Continue reading “Top 4 Things to do Prior to the Dollar Collapsing”

Crashcade – by Liberty Balance

Startling Ebola news out this morning 1 in 20 people are infectious for up to 42 days. A 42-day observation period with no new outbreaks is required before declaring the outbreak is under control. In  WHO’s own words: WHO is therefore confident that detection of no new cases, with active surveillance in place, throughout this 42-day period means that an Ebola outbreak is indeed over.

Why hasn’t anyone reported this until now? How is this not one of the single most important pieces of information in the world at this moment when all human life on our planet is now legitimately threatened by an uncontrolled viral outbreak with a 70 percent fatality rate and no recognized treatments or cures?   Continue reading “Startling Report: WHO – 1 In 20 Ebola Infections Are Contagious For 42 Days”

Crashcade – by Liberty Balance

Policymakers and economists around the world are worried about inflated asset prices that could stir up another financial shock in the near future.

For the countries already hit hardest by the Ebola virus, the deaths and quarantines have caused a loss of productivity. From here experts say there’s no telling how far that can spread.   Continue reading “IMF Prepare For Major Bank Runs”

Crashcade – by Liberty Balance

Obama Is A Dictator: Congress Provides Evidence That Obama Seeks to Become 3rd Term Dictator

If the president can kill with drones, suspend immigration laws, and tap your phones what can’t he do?

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) fears that the Obama administration’s refusal to enforce immigration laws could lead to Obama himself failing to enforce election laws, a concern voiced amidst calls by some for Obama to run for a third term in office.   Continue reading “Congress Provides Evidence That Obama Seeks 3rd Term, End Presidential Term Limits?”

Crashcade – by Liberty Balance

This video of top German Reporter/Journalist Dr. Udo Ulfkatte was shared on Reddit, it’s eye popping. People should pay attention to this German reporter as he tells all in this amazing video report.

Mr Ulfkatte explains how the CIA has control over all of the major journalists around the world.  He is tired of all the lying and decided to go public with everything he knows.  Dr Udo Ulfkatte has  already had 3 heart attacks and decided he didn’t care anymore about what they might do to him!   Continue reading “Top Journalist Turns Whistler Blower, Admits All the News is Fake”

132 major garrett stupid mic 740Crashcade – by Liberty Balance

For a little insight into what the American mainstream media really thinks (but will never say), check out what CBS News Chief White House Correspondent Major Garrett and two of his colleagues had to say when Garrett apparently forgot his mic was still on after the White House’s October 3rd press briefing on the government’s Ebolaresponse ended.

Usually the rational determinations of those who report on these types of things are kept to themselves. Today, Mr. Garrett’s true feelings came out in the form of a hot mic moment in which he was speaking to his fellow journalists.   Continue reading “White House Correspondent Major Garrett Caught On Hot Mic At White House Ebola Briefing “We’re Screwed””

Two days after a man in Texas was diagnosed with Ebola, Dr. Gil Mobley, a Missouri doctor, checks in to board a plane dressed in full protection gear Thursday morning, Oct. 2, 2014, at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. He was protesting what he called mismanagement of the crisis by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (AP Photo/Atlanta Journal-Constitution, John Spink) MARIETTA DAILY OUT; GWINNETT DAILY POST OUT; LOCAL TELEVISION OUT; WXIA-TV OUT; WGCL-TV OUTBefore It’s News

From The Springfield News Leader:

Springfield doctor Gil Mobley donned a protective suit at the Atlanta airport today to protest how federal health authorities are handling the threat of Ebola.

Mobley said today that his protective gear was taken away in Atlanta after he boarded the Delta flight. He said he had taken off the protective gear — space suit coveralls, hood mask, goggles, gloves and boots with “CDC is Lying written on the back of the overalls — once he reached the gate.    Continue reading “Springfield, MO Doctor Protests How Federal Health Authorities Handle Ebola Threat”

Liberty Balance

Contrary to popular belief, the conduct of nations on the international stage is almost never driven by moral considerations, but rather by a shadowy cocktail of money and geopolitics. As such, when you see the mouthpieces of the ruling class begin to demonize a foreign country, the first question in your mind should always be “what is actually at stake here?”

For the last six years the Federal Reserve has pumped over $110 million dollars into the U.S. economy – every single hour. This stimulus program is called Quantitative Easing, or as it’s more commonly known, QE.   Continue reading “Geopolitics Of World War III – End Of America – Petro Dollar, There’s No Fix”

Before It’s News

Every one of the allegations appearing in the video below is documented inThe Obama File — all of them. Please consider all the videos I have included here for they complete this message.

The purpose of the federal government is to promote and protect the health, safety, and security of the American citizens.  But what we have instead is a President who is KNOWINGLY, WILLINGLY, and INTENTIONALLY VIOLATING THE LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES.   Continue reading “Barack Obama: ISIS And The History Of The Traitor In The White House, Sunni Muslim”